Press release - Fondazione terzo pilastro



Press release - Fondazione terzo pilastro
Press Release
The conference ‘Women together on the two shores - Italian-Tunisian Female
Enterprise’, organized by Movimento Donne Impresa of Confartigianato Rome and
Fondazione Terzo Pilastro - Italia e Mediterraneo, was be held this morning in the
Chamber of Commerce, Via del Burrò.
The Jasmine Revolution started a process that is leading to a radical change in
women’s status in Tunisia in the scenario of more extensive democratization and
modernization of this country. Experts, entrepreneurs and politicians exchanged views
during the conference, which aimed to understand the problems women experience today
and promote public relations with women on the Italian shore.
Isabella Foglietta, President of Donne-Impresa of Confartigianato Imprese Rome
affirmed, “I have always believed that a synergy between women who manage small
medium enterprises could make a difference for themselves and the local socio-economic
fabric. The recognition of gender equality in rights and responsibilities, endorsed by the
new Constitution of Tunisia and a recent article published in The Economist, which created
a perfect slogan to describe Zeitgeist, the spirit of the time, ‘Tunisia works’ further
supports this conviction.
This initial meeting between Italian and Tunisian
entrepreneurs will discuss and develop a constructive and practical cooperation between
women on both shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The next meeting will address nutrition,
following the theme of Expo 2015, and emphasise business women’s brilliance in this field”
Professor Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele, Chairman of Fondazione Roma Terzo
Pilastro – Italia e Mediterraneo, declared “I am delighted to support, through the
Foundation, this conference which poses the first step towards cooperation between Italy
and Tunisia, since I believe that women played the leading role in the what has been
defined as ‘The Arab Spring’: a great intellectual and social uprising that aimed to achieve
emancipation in the wider scenario of establishing democracy. The Foundation will
address this theme next month (7th and 8th of May) in Valencia with the most authoritative
exponents of Mediterranean countries during an important International Conference on
women’s role in this era of great socio-political change. As a Sicilian, hence a
Mediterranean, I am well aware that women’s role has always been of great value within
the family, and has frequently inspired behaviour which has, in time, made the society
appear more mature and aware. Today I believe the value of that female vision of the
universe constantly stimulates changes in the new dimension of society such as social,
spiritual, emotional, cultural and even economic growth”.
Giancarlo Cremonesi, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Isabella Foglietta,
President of Donne-Impresa of Confartigianato Imprese Rome, Professor Ercole Pellicanò,
Member of the Board of Fondazione Terzo Pilastro-Italia e Mediterraneo and H. E. Naceur
Mestiri, Ambassador of Tunisia to Italy opened the conference.
Guests of Honour: Jean Leonard Touadi, Political Advisor to Deputy Minister Lapo
Pistelli of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Giovanna Martelli, Advisor for Equal
Opportunities in the Prime Minister’s office.
A Round Table was chaired by Ambassador Armando Sanguini, and attended by
Italian and Tunisian political, cultural and entrepreneurial personalities.
Isabella Foglietta, President of Confartigianato Imprese Rome, Armando Soldaini,
Coordinator of Romaexpo and Gerarda Ronidnelli, Manager of the Fiera di Roma drew the
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