Edwards`s Bot. Reg. 33: sub t. 59. 1847



Edwards`s Bot. Reg. 33: sub t. 59. 1847
tricolor; foHis distichis canaliculatis racemo paucifloro longioribus,
sepalis coriaceis unguiculatis obovntis obtuais, labella I£quilongo trilobo
per 8..'Cin 3-lineato, calcare brevi obtuso, Inciniis lateralibuB rotundatis
intermedio convexo cuneato emarginato llltioribus.
Under the name of Yanda insignis, a very different
plant, this fine Javanese species, has been brought into cultivation by Messrs. Veitch. It has quite the habit of Yanda
Roxbllrghii, and its flowers appear in the same manner, but
they are larger, have yellow and brown spotted sepals, and
a rose-coloured lip, with the lateral lobes rounded, not acute,
and colourless. It is nearer V ..Hindsii, a New Guinea plant,
not yet. in cultivation; but that species has a long manyflowered raceme, extending as far as the points of the leaves.
As to Yanda insignis, no description has yet been published of that plant; but, by the kindness of Dr. Blume, we
possess a figure of it, from which we learn that it has a
concave, not convex, lip, with very small lateral lobes, and
tbe broad central lobe deeply heart·shaped.

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