Programma - Dipartimento di Storia Culture Civiltà



Programma - Dipartimento di Storia Culture Civiltà
The History of the
European Food Industry
in the nineteenth and the
first half of the twentieth
13-16 September, 2011
Villa Gandolfi Pallavicini (Via Martelli 22/24, Bologna)
Convegno di studi promosso dall’ICREFH
(International Commission for Research into
European Food History)
In collaborazione con il Dipartimento di
(DiDiSAG) e il Dipartimento di Paleografia e
Medievistica dell’Università di Bologna (DPM)
Tuesday, 13 September
Introduction to the Symposium
Session 1.1
New food in northern Europe
Chairs: Alberto De Bernardi,
Alain Drouard
Peter Atkins (Durham U. UK) Salt, sugar and
vinegar: The early history of factory made jams and pickles
in Britain
Hans-Jurgen Teuteberg (U. of Muenster,
Germany) The beet sugar production as forerunner of the
modern German food industry (1870-1914)
Steven Schouten (Scientifi Council of
Government Policy, The Hague, Netherland)
Jewish Food Industry in Germany (1850-1945)
G. Jonsson, O. Jonsson (Iceland) The convenience
of fish stiks: a comparative study of industrail fish
processing in Iceland and Norway
Session 1.2
Technical change in
Mediterranean Europe
Chair: Derek Oddy
David Gentilcore (U. of Leicester, UK) “Tomato
fever”: the industrialization of tomato processing in Italy
Ramon Ramon-Munoz (U. of Barcelona,
Spain) Techinacal Change in the Mediterranean Olive
Oil Industry: a comparison between Spain and Italy,
Maja Godina-Golija (U. of Slovenian Ethology)
From dried fruit and vegetables to canned food: the case of
Slovenia (1850-1950)
Wednesday, 14 September
Session 2
The industrial organization
of the food industry
Chair: Peter Atkins
Sylvie Vabre (U. of Toulouse) The birth and rise of a
form of rural capitalism. The Société des Caves de Roquefort
Alain Drouard (CNRS Paris, France) The biggest
chocolate factory in the world: the Menier chocolate factory in
Derek J. Oddy (U. of Westminster, UK) From roast
beef to chicken nuggets: changing meat technology in Britain in
the twentieth century
Adel den Hartog (Wageningen U., Netherlands)
The rise of food labelling and packaging: the Dutch food
industry between persuading and informing consumers, 18701950s
15 – 17
Biennial General Meeting
Thursday, 15 September
Session 3.1
Presenting new products to the consumers
Chair: Adel den Hartog
T. Vestergaard Jensen (U. of Copenhagen,
Denmark) The nutritional transormation of Danish
pork (1887-1950)
Martin Franc (Academy of Sciences, Prague,
Czech R.) Czech chocolate is the best! National aspects
of the food industry in the Czech lands as the turn of 19th
and 20th century
Lucian Scrob (Central European University,
Romania) Give us this day our daily bread: the role of
bakeries in generalizing bread consumption among
Romanian peasants, 1890-1990
Sabine Merta (Germany) Margarine in competition
with butter: Germany 1827-1933
Session 3.2
Persuasion and new products
Chair: Peter Lummel
Wirtschaftsarchiv Dortmund Germany) Each grain
is bread! The history of Dr. Klopfer’s Nahrmittelfabrik
between traditional markets and the rise of the new values
and health (1913-1945)
Jenny Lee, Ulrika Torrell (Nordik Museum
Uppsala U., Sweden) The Silent Revolution. How
packaging transformed the consumption landscapes and
self-service triumphed in Sweden
Anneke Geysen (Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Belgium) From sterilizing to deep-freezing and back
again: the evolution of discourses in women’s magazines
Alberto Grandi, Stefano Magagnoli (U. of
Parma, Italy) The House of rising tomato
Friday, 16 September
Italian Day
“Origins of the food industry:
the Italian case”
Chairs: Alberto De Bernardi,
Massimo Montanari
Renato Covino (Università di Perugia)
L’industria alimentare italiana: uno sgurdo d’insieme
[The Italian food industry: an overview]
Stefano Cavazza (Università di Bologna)
Consumi alimentari in Italia tra ottocento e novecento
[Food consumption in Italy in the nineteenth
and twentieth century]
Alberto De Bernardi, Massimo Montanari
(Università di Bologna) Preistoria e storia della pasta
[The prehistory and history of pasta]
Paolo Sorcinelli (Università di Bologna)
L’industria e il commercio del vino italiano [Industry
and trade of Italian wine]
industrialization of mortadella salami]
Alberto Capatti (Università di Scienze
Gastronomiche, Brà) Gli elettrodomestici in cucina
[Appliances in the kitchen]
Veronica Innocenti, Guglielmo Pescatore, Stili di
vita e consumi alimentari: un repertorio audiovisivo tra
innovazione e continuità [Lifestyles and food
consumption: an audiovisual archive between
innovation and continuity]
Agnese Portincasa (Università di Bologna) Una
ricetta, un'inserzione. La pubblicità dell'industria alimentare
italiana nei ricettari di primo Novecento [A recipe, an
advertisement: advertising of Italian food in
cookbooks of early twentieth century]
Giuliana Bertagnoni (Università di Bologna) Il
mercato alimentare del latte a Bologna fra la fine dell’800 e il
secondo dopoguerra [The food market milk in Bologna
between the end of the eighteenth century and the
Second World War]
General discussion
Conclusion of the Twelfth
ICREFH Symposium

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