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VIPC® - the Venice International Photo Contest
The Venice International Photo Contest
Federico Poggi
Emanuele Tozzato
Alfonso Montanarini
Fernando De Leo
Matteo Pescarin
Davide Tozzato
Christine Dias
Donata Zan
Paolo Croci
dedicated to Lucia, my mother.
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission of the copyright owners. All
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the copyright of his images(s).
100% made in ITALY /design by Emanuele Tozzato / printed in Italy by Studio PixART srl
Nature Division:
01 » Nature & Wildlife (general)
PhotoTravel Division:
02 » Photo Travel (general)
Electronic Imaging Division:
03 » color: Street Photography;
04 » color: Humor and Fun;
05 » bw: Architecture & Urban Sight
06 » bw: Nude and Glamour
Color Projected Division:
07 » Portrait
08 » Landscape
09 » bw: Humor & Fun
10 » Children
11 » Sports & Dynamics
12 » Water
13 » Macro Photography
14 » Emotions
15 » Fashion Photography
16 » Photojournalism
17 » color: Nude & Glamour
18 » bw: Street Photography
19 » color: Architecture & Urban Sight
20 » Advertising
Special Categories
01 » Health care
02 » Health promotion
03 » Public health conditions
04 » Vaccination campaigns
05 » Welfare and social services
06 » Participation
07 » Community strength
08 » Inner strength and resilience
09 » Employment conditions
10 » Social exclusion
11 » Women and gender equity
12 » Early child development
13 » Adolescence
14 » Housing
15 » Education
Hesham Abouzekry (Egypt)
Mehmet Akin (Turkey)
Md. Didarul Alam Chy (Bangladesh)
Claudio Allia Allia (Italy)
Dane Allman (United States)
Anthony Amorteguy (United States)
Anthony Anderton (Australia)
Vetre Antanaviciute (Lithuania)
Eva Arnold (Hungary)
Daniela Aroyo (Bulgaria)
Marianna Bacci Tamburlini (Italy)
Beata Bajno (Poland)
Zoltán Balogh (Hungary)
Tommaso Barsali (Italy)
Valter Bártolo (Portugal)
Nuno Bernardo (Portugal)
Pawel Bieniewski (Poland)
Shuvam Biswas (India)
Claudio Bonaccorsi (Italy)
Mcneill Bradley (Canada)
Gianluca Capri (Italy)
António Sérgio Moreira Cardoso (Portugal)
Tin Sang Chan (Canada)
Simona Ciobotariu (Italy)
Marcel Clemens (Italy)
Massimo Cristaldi (Italy)
Vera Curioni (Italy)
Andrijana Cvetkovik (Japan)
Shantanu Das (India)
Rajat Kumar Das (India)
Roberto Del Togno (Italy)
Seval Demir (Turkey)
Luc Dequick (Belgium)
Yvonne De Rosa (United Kindom)
Marco Destefanis (Italy)
Richard Dister (Belgium)
Harjono Djoyobisono (Indonesia)
Felix Dobritoiu (Romania)
Estelle Dougier (France)
Isa Ebrahim (Bahrain)
Jean Claude Bacle (France)
Alla Emelianova (Canada)
Gábor Erdélyi (Hungary)
Claudia Fainguersch (Argentina)
Shoeb Faruquee (Bangladesh)
Nuno Miguel Almeida Barreto (Portugal)
Thomas Fröhlich (Austria)
Valentina Frugiuele (Italy)
Stephan Funke (Thailand)
Pattabiraman Gajendran (India)
Yoav Galai (Israel)
Andrea Garzotto (Italy)
Davide Gasparetti (Italy)
Boramy Gau (France)
Lay Tin Gho (Singapore)
Arup Ghosh (India)
James Gingras (United States)
Joy Goldkind Goldkind (United States)
Graeme Guy (Singapore)
Khaled Mursi Hammoud (Egypt)
Mohammad Rakibul Hasan (Bangladesh)
Eman Hesham (Egypt)
Jens Hocher (Germany)
Farzana Hossen Mipu (Bangladesh)
Mohammad Ashraful Huda (Bangladesh)
Attila Husejnow (Poland)
Andrei Iliescu (Romania)
Siddharth Jain (India)
Erin Jennings (United States)
Judith Jockel (Netherlands)
Malgosia Karniewska (Poland)
Golam Quddus Helal Kazi (Bangladesh)
Sookwan Kim (Republic of Korea)
Stefanos Kouratzis (Cyprus)
Gianpaolo La Paglia (Italy)
L.Diane Lackie (Canada)
Siavash Laghai (Italy)
Thomas Lang (United States)
Diana Lapin (Italy) Ping Fai
Aaron Li (Hong Kong)
Silvia Lisotti (Italy)
Walter Lo Cascio (Italy)
Ayman Lotfy (Egypt)
Edoardo Luppari (Italy)
Vivek M (India)
Chairod Mahadumrongkul (Thailand)
Bernd Mai (Germany)
Coralie Maneri (Italy)
Valeria Marin (Italy)
Anthony Marsland (United Kindom)
VIPC 2007 Sections, Categories and Authors
Ettore Marzocchi (Italy)
Joydeep Mukherjee (India)
Somenath Mukhopadhyay (India)
Dyutiman Mukhopadhyay (India)
Lajos Nagy (Romania)
Abhijit Nandi (India)
Moira Nazzari (Italy)
Khuong Nguyen (United States)
Will Nunnally (United States)
Thomas Ortolan (Italy)
Rajsekhar Paul (Germany)
Mark Paulda (United States)
Nataliya Peregudova (Ukraine)
Jacek Pulawski (Switzerland)
Madhu Gopal Rao Rama, Arps (India)
Régis Rampnoux (France)
Agnese Rasura (Italy)
Francesco Ridolfi (Italy)
Robin Robb (United States)
Deba Prasad Roy (India)
Andrew Biraj Rozario (Bangladesh)
Luigi Ruoppolo (Italy)
Charles Ari Santoso (Indonesia)
Gastone Scarabello (Italy)
Filippo Scarpi (Italy)
Raphael Schutzer Weissmann (United Kindom)
Rüdiger Schwarz (Germany)
Daniel Sempé (Argentina)
Kallol Sen (India)
Claudio Sica (Italy)
Anil Risal Singh (India)
Rafal Slowikowski (Poland)
Ricardo S. Spinetto (Argentina)
Marcin Stawiarz (Poland)
Jan Stiff (United States)
Suraphol Sukhumtus (Thailand)
Ashraf Talaat (Egypt)
Aleksandra Telus (Poland)
Dao Tien Dat (Viet Nam)
Theo Van Der Heijdt (Netherlands)
David Vatovec (Slovenia)
Vinay Panjwani Vinay Panjwani (India)
Damjan Voglar (Slovenia)
Kin Ming Wong (Hong Kong)
Gene Wong (United States )
The Venice International Photo Contest
Once again we want to thank every single person that, by trusting our project and
joining our competition made our dream come true for the third year. 2007 was a big
technologic challenge: running the classical ‘old school’ competition on a new tailored
software framework and betting on an electronic submission environment ended up
not only in a precise and bullet proof management system but led to a tremendous
increase of entries received, also thansk to the sensible decrease of entrance complexity and cost to the users. Both entries and entrants increased about 150% compared
to 2006: photographers from 84 countries joined VIPC!
We are happy to state that our mission of exhibiting and publishing professional and
young photo artists has been successfully accomplished again, we promise to continue with what has already been gained and move forward, working as hard as
ever, because an independent and innovative photographic competition is what we
are and how we want to remain.
Year 2007’s important milestones:
• “Best of VIPC 05/06” hosted by “Buenos Aires Club”, Buenos Aires (24 Sep);
• “Poverty and Health” exhibition for the Technical Consultation of WHO, World Health Organization - Regional Office For Europe, Palazzo Franchetti, Venice (29 Nov - 1 Dec);
• “Best of VIPC 05/06 Slideshow” at the BBCC Expo in Venice (29 Nov - 1 Dec);
• Award Ceremony & VIPC Exhibition 2007, Santa Maria Della Pietá, Venice (8-22 Dec);
Federico Poggi and Emanuele Tozzato, chairmen of the VIPC, are particularly thankful to:
Wade Clutton (PSA), for the patience and trust he demonstrated as a judge, the judges Edwin Marcow (UK), Marco Pinna (IT), Seymour G.
Pond (USA); dr. Erio Ziglio (WHO - Regional Office For Europe) for his interest in VIPC and the WHO staff Andrea Bertola, Sandra Micheluz, Bianca Bortot, Theadora Koller, Vivienne Mary, Taylor Gee, Holly Nielsen; dr. Luis Alberto Steinberg, president of “Buenos Aires Fotoclub” and his staff for the effort to exhibit “VIPC - Best of 05/06” in Buenos Aires; the director of Institute “S. Maria Alla Pietá” Clara Urlando and her staff; the president of “Regione Veneto” Giancarlo Galan; Anna Maria Giannuzzi Miraglia; “Istituto Veneto Delle Belle Arti”;
Fulvio Landillo (Venezia Fiere); Giorgio Vidal (TvExpress) and Studio PixART for the technical support; 2night spa.
Special thanks to the core staff of VIPC for the never-ending support: Alfonso Montanarini, Fernando De Leo, Davide Tozzato, Matteo
Pescarin, Donata Zan, Christine Dias, Paolo Croci and all the people that offered their time for this event.
Best of Italy 2007: Ettore Marzocchi
Best of Europe 2007: Jens Hocher (Germany)
Best of Americas 2007: Will Nunnally (Usa)
Best of Australia 2007: Anthony Anderton (Australia)
Best of Asia 2007: Harjono Djoyobisono (Indonesia)
Best Young Photographer 2007: Marcin Stawiarz (Poland)
Best Woman 2007: Alla Emelianova (Canada)
Vipc Grand Prize 2007: Suraphol Sukhumtus (Thailand)
Guepier Mating by Jean Claude Bacle (France)
Lo Sguardo Del Leopardo by Davide Gasparetti (Italy)
I. Lion With Warthog by Graeme Guy (Singapore)
III. Hummingbird by Tin Sang Chan (Canada)
II. Circle Of Friends by Khuong Nguyen (United States)
PSA Nature Division - Nature & Wild
I. Impalas by Davide Gasparetti (Italy)
II. Autumn Forest by Lajos Nagy (Romania)
III. Albero Desolato by Agnese Rasura (Italy)
White Peacock by Bernd Mai (Germany)
Antelope Canyon by Luigi Ruoppolo (Italy)
PSA Nature Division - Nature & Wild
I. Three Fishermen by Suraphol Sukhumtus (Thailand)
III. Education by Shoeb Faruquee (Bangladesh)
II. Tibetan Look by Richard Dister (Belgium)
Drying by Chairod Mahadumrongkul (Thailand)
Pokots Se Coiffant by Jean Claude Bacle (France)
PSA Photo Travel Division - Photo Travel
I. [email protected] by Suraphol Sukhumtus (Thailand)
III. Namibian Himba
by Gianluca Capri (Italy)
Peeping by Kallol Sen (India)
II. Lower Falls Of The Yellowstone River
by Jan Stiff (United States)
The Man And The Sea by
Md. Didarul Alam Chy (Bangladesh)
PSA Photo Travel Division - Photo Travel
I. Lost And Found by Ping Fai Aaron Li (Hong Kong)
Paddy Field by Mohammad Ashraful Huda
II. Eternal Life by Valter Bártolo (Portugal)
Yellowstone Geyser by Gene Wong (United States)
III. The Dragon's Backbone by Anthony Anderton (Australia)
PSA Projected Image Division - Landscape
I. Morning In Ladder Field by Kin Ming Wong (Hong Kong)
Vecchio Olivo by Silvia Lisotti
II. Alone by Gábor Erdélyi (Hungary)
Oasi by Gastone Scarabello Scarabello (Italy)
III. Alarka Creek Bridge by Erin Jennings (United States)
PSA Projected Image Division - Landscape
III. Il Buttafuori by Walter Lo Cascio (Italy)
I. Mr. Mahmoud by Ashraf Talaat (Egypt)
Painting by Valentina Frugiuele
II. Sisterly Love by Lay Tin Gho (Singapore)
PSA Projected Image Division - Portrait
Darwesh by Ayman Lotfy
I. Face by Kallol Sen (India)
III. Careworn by Isa Ebrahim (Bahrain)
II. Sisters by Kin Ming Wong (Hong Kong)
Chris by Nuno Bernardo (Portugal)
Blower by Theo Van Der Heijdt (Netherlands)
PSA Projected Image Division - Portrait
I. The Predator by Pawel Bieniewski (Poland)
III. Chameleon by Damjan Voglar (Slovenia)
II. Dittero Asilide by Agnese Rasura (Italy)
Let Drop by Marcel Clemens (Italy)
Macro Photography
Bee by Rafal Slowikowski (Poland)
III. The Ant by Pawel Bieniewski (Poland)
I. Yemeni Filigree Jeweller by Yoav Galai (Israel)
Hidden Dragon by Beata Bajno (Poland)
II. Pyramid by Claudia Fainguersch (Argentina)
Macro Photography
A Pranzo Dalla Mamma
by Claudio Allia (Italy)
Manuel Fotograf
by Thomas Frölich (Austria)
I. Dream by Ashraf Talaat (Egypt)
II. Pigeons In Paradise by James Gingras (United States)
III. Fountain Of Fun by Somenath Mukhopadhyay
PSA Electronic Imaging Division - Humor & Fun
I. Erasmus Love by António Sérgio Moreira Cardoso (Portugal)
III. Shy Guy by Didarul Alam Chy (Bangladesh)
II. My Brothers And My Pet by Joydeep Mukherjee (India)
Hero Worship by Somenath Mukhopadhyay (India)
Humor & Fun - B/W
Exit by Francesco Ridolfi (Italy)
I. Afroecuatorian Children by Coralie Maneri (Italy)
III. Look by Shoeb Faruquee (Bangladesh)
II. Bambina Malgascia by Agnese Rasura (Italy)
Smile by Damjan Voglar (Slovenia)
Bambini Masai by Davide Gasparetti (Italy)
II. Studying The Map Of Hungary
by Eva Arnold (Hungary)
Little Dancers by Thomas Lang (United States)
I. Tribal Girl by Madhu Gopal Rao Rama (India)
Summer Workers by Siavash Laghai
III. Senossa Children by Marco Destefanis (Italy)
II. Nude At The Street by Charles Ari Santoso (Indonesia)
I. Chris by Anthony Marsland (United Kindom)
Cherry Nu by Nataliya Peregudova (Ukraine)
III. Souldefender by Jens Hocher (Germany)
Leg Arch by Dane Allman (United States)
Nude & Glamour
II. Human Pyramide by Stephan Funke (Thailand)
I. Adagio 57 by Joy Goldkind (United States)
III. Klara by Anthony Marsland (United Kindom)
M by David Vatovec (Slovenia)
Loona #1 by Régis Rampnoux (France)
PSA Electronic Imaging Division - Nude & Glamour
III. The Moment
by Golam Quddus Helal Kazi
I. Pause by Will Nunnally (United States)
Jump & Dive by Shoeb Faruquee (Bangladesh)
Susanna by Claudio Bonaccorsi (Italy)
Sport & Dynamics
II. Catch Up by Thomas Lang (United States)
I. The Race by Farzana Hossen Mipu (Bangladesh)
II. Vogalonga by Edoardo Luppari (Italy)
III. Impossible Is Nothing
by Gianpaolo La Paglia (Italy)
Dakar Squad by Siavash Laghai (Italy)
Sport & Dynamics
A Moment by Md. Didarul Alam Chy (Bangladesh)
La Tour Eifel
by Aleksandra Telus (Poland)
I. A Moment Suspended In Time by Marcin Stawiarz (Poland)
II. Red Walk by Bernd Mai (Germany)
III. Havana by Andrei Iliescu (Romania)
Dusk In Melbourne by Harjono Djoyobisono (Indonesia)
Architecture & Urban Sight
II. Anamorfosi Del Potere, Milano, Piazza
Affari by Filippo Scarpi (Italy)
I. Urban Signs by Gianpaolo La Paglia (Italy)
II. Miami by Alla Emelianova (Canada)
Waiting Room by Massimo Cristaldi (Italy)
Symmetry Of Darkness by Marcin Stawiarz
PSA Electronic Imaging Division - Architecture & Urban sight
I. Boy Bath In Rajasthan by Siddharth Jain (India)
II. Sunset by Madhu Gopal Rao Rama (India)
III. Pearls by Harjono Djoyobisono (Indonesia)
Niagara Falls In Red by Alla Emelianova (Canada)
The Fish & The City by Daniela Aroyo (Bulgaria)
I. Silence by Alla Emelianova (Canada)
II. On The Way... by Marcin Stawiarz (Poland)
Twilight Reflections
by Dyutiman Mukhopadhyay
Life And Water by Joydeep Mukherjee (India)
III. Water Cage Daniela Aroyo (Bulgaria)
I. End Of Story by Daniela Aroyo (Bulgaria)
II. Night Of The Dream by Judith Jockel (Netherlands)
I. Eye Pencil And A Face by Jacek Pulawski (Switzerland)
II. Untitled by Francesco Ridolfi (Italy)
I. Pfanmoller Stefan by Luc Dequick (Belgium)
III. Kid Stamping by Kallol Sen (India)
II. Lebanon War 2006 by Stefanos Kouratzis (Cyprus)
Paleteada V by Daniel Sempé (Argentina)
A Journey By Train by Golam Quddus Helal Kazi (Bangladesh)
I. Risky Journey by Shoeb Faruquee (Bangladesh)
III. The Pursuit Of Eternal Youth
by Ettore Marzocchi (Italy)
II. A Train Accident by Andrew Biraj Rozario (Bangladesh)
Free Medical Care For Children by Tommaso Barsali (Italy)
The Shoe Polisher by Khaled Mursi Hammoud (Egypt)
II. My Perfect Boots by Moira Nazzari (Italy)
I. Red Smile by Roberto Del Togno (Italy)
Karma by Jens Hocher (Germany)
III. Red Line by Will Nunnally (United States)
Dominio by Thomas Ortolan (Italy)
Fashion Photography
I. Mermaid by Jens Hocher (Germany)
II. Conquest by Jacek Pulawski (Switzerland)
III. Cabaret by Valentina Frugiuele (Italy)
Menina by Walter Lo Cascio (Italy)
Veronica by Andrea Garzotto (Italy)
Fashion Photography
I. ..E Ho Ancora Bisogno Di Te.. by Walter Lo Cascio (Italy)
II. Airport Kiss by Ettore Marzocchi (Italy)
III. Melancholy by Seval Demir (Turkey)
Poonakam by Madhu Gopal
Rao Rama (India)
School Is Closed Today by Joydeep Mukherjee (India)
II. Comes The Bride by L.Diane Lackie (Canada)
I. For Your Eyes Only by Shuvam Biswas (India)
The Man With Two Faces by Mehmet Akin (Turkey)
III. Telling Story by Thomas Lang (United States)
Emotion by Mohammad Ashraful Huda (Bangladesh)
I. Yet To Go by Abhijit Nandi (India)
III. Mother & Child by Charles Ari Santoso (Indonesia)
II. Waterways In Thailand by Stephan Funke (Thailand)
The Street Drama by Shuvam Biswas (India)
Dandi by Kallol Sen (India)
PSA Electronic Imaging Division - Street photography
I. Il Politico by Massimo Cristaldi (Italy)
III. Togetherness In An Alien World
by Abhijit Nandi (India)
II. Paris Romance by Andrei Iliescu (Romania)
Tango by Bernd Mai (Germany)
Beggar On Road by Kallol Sen (India)
Street Photography
The Chess Players by Andrea Garzotto
Boy by Theo Van Der Heijdt
No Title by Alberto Ciavarella
Loneliness by Kin Ming Wong
Body Painting by Reinhold Leitner
Lust by Nuno Bernardo
High Score Accepted Entries
Grecia by Sebastiano Pedrocco
Freedom by Abhijit Nandi
Fusina, Laguna Di Venezia by Simonetta Busetto
Young Child Helping by Tommaso Barsali
Paola by David Vatovec
High Score Accepted Entries
Natalie by Raleigh Rodger
Morning Work by Ping Fai Aaron Li
Start of Day by Dyutiman Mukhopadhyay
45Km/Hour by Saeed Al Shamsi
Under the Bridges, Sicily by Harri Jahkola
Acitrezza, San Lorenzo by Antonino Giallombardo
High Score Accepted Entries
Palm Tree Forest by Kin Ming Wong
Angela With Headdress by Lay Tin Gho
Cheetah Strike by Graeme Guy
Her Greatest Treasure by Shuvam Biswas
Two in Jungle by Suraphol Sukhumtus
Going Home by Suraphol Sukhumtus
Flood by Andrew Biraj Rozario
High Score Accepted Entries
I. Carnival Devil by Edoardo Luppari (Italy)
II. Legs by Dougler Estelle
Special Category: 2night Glamour
III. Il Buttafuori
by Walter Lo Cascio (Italy)
The World Health Organization: extreme poverty as the world's
greatest cause of illness and suffering across the globe.
Poverty is the greatest challenge to human development manifestations and causes exclusion, low quality food
supply, unsafe working condition environments, health services vulnerable to risks to health. People suffering
from illness susceptible to poverty die sooner and become sick more often than those in more privileged positions.
This photo collection and photos that preceded it, images portraying misery and exclusion, reflect the features and
assets that enable people to survive and overcome adverse socioeconomic conditions.
These pictures intend to return the true value of what has been unknowingly overshadowed and underestimated
by numbers and words: inner strength, resourcefulness and selflessness.
These photos reveal a world of energies, colours and humanity that goes beyond what words and numbers can
importantly only partially express.
Dr. Erio Ziglio
Head, WHO European Office for Investment for Health and Development
WHO Regional Office for Europe
images from VIPC exhibition at “Palazzo Franchetti” for the Technical Consultation on Poverty and Health, Venice 29 Nov - 1 Dec 2007
VIPC Poverty and Health Contest
I. Destiny by Arup Ghosh (India)
II. Laughter by Mcneill Bradley (Canada)
III. Wichi by Claudio Sica (Italy)
WHO Regional Office for Europe is co-sponsoring the sub-category on Poverty
and Health and does not have any relationship or agreement with VIPC sponsors.
WHO Regional Office for Europe is co-sponsoring the sub-category on Poverty
and Health and does not have any relationship or agreement with VIPC sponsors.
WHO Regional Office for Europe is co-sponsoring the sub-category on Poverty
and Health and does not have any relationship or agreement with VIPC sponsors.
WHO Regional Office for Europe is co-sponsoring the sub-category on Poverty
and Health and does not have any relationship or agreement with VIPC sponsors.
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