Ingli curri - Daniele Trambusti


Ingli curri - Daniele Trambusti
1975 - Together with Nicola Vernuccio, Francesco Maccianti and Marco Lamioni, Daniele founded the group "Insieme" (Jazz & Jazz-Rock)
1978 - He played with "Bella Band", (Jazz-Rock) (Cramps Record).
1981 - Daniele founded, together with Maurizio Dami, Stefano Fuochi and Stefania
Talini, the dance-cabaret multimedia group "Avida".
1982 - He played with Steve Piccolo (ex Lounge Lizzard) in his group "Domestic Exile". He appeared as drummer and sound eng. on the LP "Adaptation" (Materiali Sonori
1984 / 1989 - In his own recording-studio G.A.S. "Global Art System" in Florence,
Daniele began producing and playing with various italian and european “Indies”
groups , as Violet Eves, Moda, Rinf, Diaframma, Windopen, Steven Brown, Dennis &
the Jets, Litfiba and many others.
1985 - He composed and realized "Maternity Music Relax", ( Prenatal)
1987 - He produced and played on LP dei Litfiba "17 re" he recorded "12-5-87 Aprite i
vostri occhi" and he started playing as session-man, during the following tour.
1987 - He played with Moda, Davide Riondino, Massimo Altomare and Ernesto de Pascale’s Hipnodance.
1987 - Daniele played with Elliott Murphy on "D.O.C." (Popular program of live-music
on RAI 3).
1988 - He produced the CD "Roi de pierre" (EPM) of French-Corsican composer-singer
J. Paul Poletti. This was the first work in a long series.
1989 - He started teaching. Today Daniele is still member of Laboratorio Musicale Periferico di Firenze teaching drum and computer music.
1989 / 1992 - He was asked to join the popular rock band Litfiba. Daniele toured
Italy and Europe (more than 200 concerts) and recorded two successful albums: "El
diablo" and "Sogno ribelle"; two singles: "Tex '90" and "Cangaceiro"; three video clip:
"Il vento", "El diablo", "Proibito" e "Gioconda" and two long tour-video: "Pirata Tour",
"El diablo Tour...
1992 - He realized music for Paolo Hendel’s show "Alla deriva" .
1994 - He produced "Sintineddi" a great album of the most important Corsican folk
group "Canta u Populu Corsu", touring with them along France.
1995 - He joined the "Grand Wazoo Orchestra", an experience based on Frank Zappa’
music, founded by the bass player Franco Nesti and C.A.M. of Florence.
1996 - Daniele started composing and realizing soundtracks. With the nickname “Daniele Caos” , till today, he realized 42 films e 5 documentaries.
1996 / 2003 - During two different tours he played with Federico Fiumani’s group
Diaframma. With Federico, one of the most important italian rock song-writer, Daniele
mixed the album "Non e’ tardi" and he played on "Sesso e violenza" (1996) , "Scenari
Immaginari" (1998) and "Volume 13" (2003).
1997 - He played on Steve Piccolo’s CD "Hylarity workshop" (Under) and Marco Lamioni’s "L’estate insuperabile" and "Slow" (2001) (Sony).
2000 / 2002 - He worked as sound eng. on Piero Pelu’s albums "Ne' buoni ne' cattivi" and "UDS".
2003 - 2007 - He plays with Killer Queen, official italian Queen tribute band .
He was consultant in computer music for the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole and for IRSSAE Toscana .