Cemeteries: monuments of our civic heritage.



Cemeteries: monuments of our civic heritage.
Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage
11° International seminar – Florence 11-15 september 2006
Cemeteries: monuments of our civic heritage.
Monuments knowledge and documentation, architecture conservation
The Villetta Cemetery in Parma - the original plan
The myths
Gustav Doré, the Lete river
Dante Alighieri, Divina
Commedia, Inferno
The myths
Francisco Goya, El Destino (Las Parcas), 1824
Museo del Prado - Las pinturas negras
The symbols
From the “Book of
the dead” of Horo,
scene of
(weighting of spirit),
End of New Reign
Deir el-Medina Grave of Kha e
Merit, Book of
dead of Horo,
XVIII° dynasty
The signs
Only a little of architecture
belongs to art: the grave and the
…when we find a mound in a
wood, six feet long and three
wide, with a pyramidal stone top,
we get serious and something
tell us: here is buried somebody.
Adolf Loos - “ARCHITECTURE” 1910
Ireland – Co.Louth, the portaldolmen at Proleek, 3000 ca. a.C.
Egypt - Giza, The pyramids of
Cheops, Chefren and M enkaura,
2700-2500 ca. a.C.
Greece - Mycenae, dromos and
entrance to the Treasury of Atreus,
1200 ca. a.C.
Turkey - Ankara, the Midas tomb, 700 ca. a.C.
Italy - Pom peii, grave of the
Ghirlande, 700 ca. a.C.
Iran - Shiraz, grave of Ciro,
600 ca. a.C.
Italy - Rom e, grave - colombarium
of opus reticulatum in the Thermae
of the Gordiani, 60 ca. a.C.
Italy, niches in the colombarium in
the Villa Campana
Italy - Rom e,
the Castel Sant'Angelo, formerly the mausoleum of Hadrian,
123 d.C.
Italy - Florence,
cloister of the Dead, adjoining the Church of S.S. Annunziata,
XV° sec.
The cemetery of the ideal town
of Chaux (N.Ledoux) 1775 d.C.
The Villetta in Parma, Italy –
the Octagon
Parma, The Villetta – architectural survey and Sante Bergamaschi’s project (1872 d.C.)
the main alley
the entrance
the northern gallery
Nicolò Paganini’s temple
Marchesi’s chapel
Leoni’s chapel
Original, monumental and historic parts
Sectors: field, arcade, northern porch, galleries, P. Lino’s
cloister, villa (office), oratory…..
Units (1485): 690 tombs, 324 chapels, 156 arcades,
Southern gallery: units
Sectors and units record
-alphanum eric code:
ex PRCNE1001
-data collection by informative
Reading the informative system
Consulting the attached files
Reading the gathered remarks: property
Reading the gathered remarks: style
Reading the gathered remarks: cronology
Reading the gathered remarks: styles
Reading the gathered remarks: artistic value
Reading the gathered remarks: autors
Reading the gathered remarks: distinguishe d people memorials
s cientific project manager:
- inf or mative system:
- Cemeteries urban plan:
- Villetta conservative plan:
- Vir tual guide:
prof. Michela Rossi
arch. Cecilia Tedeschi
arch. Cecilia Tedeschi
Ing. Stefano Alfieri
Ing. Federica Ottoni
Arch. Carmen Nuzzo
arch. Silvia Ombellini
arch. Cecilia Tedeschi
arch. Elisa Adorni
arch. Maria Carmen Nuzzo,
arch. Simone Riccardi

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