Openscape Business



Openscape Business
Openscape Business
OpenScape Business
comprende tutte le funzionalità dei nostri prodotti small medium
Scheda CPU equivalente per tutti i sistemi
Upgrade facilitato
Devices standard
Flexible Licensing
UC su ogni modello
Flexible License Structure
UC SUITE con UC Booster Card/Server, Business S
Integrated on the new UC Mainboard per User License
UC Booster Card
myPortal for Desktop
myPortal Smart
+ Rule Management
+ Personal IVR
+ Live Call Recording
+ Call Me
+ Calender Integration
+ Desktop Dialing
Presence incl. status based announcements
Favorites incl. Call Status
Call Journal
Visual VoiceMail Control incl. VM to eMail (with
Voicemail license)
Ad Hoc Conferencing
Directory Access
Chat & Reminder
For Apple MAC OS & Windows
myPortal for Mobile/Tablet (with Mobility User license)
Click to dial con FR1 (inizi novembre)
myPortal for Outlook
UC Booster Server
Business S
More UC
UC Conference
Requires UC Suite
UC Fax User
+ Outlook integration
Requires UC Suite
Voicemail User
IP User
TDM User
Mobility User
OpenScape Business Trunk license
OpenScape Business Base license
Desk Sharing User
Functional Licenses
Add values for UC Mainboard, UC Booster Card/Server, Business S
System Level
Contact Center **
Contact Center Fax
Contact Center eMail
My Reports
Web Collaboration
OpenStage Gate View
OpenDirectory Connector
Company Auto Attendant
UC & Voice Networking **
User Level
HiPath 3000 V9 (inc. HX*)
myPortal Smart to myPortal
for Desktop
myAttendant **
Application Launcher ***
HiPath 3000 V5-V8
myPortal for Desktop to myPortal
for Outlook
OpenScape Business
Attendant ***
TAPI 120/170 User **
OSO V3 LX to Business S*
OpenScape Business BLF***
* Requires a new Linux OS DVD which can be ordered separately (incl. 3 years software support)
** Requires UC Booster Card/Server or Business S
** Requires UC Suite or Smart license
OpenScape Business
Migrazione facilitata per HiPath 3000
Keep existing phones
OpenStage Family
Extension Cards
All HiPath 3000 V9
extension cards can be
used for OpenScape
HG1500 incl. PDM Modules
LIM Module / CMS / EVM
Plug PC for myPortal for
Mobile/Tablet and SSDP
optiPoint Phones
410 / 420 / 500
It´s all integrated on the new UC Mainboard
BS3 / BS4
Extension cards
WL 2 (migration)
Reduced Hardware
Please note:
Check with hardware compatibility list in the admin documentation
(Chapter Migration“Non supported boards and devices“)
UC, Voicemail, VoIP, Data, Mobility
Upoe, DECT, analogue, ISDN, MoH
Flexible License Structure
Enhanced Try & Buy Options
Licenze demo gratuite, attivabili in qualsiasi momento
(anche separatamente, una sola volta ogni tipo)
90 giorni di
UC demo gratuiti
UC Smart / UC Suite Evaluation */**
myPortal Smart, myPortal for Desktop/Outlook,
UC Fax, UC Conference, myAttendant, etc.
Contact Center Evaluation **
OS Business Attendant Evaluation
64 Agents, Fax, eMail & myReports
Incl. all available Attendant features *
CRM Evaluation **
OS Business BLF Evaluation
Incl. all available BLF features *
Incl. TAPI 120/170, OpenDirectory Service, Application
Launcher *
* richiede licenza UC Smart
** richiede Booster card/Server, Business S

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