Fall 2003 (no. 11) - Bishop`s University


Fall 2003 (no. 11) - Bishop`s University
A publication for graduates and friends of Bishop’s University
Catherine Mossop ’79
Businesswoman and philanthropist, she sent tons of medical equipment to Vietnam......8
Planning International University of Bagdad .......3
Business students make their mark ......................5
How to chase away the winter blahs.......................9
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No. 11 • Fall 2003
Association News
Alumni Association National Committee
Peter Davidson ’77, President
([email protected])
Graham Moodie ’69, Past President
([email protected])
Adam Frost '01, Member-at-Large
([email protected])
Sterling Mawhinney ’88, Member-at-large
([email protected])
Eric Mills ’72, Member-at-large
([email protected])
Fred Scalabrini ’92, Member-at-large
([email protected])
Trevor Lovig ’96, President, Alumni Football Association
([email protected])
Dave Henry ’95, BC Branch ([email protected])
John Messenger ’97, Calgary Branch
([email protected])
Grant Siméon ’85, Eastern Townships Branch
([email protected])
Shirley Kitching Duncan ’56 & Cheryl Kouri ’77, Gaspé
Branch ([email protected])
Amy Keirstead '00, Halifax Branch
([email protected])
Peter Nixon ’83 Hong Kong Branch
[email protected])
Rob Allatt ’93 & Dan Bohinc ’94, Montreal Branch
([email protected]) ([email protected])
Yolaine Dupont '91 & Andrea Clark '98, Ottawa Branch
[email protected]
[email protected]
Jill Robinson ’87, Quebec City Branch
([email protected])
Tara Chisholm ’92, Saint John Branch
([email protected])
Keith Labbett '91, Toronto Branch
([email protected])
Demitri Douzenis '02, United Kingdom Branch
([email protected])
Ex-Officio Members
Pam McPhail, Director of Development
([email protected])
Matt McBrine ’96, Alumni Relations Coordinator
([email protected])
Dave McBride '93, Toronto Advancement Officer
([email protected])
Message from the President
This year, Bishop’s University will
welcome a record number of
freshman, making our overall student
enrolment the largest ever. To help
meet the growing needs, a new
residence housing 165 students has
been built. Both are major steps in
Bishop’s evolution.
In starting my term as President
of the Alumni Association, I look
forward to working with and being
guided by the competent staff in the
Alumni and Development Office. It
will also be a pleasure to serve on
committees with faculty and
community volunteers who have a
keen interest in the continued success
of the University and the “Bishop’s
One of my first challenges is to
represent alumni on the Search
Committee for the new Principal. This
task is daunting, given the stature and
success of the incumbent, Mrs. Janyne
Hodder. The selection is of utmost
importance, as the chosen individual
will play an important role in
directing the University in the near
future and continuing to lay the
foundation for the long-term viability
and prominence of Bishop’s.
Another challenge is to encourage
even greater alumni participation in
supporting and raising funds for the
University. Part of this goal can be
achieved by soliciting more
participation of our branches and their
members and establishing even
greater coordination of initiatives and
programs. Greater participation will
also allow alumni to better network,
keeping in contact with old friends
and making new ones.
One of the initiatives alumni have
been asked to support is the new
Gaiter Club. This programme has
been developed to encourage
excellence in our student-athletes and
our athletic teams. The funds raised
will allow Bishop’s to be more
competitive in recruiting studentathletes and planning achievable longterm goals.
Other programmes will be
addressed in the future, but for now I
and the Alumni National Committee
will endeavour to keep you informed
and involved so that our University
will remain strong.
Peter Davidson ’77
In this Issue
Insert: 2002-03 Annual Giving Report
Association News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Dr. Andrew Johnson and colleagues plan
International University of Baghdad. . . . . . . . . . 3
Message from President of Corporation . . . . . . 4
Bishop’s Business students make their mark . . 5
June 2003 Convocation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Bridging the Generation Gap . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Business with a heart: Catherine Mossop ’79: . . 8
Chase away the winter blahs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Fall Homecoming 2003 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Gifts of Art . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Branch Briefs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11-13
You can make a difference . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Faculty Profile: Dale Stout . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
Faculty Retirements: Melissa Clark-Jones
Robert MacGregor . . . . . 16-17
Births, Marriages, Deaths . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-20
Through the Years. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20-24
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Can education save Iraq?
Dr. Andrew Johnson is
part of a group of
academics working to
convince the world
that it can.
(l-r) Tareq Ismael (University of Calgary and
Eastern Mediterranean University) Andrew
Johnson (Bishop’s University), Les MacDonald
(Social Sciences and Humanities Research
Council), Gwen Power (Public Lending Right
Commission) are members of the Planning
Committee to establish the International
University of Baghdad.
What better way for
Canada to help rebuild Iraq
than to rebuild the
educational infrastructure?
Canadian governments over
the last century have
considered education and
health, which ensure the
intellectual and physical wellbeing of citizens, essential to
generate a prosperous society.
am working with visionaries
who are very talented and highly
idealistic,” says Dr. Andrew
Johnson, who is part of a group of
university professors working to
establish the International University of
Baghdad. Dr. Johnson of the
Department of Political Studies at
Bishop’s, is Chair of Liaison for the
Planning Committee. A Steering
Committee, co-chaired by Tareq Ismael
of the University of Calgary and
Raymond William Baker from Trinity
College in Hartford, Conn., with
scholars from Egypt, Jordan, Germany,
the United Kingdom and the U.S., is
spearheading the effort.
The group is urging Canada to
provide $25 million in seed money for
the project, which will cost $250-$350
million. “Coming from a small
university whose total annual operating
budget is less than $25 million, I
gasped when I first heard the figure,”
says Dr. Johnson. “But that is a small
portion of the $300 million the
Canadian government promised to help
rebuild Iraq.” They have already
received a $50,000 “Presidential Grant
for Innovation and Development” from
the Social Sciences and Humanities
Research Council (SSHRC).
Dr. Johnson sees Canada as the
ideal leader for the project: “What
better way for Canada to help rebuild
Iraq than to rebuild the educational
infrastructure? Canadian governments
over the last century have considered
education and health, which ensure the
intellectual and physical well-being of
citizens, essential to generate a
prosperous society.”
In establishing the university, the
group plans to repatriate Iraqi
intellectuals who are living around the
world. It is estimated that 500-1,000
Iraqi university professors live in
Jordan alone, and 700-1,000 in Europe
and North America.
“Iraq is part of a region often
called The Fertile Crescent, which
describes not only the land but also the
rich intellectual tradition,” claims Dr.
Johnson. “Iraq has been a centre of
science and learning in the Islamic
world for several millennia. The last 30
years of brutal dictatorship were an
exception. Our plan is not to impose
Western style notions on Iraq but to
assist them with the infrastructure to
release the diversity that has always
been part of that regional civilization.”
The university will offer graduate
programs in priority fields (education,
public policy and justice, business,
health and social work, media studies
and information technologies,
environment and energy). It will also
offer a liberal arts undergraduate
education and advanced research in
areas such as world cultures, global
studies, Islamic civilization studies,
human rights and democracy, energy
and environment and public policy. The
language of instruction will be English.
The group has already recruited
help from impressive people: HRH
Prince el-Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan
will chair the Board of Trustees, and
Betty Williams, Irish Nobel Peace Prize
Laureate, Ed Broadbent, former leader
of NDP, Richard Falk, Emeritus
Professor of International Law at
Princeton University and John Polanyi,
winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
and Professor of Chemistry at
University of Toronto, have agreed to
serve as trustees.
Dr. Johnson gives Bishop’s credit
for his participation in the project. “A
little money invested in research can go
a long way.” He received travel funds
from our Senate Research Committee
to present a paper on Canada’s relations
with the Middle East at a conference in
Cyprus. During the conference he was
invited to join the founding group.
“Faculty research can have
consequences which are rewarding not
only for the academic world but for
larger communities.”
“I feel privileged to be part of this
important project,” says Dr. Johnson.
“It’s exciting to be at the genesis of
something which could be of great
value not only for young people in Iraq
but for Canada and Canadian
academics who have partnership roles
to perform with colleagues in that part
of the world.”
Fall 2003 Bishop’s University News • 2
A message from the President of Corporation
he amount of volunteer work done at Bishop’s
is little talked about and perhaps that’s the way
most volunteers want it, including the
Chancellor, members of Corporation, faculty, senior
management group, staff and students. My rough
guess is that it amounts to at least 10,000 hours a
year, but the figure may be low.
It’s a healthy sign that at Bishop’s there is never
a shortage of volunteers, even though in the case of
many Corporation members, it means a trek of about
320 km. from Montreal and back to add to the three
or four hours at the committee table. The motivation
for most volunteers on and off campus is simply to
be involved with an institution they admire and want
to help in its governance.
Corporation members chair every governing
committee on campus, though there are usually at
least two faculty, a student and a staff member on
these committees, like the Committee on Life at the
University, chaired by Peter Dunn ’66; the Finance
Committee, chaired by Sam Elkas; the Building
Committee, chaired by Philip Webster; the Human
Resources Committee, chaired by Suzanne Sevigny
’70; and the Computer Technology Committee,
chaired by Elaine Roper ’79 who lives in Toronto.
And that doesn’t cover them all.
Many of those chairs and others like Tim
Bradley ’71 also serve on the Executive Committee.
There are non-graduate volunteers we are lucky
enough to attract to committees, including the
Executive Committee, like Sam Elkas, a former
minister of transport in Quebec, and Dr. Arvind
Joshi, CEO of St. Mary’s Hospital in Montreal. The
chair of the Executive Committee, Joan Stadelman
’66, I suspect has served on more committees than
any member of Corporation.
Professor of Geography, Dr. Curt Rose, is one of
many faculty members who has devoted a huge
amount of time on key committees plus chairing ad
In 2001, 21% of men aged 25 and over
were university graduates (up from 17%
in 1991). The growth among women
was even greater, from 14% in 1991 to
20% in 2001.
Source: Statistics Canada
Bishop’s reflects this trend in our fulltime student enrolment:
1992-93: 49.2% women, 50.8% men
2002-03: 53.7% women, 46.3% men
hoc teams in such difficult areas like ombudsperson
and harassment. Among the staff, Al Ansell, Sandra
Gallup-Palme and David Young are heavy
contributors of their time.
This leads me to tell you that the most important
committee the university assembles every decade has
started its work. During the summer, it piled up more
than 30 hours of meetings. The heavy-duty
assignment is to begin the search for a new Principal
to succeed Janyne Hodder when she completes her
mandate on 31 July 2004.
It is an eleven-person committee made up
experienced and thoughtful people. Most of Bishop’s
many constituencies are represented with four faculty
(Professors Cathy Beauchamp, Harvey White, Lorne
Nelson and Sylvie Bequet) one staff member (David
Young), an alumni representative (Peter Davidson
’77), a senior manager (Bruce Stevenson ’76, Dean
of Students), a senior academic (Dr. Anton De Man,
Dean of Social Sciences), and two Corporation
members (myself and Philip Matthews, the Vice
President, who is chairing the committee).
We have started early to give ourselves time to
find the best. The job description will be advertised
in selected newspapers this fall but it will also be put
on our website www.ubishops.ca. We hope to begin
the important process of interviewing candidates by
This is an invitation. If anyone knows someone
who you think would be a suitable candidate, please
get in contact with one of the Search Committee
members through the University Secretary, Heather
Thorne at [email protected] or at 1-819-8229600 ext. 2210. We would like to hear from you. We
know it will be a formidable job to find someone to
replace Janyne Hodder. Help us if you can and wish
us luck.
New Appointments to Corporation
Bishop’s is pleased to announce the following new appointments to
Corporation, the governing board of the University.
Kathleen Adams ’00
Financial Consultant and
Co-owner of a beef and dairy farm
Robert (Squee) Gordon ’60
President, Humber College
Eric Innes ’71
Chairman, YMG Capital
Royal Orr ’78
Senior Consultant, Columbia
Communications, President of
N.E.X.T. Productions and Host,
Spirit Connection, Vision TV
Joseph Singerman
Director of Media Relations,
Corporate Affairs and
Communications, Alcan Inc.
Bishop’s makes its mark
So what if it’s the smallest university in Canada? Bishop’s
University in the Eastern Townships hamlet of Lennoxville,
enrolment 1900, can credibly boast that as far away as
Auckland, New Zealand, it might be Canada’s best-known
institution of higher learning.
As globalization infiltrated Canadian life over the past
decade, it brought new competition for a small school like
Bishop’s, particularly its undergraduate-only Business school,
which must compete for attention with larger schools that often
benefit from the reflected prestige of associated MBA programs.
On the other hand, notes Bill Robson, Dean of the Williams
School of Business & Economics at Bishop’s, it became evident
that globalization also brought new opportunities to promote
international exchanges, to focus in international business and
to tap a big global pool of potential students.
Today, 16 per cent of Bishop’s first-year students are
foreign, tying McGill for the highest proportion in Canada. And
since the Williams School joined a big global network of
Business schools, its 550 Business students have been
immersed in exchange programs and competitions with
counterparts from all over the world. “It’s far more exciting
than becoming known as an accounting school or a marketing
school,” says Robson, acknowledging that, in any case, the
Williams School simply doesn’t have the faculty numbers to
develop such a specialty.
Thus it was that a team of four students from Bangkok’s
Chulalongkorn University found themselves in Lennoxville,
explaining to three Bishop’s judges how they would overcome
obstacles to international expansion faced by an Australian
A few minutes later, in trooped the French team, four
students from the École Supérieure de Commerce in Rennes
who had been given the same case.
The French delivered a polished presentation, but the Thai
students won for the detailed marketing strategy and financial
projections they had produced in the four hours that teams had
to work on the case.
All told, Bishop’s had eight teams engaged in a round-robin
case competition. Others came from universities in Auckland,
Helsinki, Dublin, St. John’s, Nfld., Cedar Falls, Iowa and, of
course, Bishop’s itself.
Schools must
compete to enter this case
competition, held
annually by the Network
of International Business
Schools, or NIBS, a
grouping of more than 50
university business
programs from around
the world. Since only
Bishop’s NIBS team and their coaches
eight teams can be
(l-r): Jen Waslen, Calin Valsan, Lissa
accommodated in the
McRae, Erin Van Schaak, Bill Robson
Jackie Novak, Jonathan Fortin.
round-robin, others are
eliminated in an earlier,
written competition.
Case competitions — which have proliferated as an
important arena for business schools to show off students’
abilities — level the playing field, enabling even a small school
to build a big reputation. Both prospective students and
employers pay attention to who wins.
Doing well “enhances the quality of the school and puts us
on the map,” believes Robson, not to mention the job offers that
usually come to members of a successful team.
Certainly the NIBS competition has been good for
Bishop’s. Although it is the smallest school in the network, it
has won twice in the past four years. The winning team gets to
host the following year’s competition, so its victory in New
Zealand last year — heavily covered by Auckland newspapers
and television — brought the contest to Lennoxville.
The winner of this year’s competition was Memorial
University of Newfoundland.
Bishop’s was eliminated in the semi-final round.
Jay Bryan
(reprinted with permission from The Gazette)
(Bishop’s plans to enter a team in the 2004 case competition at
Memorial University on 22-24 February 2004.)
Additional Gifts to Bishop’s Fire Relief Fund
Students average about $1,200 each month
in living costs and expenditures. This is
approximately 20% higher than the current
assumptions build into the need assessment
formulas relied on by government student
aid programmes. The greatest cost is tuition
and education-related fees (24%), followed
by accommodation (15%), transportation
(12%), food (11%) and debt payments (8%).
Source: www.millenniumscholarships.ca
(see also Spring 2002 issue)
Bishop’s is grateful for donations to help our students who were
victims of fire from:
Francis Gooch ’48
Blanchard Litho
C.S. Brooks Magog
Follett Books
Golden Lion Pub
H.T. Ecologic Product Limited
Herb and Jerry Harrison
Hatley Factory
Daphne McMullan ’53
Pharmacie Famili Prix
Pharmacie Valérie Courchesne
Pizza Mivan
Staff of Dewhurst Dining Hall
Santana Shoes
Photo: Perry Beaton
June Convocation 2003
Seated: Pamela Wallin and Chancellor Alex Paterson ’52, DCL
’74. Standing: Jean-Luc Grégoire, Principal Janyne Hodder,
Raymond Setlakwe ’49
n 7 June 2003, 455 students (287 women, 168 men)
graduated from Bishop’s University. Below are a
number of facts on the Class of ’03:
122 graduates (52 women, 70 men)
93 graduates (79 women, 14 men)
101 graduates (74 women, 27 men)
Natural Sciences
and Mathematics: 59 graduates (27 women, 32 men)
Social Sciences
80 graduates (55 women, 25 men)
Bishop’s conferred honorary degrees (Doctor of Civil Law
honoris causa) on three distinguished individuals.
Jean-Luc Grégoire served Bishop’s University for 32
years and was Vice-Principal Administration and Finance for
five Principals. He contributed significantly to the growth,
development and financial health of Bishop’s with unflappable
good humour and unfailing common sense. He gained the
respect of his counterparts in sister universities and in
government, ensuring Bishop’s was heard where decisions were
made. He is a committed volunteer with his church and other
community activities.
Raymond C. Setlakwe’49 C.M. is President and CEO of
A. Setlakwe Ltd., a retail chain based in Thetford Mines. He is
an active and dedicated contributor to his community: member
of the Thetford Mines Hospital Foundation and Bishop’s
University Foundation, former member of the Corporation of
Bishop’s and of the Université de Sherbrooke and is a Director
of the Research Fund of the Montreal Heart Institute. He is a
Member of the Order of Canada and was appointed to the
Canadian Senate in 2000 by Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.
Pamela D. Wallin led a distinguished career as a
broadcaster and journalist. She held senior positions at the
Toronto Star, CBC Radio and CTE, where she was the first
woman appointed Ottawa Bureau Chief. In 1995 she established
her independent company, through which she hosted and
produced Pamela Wallin’s Talk TV. She received numerous
awards for her achievements in journalism and honorary
degrees from six universities. In June 2002, Ms. Wallin was
appointed Canadian Consul General to New York City.
Dr. Brian A. Jenkins was named Professor Emeritus of
History, Dr. Ivan M. Myhul Professor Emeritus of Political
Studies and Dr. Garry V. Retzleff Professor Emeritus of
Bishop’s Postage Stamp
On average, university graduates earn
considerably more than either college or trade and
vocational program graduates.
These higher salaries eventually pay dividends
to the public purse. In 1999, university graduates
made up just over 15% of the population but paid
close to 35% of the nation’s income tax while
receiving just 8% of government transfers.
In contrast, people with less than a high school
education made up 25% of the population in 1999
but paid just over 10% of all income tax and
received over 40% of government transfers.
Source: www.millenniumscholarships.ca
Canada Post has issued
this special stamp in
honour of Bishop’s
150th anniversary of the
signing of the Royal
Charter. The 48¢ stamp
can be purchased in all
post offices and will be
available until 27
January 2004. Be sure
to use the stamp for all
your mail. (Some postal
outlets — those located
in a host business such
as a pharmacy — may
have limited quantities.)
Bridging the generation gap
Photos: Perry Beaton
Alumni parents were proud to welcome their children as fellow Bishop’s graduates at Convocation.
Richard Bougie ’76 and son, Mike.
Richard’s brothers are also alumni: Don ’77,
Steve ’82 and Bob’86
Paula De Man ’94, son, Kris and daughter, Femka ’96
André ’75 and Paulette Burke ’75 Losier
and son, Jean-Claude
Don ’71 and Liz Curry ’72 Mills, daughter, Lindsay and
son Michael ’00
Jamie ’70 and Gayle Tope ’71 Saunders,
daughters Alyson and Beth and son, Matt ’00
Michael Kelen ’69 and son, Andrew.
Shirley Wayne Malley ’69 and daughter,
Tom McShane ’74 and daughter, Tina
Stephen Moore ’80 and daughter, Meghan
Dean ’75 and Gene Sparkes ’71 Ross and
daughter, Allison
Arnold Sharp ’95 and son, William
Janyne Pearston Suzuki ’68, son, David and
daughter, Julia ’00
Fall 2003 Bishop’s University News • 6
Doing business with a heart
Catherine Mossop ’79 not only works with businesses to restructure humanely,
she uses her business connections to help developing nations
ur clients are major corporations that understand
Catherine Mossop ’79
their employees are also their customers and
stands beside a 20'
ambassadors in the marketplace. They put effort
container load of medical
into treating people in as dignified a way as possible under the
supplies destined for
most difficult circumstances of the management decisionVietnam. When all the
making world.” Catherine Mossop ’79, her husband and partner,
containers arrived intact,
Adrian Cornelisson ’80 and their staff of career transition
a U.S. aid organization
consultants teach companies how to restructure in as humane a
told her it was a miracle
way as possible.
that the containers
“When an organization treats people thoughtfully and in a
cleared customs and no
caring way and tries to mitigate their losses, not only do the
individuals who lose their jobs come through it much faster and
supplies were lost. She
in a healthier way, but the people who stay in the organization
sent 18 40' containers,
adjust to the new work order much better. Organizations that
valued at more than $1
treat people badly on dismissals lose many of their highly
million, to Vietnam and
talented individuals — the ones they wanted to stay — morale
others to El Salvador after
goes down, productivity declines, and they have problems
the earthquake and Serbia
recruiting talented individuals.”
after the war.
Catherine admits that most companies do not pay much
attention to employees who are dismissed. “They may send
people to be tested, but I found that testing is an empty
agency hadn’t asked her to bring $75 worth of vitamins or
experience, because a test doesn’t look at the historical, cultural,
Tylenol instead of spending the money on a sweatshirt. So when
and economic factors that have shaped and formed the way
she adopted her son Niam from Vietnam, she asked what she
individuals make decisions about their lives.”
could bring. When the reply was an incubator, Catherine wasn’t
Catherine developed ValuescardsTM, a deck of 42 cards
daunted. A number of her clients were in the hospital sector, so
with individual values at one end and corresponding
she started collecting medical supplies.
organizational values at the other to help people understand
“I still get goosebumps when I think of all the fabulous
how they fit within an organization. “When the fit is not there,
people who helped make it happen — the midnight drives to
bad things happen: people quit, get fired, personal stress levels
Molson warehouse to count and pack
go up, productivity goes
tons of medical gadgets; the times
down and health problems
Canadian Tire drivers picked up
I still get goosebumps when I think of all the
increase. People are
hospital supplies all over the province
fabulous people who helped make it happen. and hauled them into Toronto; the
unaware that they are part
of the process that makes
time ATS took a load out to Victoria
these things happen.” Her Valuescards have been sold around
the world and are used for team building, leadership
development and conflict management. The Fuqua Business
School at Duke University uses them to assess personal
leadership with their incoming international MBA students.
What does Catherine see as the major transition
management issues for the future? “For organizations, there is a
serious lack of leadership talent due to 20 years of no
investment in leadership development. And knowledge transfer:
some of my customers will have 65% of their management staff
retire in the next four years and there is no strategy to deal with
the impending losses of knowledge. For individuals, challenges
are gaps in their talent relevant to what organizations need, the
necessity of taking responsibility for ongoing learning and
development, and balancing work and family.”
Catherine has used her business connections for charitable
work. When she and Adrian adopted Kate from China, the
adoption agency asked them to bring an article, such as a
Canadian sweatshirt. When she arrived, she wondered why the
to be packed around a helicopter on its way to Vietnam; the
time Nortel said they would warehouse 3,000 square feet of
stuff, then packed it all and sent it to Vietnam. At one point I
had about 150 volunteers helping. My biggest thrill was when
we arrived in Vietnam to bring home my baby boy and the 40'
container for the hospital was delivered.”
Catherine has also volunteered for Gems of Hope, an
organization that provides microfinancing for women-based
microenterprises in the developing world. “Women collectives
in small communities form a bank, which is funded by us. The
collectives administer small loans to help, for instance, a
woman who owns a rickshaw in India or ragpickers in Vietnam.
The collective oversees the loan repayments, so the women are
responsible to each other. The project is successful because it
builds capacity in the community and is not charity.”
Catherine’s next project is to start a new business which
will offer a mentoring programme for women executives. If she
plans it with her usual energy, enthusiasm and humanity, it’s
bound to be innovative and exciting.
Chase away the winter blahs
Heather Stevenson Speck ’91 & Shani Doucet ’93 share their secret for enjoying the snow
harness. Most kids don’t get on a chairlift for two, three or
often seven weeks.
It’s great to see kids who can barely walk go flying down
a hill. If they’re not skiing, they play together in the snow and
form great friendships with other kids. Many, depending on
their disability, have graduated and become assistants and
instructors themselves. One instructor was born with spinal
bifida and has very little control over his lower limbs. He skis
with outriggers (crutches with the modified skis on the
bottom) and a ski bra to help keep his tips from crossing. He
is now a Level 3 instructor and skis everywhere, including
challenging mountains such as Whistler.
Students and instructors of Track 3.
Shani Doucet ’93 is lying in the snow (right).
e want to share with our fellow alumni some
wonderful experiences we’ve had since leaving the
hallowed halls of Bishop’s University. Funny thing
is, we’ve seen each other several times, but discovered only
this past winter we both attended Bishop’s around the same
time and didn’t realize it !
For the last few winters, we have been volunteering as ski
instructors for the Ontario Track 3 Ski Association for the
Disabled. This non-profit organization specializes in teaching
physically and mentally challenged kids to downhill ski. It’s
been a rewarding experience for both of us.
Track 3 started in 1972 by a group of doctors who
believed young people who had lost limbs to accidents or
disease might benefit by exploring a new and exciting activity
to rediscover their strength and rebuild their self-esteem and
confidence. Since the doctors were all skiers, they chose
skiing. The name Track 3 comes from the tracks left in the
snow — tracks from one ski and two outriggers (enhanced
crutches with ski blades on the bottom) — and it stuck.
Today the organization has grown to over 400 volunteers:
ski instructors, ski technicians, support staff and office staff.
Students have been expanded to those with autism, brain
injuries, and developmental delays. Skiers use a variety of
equipment such as mono skis, bi-skis, and sit skis, which are
specifically designed for those who have little to no use of
their legs due to injury, disease or birth defects.
Heather Stephenson Speck ’91
I have been a volunteer for seven years. Recently I
achieved my Level 1 from the Canadian Ski Instructor’s
Alliance and will work on my Level 2 this winter. (When I
first started here, I actually didn’t ski that well, but have
improved tremendously.)
One of my most memorable students was an autistic child
who had never been on skis before and who, within one day,
was able to go on a chairlift and ski down a hill with a
Shani Doucet ’93
I have been a volunteer for the past four years and am
currently a Level 2 ski instructor with Track 3 and a Level 1
ski instructor with the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance. The
Track 3 program is addictive. I went for one day with my
roommate and here I am four years later.
It’s amazing to see the change in some of these kids. One
of my students, Melanie, has one leg. She learned to ski in
Track 3 and qualified for her high school ski team. She is now
an instructor with Track 3. Carly, an autistic and
developmentally delayed child, was determined to ski black
diamond (expert) trails and did so in her second year.
The achievements at Track 3 extend beyond the ski
slopes. Students can now participate in their school’s ski day,
and sometimes our instructors take a day off work to
accompany their students on these outings. Skiing gives
students a boost of confidence. They feel they can do anything
once they can ski down the hill. One student who lost part of
his leg to cancer not only skis, but horseback rides and is
goalie for his hockey team. Parents, of course, are thrilled
with their children’s transformation.
Through this program, we have met new friends, renewed
some old, and had the most wonderful and rewarding
experience in our skiing careers. And it doesn’t stop when the
snow melts. There are plenty of spring, summer and fall
activities such as golf tournaments, the annual snow ball, frog
races, pub nights etc. We both look forward to next season.
Our students keep us on our toes through the winter with their
crazy antics and enthusiasm. It certainly chases away the
winter blahs.
If you are interested in learning more about this
wonderful organization and perhaps even consider becoming a
volunteer, please feel free to contact us or the Track 3 office
or visit the website (www.track3.org).
We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you on
the slopes in 2004!
Heather Speck and Shani Doucet
(Heather) [email protected] 416- 521-9218 (home)
The Ontario Track 3 Ski Association for the Disabled
PO Box 67, Station D, Etobicoke, M9A 4X1
416-233-3872; 1-877-308-7225; [email protected]
Fall 2003 Bishop’s University News • 8
Fall Homecoming
3-5 October 2003
Friday, 3 October
12th Annual Jeff Cannon Memorial
Homecoming Golf Tournament.
Welcome reception on campus for
10th reunion for the Classes of ’92,
’93, ’94.
Saturday, 4 October
10 a.m.-5 p.m. Bishop’s bookstore in the University Centre open. Crested
Bishop’s items available.
11:30 a.m.
Barbecue lunch for Classes of ’92-’94 on back patio of
Dewhurst Dining Hall, then tailgate party in parking lot of
Sports Centre.
1 p.m
Football game — Bishop’s vs. Montréal.
4 p.m.
Post-game reception for alumni and community members in
the Alumni Tent in football stadium parking lot, featuring a
live band.
7 p.m.
Reunion banquet for Classes of ’92-’94 at Dewhurst Dining
Hall on campus.
Sunday, 5 October
10 a.m.
10:30 a.m.
Chapel Service in St. Mark’s Chapel.
Sunday brunch at Old Lennoxville Golf Course for reunion
The 12th Annual
Jeff Cannon Memorial
Homecoming Golf
Friday, 3 October 2003
11:00 a.m.- Lunch and
12:15 p.m. registration
12:30 p.m Shotgun start (Vegas) 18 holes
5:30 p.m. Cocktails
6:30 p.m. Dinner, gifts & raffle
Cost: $50.00 (lunch, dinner & golf included)
*maximum 72 golfers
To register or for information, please
contact Matt McBrine (819) 822-9600, ext.
2266 ([email protected]). You will be
registered upon receipt of entry fee.
MasterCard and VISA accepted.
Reminder: Carts are limited. Reserve your
cart when you register.
If you wish to donate additional funds to the
Jeff Cannon Memorial Fund, please make
your cheque payable to: The Bishop’s
University Foundation. (Visa and MC also
accepted). Receipts will be issued for
additional donations.
Consult our website for further information:
Gaiter Classic 2003
The 16th annual
Gaiter Classic held at
Milby Golf Club on 6
June 2003 saw 140
alumni and friends
participate and raise
$16,000 for Gaiter
Athletics. Many thanks
to those who
contributed to the
success of this event by
helping with
sponsorship and prizes,
Winners with Sponsors Riddell Canada
including: Brad Jones
Kyle (Riddell Canada), Andrew Walker ‘86, Jeff
’68, Eric Mills ’72,
Moore, Tim Dooley ‘84, Kimball Smith ‘85, Andrew Blanchard
Andrew Blanchard ’90, ‘90, John Mitchell & Dave Whitley (Riddell Canada)
John Orr ’91, Rick
Southam ’72, Tony Harris ’88, Spiro Krallis ’85, Mike Bremner ’87, Tom
Godber ’85 and Honorary Chair Tom Allen ’69 and committee members Joe
Scott, Rollie Blanchard and Sam Elkas.
Next year’s Honorary Chair, Ron Lawless DCL ’00, looks forward to seeing
you on Friday, 4 June 2004.
2003 Football
@ Concordia
St. Mary’s
@ Laval
@ Sherbrooke
@ Acadia
1:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m.
1:30 p.m.
1:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m.
2:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m.
Conference Semi-finals
Conference Final
National Semi-finals
(Quebec @ Ontario)
Vanier Cup
Gifts of art
he year 2002 was
an eventful year
for acquisitions
for the Bishop’s
University Art
Collection! In addition
to the five framed
pieces donated by
Dr.Wilfred and Mrs.
Phyllis McCutcheon
(Bishop’s ’40, ’41) and
a John Schweitzer
collage, Dark House I,
from Mr. and Mrs.
Irwin Browns, we
received a gift from Mr.
“Archaic Image” by Stanley Lewis can be
and Mrs. Guy Gagnon
seen in Bishop’s Library.
from Montreal. The
Gagnons presented the
Art Collection Committee with several series of stone cut prints
by Montreal artist Stanley Lewis (1930- ).
Lewis is a well known Canadian sculptor who studied at
the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (with Arthur Lismer),
Instituto Allende in Mexico, Atelier of Maestro V. Gambacciani
in Italy and Ein Hod Artist’s Colony in Israel. He has exhibited
and taught at various institutions all over the world, including
the McGill University School of Architecture and Saidye
Bronfman Centre of Montreal. Frequently called “the Canadian
pioneer of multi-colour stone cut prints,” Lewis studied the
Inuit technique of stone cut prints up north, using marble
instead of soap stone.
Mr. and Mrs. Gagnon are art lovers and collectors from
Montreal. Their principle wish is to have Lewis’ art known and
appreciated by as many people as possible. Three of Stanley
Lewis’ prints are on display in the Library beside the circulation
desk. The Bishop’s Art Collection Committee and the Bishop’s
community are very grateful for the Gagnon’s generosity.
We also appreciate the financial support of Frank Lajoie
’49 who has established a trust fund to provide annual income
to our committee for its work.
Willa Montague ’97
Art Collection Curator
([email protected])
Check out our website for upcoming events in your
area: www.ubishops.ca/alumni/events.htm
Many thanks to Malcolm Boyle ’78 for hosting a reception for alumni,
friends and prospective students and their parents. The 80 who
attended enjoyed a spectacular view from Malcolm's waterfront
reception room and were treated to a delicious array of hors d'oeuvres
and complimentary bar. Principal Hodder was also in attendance and
gave an update on Bishop's. Following the reception a few alumni kept
things going, shown above.
(l-r): Lisa Nichols ’00, Adam Payn ’00,Tara Hurst ’99, Ian Gillis ’00,
Christa Peters ’99, Peter Ludlow ’00, Darren Smith ’00, Jason Fox ’99,
Amy Keirstead ’00, Tara Moreau ’00, Krista Tilley ’99, Kerry Mullen ’01,
Jeff Parker ’99
Coming this fall: golf day, after work receptions and information on a
tutoring volunteer program involving Bishop's alumni and high school
students. Stay tuned to our web site for details. If you have an idea for
an event or would like to get involved, please contact Amy Keirstead
’00, Halifax Branch President, at [email protected]
Saint John
(l-r): Alex Coffin ’90, Danielle Doucet ’05, Jeff Queen ’02, Jason
Thorne ’97, Matt McBrine ’96, Paul Huestis ’92, Tim Johnston ’94,
Marc Loranger, Jamie Gamble ’93.
Alumni, friends and prospective students met at the Kennebeccasis
Yacht Club on 7 May 2003. Special thanks to Paul Huestis ’92 for
graciously hosting this event. It was a beautiful location and a very
friendly atmosphere.
Stay tuned. Bishop's hopes to organize a cocktail reception in early
Check out our website for upcoming events in your
area: www.ubishops.ca/alumni/events.htm
Bishop’s Receptions
Gaiter Football Season Opener
6 September 2003
Concordia’s Loyola Stadium
1:00 p.m.
Get warmed up for the opener with Montreal Branch
Presidents Dan Bohinc ’94 and Rob Allatt ’93 at their pregame BBQ for Gaiter fans.
Place: 301 Ballantyne, Montreal, Ouest
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Following the game, you are invited to attend the post game
reception at John Orr’s ’91 Ye Olde Orchard Pub and Grill,
5563 Monkland Avenue.
Bishop’s held a reception for alumni, friends and
prospective students on 8 May 2003 at the Capitol Theatre
in Moncton.
Thank you to David Barnett ’98, Nancy Eustace ’91,
Dan ’59 and Janet ’71 Patridge for attending and promoting
Bishop’s to the prospective students and their parents.
Three students from the reception have since committed to
Thank you
Special thanks to alumni and friends who graciously
hosted events on the University’s behalf:
Jim Bowey (Montreal)
90 Bishop’s benefactors attended.
Bud ’60 & Yvonne McMorran (Toronto)
50 Bishop’s benefactors attended.
Paul Gratias ’67 (Toronto)
20 Bishop’s benefactors attended
Keith Labbett ’91 (Toronto - 2 evenings)
250 alumni, current students, prospective students and
their parents attended.
Ron Lawless DCL ’00 (Pointe Claire)
65 alumni, current students, prospective students and
their parents attended
David Price (Ottawa)
100 alumni, current students, prospective students and
their parents attended.
Principal's Tour
Mark your calenders. You are invited to meet Principal
Janyne Hodder and your fellow alumni and friends at the
upcoming Bishop’s receptions. Details soon available at
Calgary - November 13, 2003
Vancouver - November 14, 2003
Victoria - November 15, 2003
For the first time in ten years, alumni in the Gaspé
met for a lobster party at the home of Shirley Kitching
’56 and Tom Duncan in Cascapedia. Hosting duties were
ably shared with Cheryl Kouri ’77 for approximately 25
alumni and partners. The weather cooperated beautifully
so that lobster could be boiled outside and steaks
barbecued with everyone helping, in true Bishop’s fashion.
The wine flowed freely, reminiscences were
exchanged and many new friendships formed, as six
decades of graduates were represented.
A table of memorabilia and old yearbooks,
Campuses and other documents and a Bishop’s quiz
proved highlights of the evening. A Bishop’s tie was
presented to the oldest graduate present, Arthur
Campbell ’48.
Graduates came from many areas of the coast —
some 300 km — and the 16 alumni agreed the evening
was a resounding success, thanks to Shirley and Cheryl.
Alumni and friends at Gaspé lobster and steak dinner
Alumni present: Harry Babin ’94, Arthur Campbell ’48, Nancy Doddridge ’90,
Dave Douesnard ’81, Mark Franklin ’75, Bill Griffiths ’71, Shirley Kitching ’57,
Cheryl Kouri ’77, Rose McColm Roussy ’78, Stuart Richards ’74, Jewell Roy ’68,
Stephen Tribble ’71, Eugene Willett ’93, Walter Willett ’94, Dave Williams ’86,
John Williams ’79
Check out our website for upcoming events in your
area: www.ubishops.ca/alumni/events.htm
Young Alumni After work Party
More than 60 young alumni met at the Bedford
Academy on June 26 for the first annual BU Young Alumni
Summer Kick-off After work Party.
Andrew Holmes ’02, Goslings Black Seal Bermuda Rum
Canadian Brand Champion, provided finger food, door
prizes, and introduced the crowd to Bermuda’s National
Drink - The Dark n’ Stormy. Advertised as an “after work”
party, graduates were still arriving after 9 p.m., proving what
a hardworking bunch we are!
Golf Tournament
Toronto held a hugely successful golf tournament with 144
participants, friendly and professional service and catering from
the Richmond Hill Golf Club, beautiful sunny weather, a silent
auction and, of course, Bishop’s wonderful great camraderie.
Congratulations to the winners of the tournament, Ian
Kirkpatrick ’84, Tony Power ’84, Mark Coyne ’93 and Glenn
Dore ’85, who shot an impressive score of 57.
Special thanks to the major sponsors of this event: Dave
Colfer ’90, Keith Labbett ’91 and Dean French ’91 as well as
the hole sponsors Ken Blakeley ’90, Bob Coley ’87, Derek
Colfer ’95, Bob Gargano ’88, Alastair Griffin ’90, Brent Kelly
’89, Andrew MacGillivray, Peter Neal ’89, Pat Sheils ’89 and
many others who contributed prizes and gave donations.
The tournament was able to raise over $7,000 towards the
Jeff Cannon Memorial Fund. Next year’s tournament will be
held on Friday, May 28 back at Richmond Hill.
Mark Your Calenders
Saturday September 13 @ 2:00 pm: Bishop’s Men’s Lacrosse
versus University of Toronto. Come out and cheer one of
Bishop’s newest and most successful teams as they look to
improve on their silver medal performance from last year. There
will be a post-game get together at The Madison.
Saturday, November 22: We will again be watching the Vanier
Cup (Bishop’s this year) from the comfort of two skyboxes at
the Skydome Hotel. Space is limited. If you are interested in
attending this year please contact Dave McBride at 416-9554895 or [email protected]
Ottawa Golf Tournament
Date: September 26, 2003.
Place: The Dôme - 75 Avenue de la
Citadelle, Hull
Cost: $85 (includes: golf, cart, gift &
Time: Tee times from 10:30 a.m.-1:15
Note: Starting times will be given to
meet participants’ schedules. Please
specify your desired time when you
Register securely on line at
or contact: Matt McBrine, tel: (819) 8229600 ext. 2266 [email protected]
Mark Your Calenders
1. Renegades Alumni Day
Tailgate party & CFL action.
Join Canadian University alumni,
including BU, at this fun event.
We’re expecting over 800 alumni
from different universities to attend.
Date: September 6, 2003
Time: 1:00 p.m. tailgate party &
ticket pick up
3:00 p.m. Kickoff
Cost: $20 per ticket
Tickets can be reserved with Matt
McBrine: tel: (819) 822-9600 x2266
or [email protected]
or register on line at
2. Gaiter Basketball Action
Date: October 17, 2003.
Place: Carleton University
Cost: TBA
Complete details for both events
available at
or contact Matt McBrine
(819) 822-9600 ext. 2266
[email protected]
Washington - April 12, 2003
Eleven Bishop's grads and their dates
attended the 27th Annual All-Canada Alumni
Event at the National Press Club in
Washington, D.C. where 250 alumni from
Canadian Universities attended this
dinner/dance evening. Special thanks to
Morten Sigvadt ’94 and Andrea Kucey ’95 for
hosting a post-evening reception for the
group. David Morad ’91 ([email protected])
and Kedrin Simms ’00 ([email protected]),
Washington Branch Presidents, would
appreciate event ideas you may have.
(l-r): Josh Sampson ’97, Kedrin Simms ’00,
David Morad ’91, Victoria Florez ’00, Matt
McBrine ’96, Lawrence Stein ’01, Micaelo
Angeles ’98, Arianna D'Urso ’99, Rasika
Krishna ’01, Ishu Krishna ’97, Paola Batzella
can make a
by giving to
Bishop’s University
You choose how you want to make a
difference. Here are some examples of how
you can help Bishop’s meet its priorities:
or bursary
Contribute to a specific
Donate to our Library
Invest in technology
Establish a
enrichment (faculty
Add to
research, student projects, guest
Our students appreciate the difference you make.
For the money, my sincerest thanks
It keeps me here, secure amongst the ranks
Of artists, scholars, and those lucky few
Who share, debate, and daily dream anew.
Your contribution feeds my blooming mind,
Which daily grows as flowers do, or vines.
Ever-reaching tendrils toward the light,
That stop for neither daytime, nor for night.
I hope this knowledge brings you satisfaction
That your contribution never saw inaction,
So rest assured, you have my solemn vow:
It has been spent wisely as I know how.
Earnestly I thank and wish you cheer,
I promise not to spend it all on beer.
Jeremy I. Freed
English and Drama student from Burbank, CA
Recipient of The American Scholarship
(funded by the Bishop’s University Foundation)
Give to
culture (theatre,
music, art)
14 • Fall 2003 Bishop’s University News
For more information on how you can make a
difference, please contact:
Pam McPhail, Director of Development
Bishop’s University
Lennoxville QC J1M 1Z7
tel: 819-822-9660; fax: 819-822-9653
[email protected]
Faculty Profile
The highly methodological component of
inally, after 17 years of service to Bishop’s
many of his courses lends itself to a notion of
University, the secret is out: Dr. Dale
teaching as some automatic fountain out of
Stout is an excellent teacher. As
which intellectual beverages are pumped
colleagues, we already knew of his unbridled
into empty minds. Teaching for Dr. Stout,
intellectual curiosity, and of the intellectual
however, is more than the mere
rigour that he ordinarily brings to any
dissemination of facts: it entails a deep
subject of conversation.
appreciation of the human condition as a
The long line of students waiting
work in progress, a work that calls for the
outside his office seems to repeat that which
participation of each and every one of us, a
we, his colleagues, already know about this
work whose greatness depends on the genius
man: that his passion, his generosity are not
that we bring to it.
limited to the field of Psychology, but
Dr. Dale Stout of the Department of
By selecting Dr. Dale Stout as this
extend their embrace to include a deep
Psychology was voted by students for the
2003 William and Nancy Turner Award for
year’s recipient of the William and Nancy
and profound commitment to the
Turner Award for Teaching, we are
exploration of human knowledge.
celebrating a teacher’s teacher as our way
Repeating the sensibilities of many,
of affirming our membership in the fragile yet precious
one student recollects the impact that Dr. Stout had on his
collective we call humanity.
education by saying “this man makes me think.” The
emphasis here is on thinking, not as something that
Michael Lustigman, Professor
philosophers do, but as an invitation to reason, to bring one’s
Department of Sociology
talents, one’s imagination to bear on any subject under
Faculty Research Grants
Congratulations to faculty members who were successful in
this year’s research grant competitions.
Dr. Madjid Allili, Departments of Mathematics and Computer
Science, was awarded $79,190 by the Canada Foundation for
Innovation (CFI) and the Quebec Ministry of Education to
establish a laboratory for visualization and computational
Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la nature et les
technologies (FQRNT):
Dr. Stefan Bruda, Department of Computer Science, was
awarded a 3-year grant of $45,000 for his project “Real-time
Complexity: theory and applications.”.
Dr. Lourdes Zubieta, School of Business and Economics, is
participating in the Centre de recherche sur les transports at
Université de Montréal which was awarded a 6-year
infrastructure grant.
Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la société et la culture
Dr. Gilbert Gagné, Department of Political Studies, is a
member of a research team at UQAM that was awarded a 3year grant of $131,400 for its work on “Intégration en
profondeur et économie politique du régionalisme dans
les Amériques.”.
Dr. Christina De Simone, School of Education, is a member
of the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance at
Concordia which was awarded a 6-year infrastructure grant.
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC):
Dr. Lisa Taylor, School of Education, is a member of a
research team awarded a 3-year grant of $748,970 for its
project “From literacy to multiliteracies: designing learning
environments for knowledge generation within the new
Dr. Jacqui Reid-Walsh, Department of English, is involved
in a research team at Concordia which received a 3-year grant
of $237,211 for their project, “Girls, digital technology and
popular culture: From play to policy.”.
Divisional Teaching Awards
The Students’ Representative Council) awarded the following
Divisional Teaching Awards:
Business & Economics:
Dr. Ambrose Leung (Economics)
Professor Ann Scowcroft
Professor Roya Abouzia (Fine Arts)
Natural Science
& Mathematics
Dr. François Huard (Math)
Social Sciences:
Dr. Andrew Johnson (Political Studies)
The Department of English received the first award for the new
“SRC Award for Most Outstanding Department.”
Eastern Townships
Research Centre
The Canadian Historical Association
awarded the Eastern Townships
Research Centre (ETRC) the 2003
CLIO Award for the region of Quebec
for exceptional contribution to the
dissemination of regional history in
Quebec. The Centre supports
research by renowned historians, and
has made history more accessible to
the public through book launches, the
publication of a newsletter and
journal, and the organization of public
lectures and conferences. The ETRC
celebrates its 20th anniversary this
Two Long-serving Faculty Retire
Melissa Clark-Jones
fter 22 years of service to
Bishop’s University, Dr. Melissa
Clark-Jones has retired. Her
retirement, without doubt, will open doors
to new and different life experiences,
challenges that will enable her to live up
to her genius. Alas, for many of her
students, friends, and colleagues, her
departure has left a gaping hole, an
absence that can never be filled. While
we wish her the very best, we deeply
regret her departure. The changes she has
helped institute will remind us of her immense contribution to
making our university a better place, a place where students,
faculty and staff may realize their common humanity.
Dr. Clark-Jones came to Bishop’s University in 1980. In
addition to her extensive knowledge of Sociology, Political
Economy, and Linguistics, she brought with her superb
organizational skills and a lively and vibrant vision of a just and
equitable world, a world where men and women may encounter
each other in freedom and dignity.
While the Melissa Clark-Jones we know and care for is but
a fragment of the whole person, it is clear to her friends,
colleagues and, above all, her students that she has the right
stuff, the stuff that makes a powerful teacher and mentor.
Students held for her the promise of a better world, a promise
she honoured by making herself constantly available to their
needs and inquiries.
16 • Fall 2003 Bishop’s University News
Her classes were designed to promote discussions and
debates about the fabric of social life and its limitation. Social,
political and economic structures were methodically examined
from the point of view of the dispossessed and the
disenfranchised. She sought to sensitize her students to the
neglected presence of those whose voices are stifled by poverty,
ethnic, social and racial inequality. When warranted, whether in
departmental meetings or conversations, Dr. Clark-Jones would
remind her colleagues in a gentle yet firm manner to remain
vigilant, to resist celebrating the good fortunes of those already
fortunate while turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the
misfortunes of those left out.
Dr. Clark-Jones chaired the Department of Sociology (later
Sociology & Anthropology) for over ten years. Under her tenure
as chair, our department expanded from three to six members.
She helped establish the Anthropology program and areas of
concentration in Gerontology, Communication and Cultural
Studies, Criminology and Women’s Studies. She joined with
others at Bishop’s University to establish an interdisciplinary
Women’s Studies Program.
Ideas, in this instance of gender, do not take place in a
social vacuum — they draw their power from those institutions
they sanction. The inclusion of the disadvantaged is possible,
Dr. Clark-Jones insisted, provided we demystify notions of
power that encourage institutional practices of inequality. And
what better way to demystify gender inequality than by helping
to establish and sustain the Lennoxville Women’s Center, a site
designed to develop social programs and political strategies to
Faculty Retire (cont’d)
improve the lives of women in the Eastern Townships.
Dr. Clark-Jones’ involvement in making our university a
better place includes active participation in the Executive of our
Faculty Union, Fédération des associations de professeurs des
universités du Québec, Executive Committee of Corporation,
Senate, Senate Planning Committee, Faculty Evaluation
Committee, Faculty Appeals Committee, and the Eastern
Townships Research Centre. As if these pedagogical and
organizational accomplishments are insufficient, Dr. Clark-
Jones wrote a book, A Staple State: Canadian Industrial
Resources in Cold War (University of Toronto Press; 1987) and
53 articles and conference presentations.
Although Dr. Clark-Jones has left Bishop’s University,
markers of her unending generosity remain to remind us of our
responsibility to make our world a better place.
Michael Lustigman, Professor
Department of Sociology
Robert MacGregor
obert MacGregor is retiring after 29
years of service to the Division of
Business Administration, to the
university and to the local community.
Robert arrived at Bishop’s in 1974 after
working as an apprentice in marine
engineering in the Fairfield Shipyard on
Glasgow’s River Clyde, as a draughtsman
in the United States and Canada and,
following the completion of his M.B.A.
at the University of Toronto, as a middle
manager in Canada and Australia.
Robert’s specialty is marketing, and he has taught a variety
of courses in that area during his career at Bishop’s. His
students remember him fondly, as evidenced by the number
who keep in touch from all over the world. Robert also coached
the men’s soccer team for a number of years, and was praised in
the student newspaper, The Campus, for holding the players
together through their ups and downs.
Robert has served his Division in a number of capacities,
including Chairperson and marketing area coordinator, and he
has been a member of a myriad of university committees,
including the Executive of the Association of Professors of
Bishop’s University, the Senate Planning and Research
Committees, the Faculty Evaluation Committee, the Status of
Women Committee, and the Executive Committee of
Corporation. In all these endeavours, Robert has shown
particular concern that all Bishop’s employees, faculty and staff
alike, receive fair treatment.
Robert has been a member of nine professional associations
in the areas of administrative sciences and popular culture, and
has shared his marketing expertise with local companies and
organizations. In addition, he has published over 20 articles and
business cases in journals and textbooks, and has given over 40
talks at professional conferences in North America and Europe.
His presentations have been well received and have earned
“Best Paper” awards.
Robert’s research has covered a number of topics including
characteristics of credit card holders in different cultures and
the impact of Quebec nationalism on advertising. However, the
dominant theme in his research is the documentation and
assessment of racial stereotypes in advertising. He has taken
great pains to draw attention to the demeaning aspects of these
portrayals and to question whether ads with stereotypical
imagery are effective. In the spirit of a liberal arts institution,
Robert has given many talks at the Humanities Lecture Series,
often exposing marketing sleights of hand to packed houses. He
has also been willing to share his cultural and marketing
knowledge with various organizations in the local Townships
With his global outlook grounded in his Scottish roots,
Robert never forgets that everyone in this world deserves equal
respect, summed up in the old Scottish phrase “We’re all Jock
Tamson’s bairns” (“His children”). We are pleased that Robert
will be remaining with his family in the area that is his second
home, and that with his ongoing research projects, he will be
visible around campus both in the library and locker room. We
wish him bonne chance and all the best in everything that he
Réjean Drolet, Professor, Williams School of
Business & Economics
Stuart McKelvie, Professor, Department of Psychology
An Invitation from Dr. Arthur Langford
Professor Emeritus of Biology
On Saturday, 4 October at 9 a.m., Arthur Langford will
lead an explanatory field trip to the Johnville Peat Bog and
Rest Park, formally dedicated on 20 June 2003 and now
managed as a sanctuary by the Johnville Woodland
Conservation Corporation Inc.
Even those who are physically frail can walk the less
than five minutes needed to reach, via a boardwalk, an
overlook of the lake/pond that was a centre of attraction for
those on the generations of field trips.
The trip is primarily for former students who knew the
bog years ago, but is open to all who have an interest in
seeing an example of this localized habitat in a micro climate
resembling those of the far north.
No special footwear is required. Paths to the boardwalks
are fine stones. The entrance to the bog is approximately
one kilometer north of the hamlet of Johnville. Meet at 9 a.m.
at the parking lot.
To Natalie and John ’99 a
son, Gabriel Aleksander on
22 March 2003 in Ottawa.
Gabriel Tkaczewski
Belair-Boyle: To
Lori ’95 and
Brendan a
Sarah, on 31
Devin and Mackenzie Boyle
2002. A sister
for Devin, 2.
Blouin-Gaumont: To
Caroline ’89 and Benoît a
son, Xavier, on 8 August
Devitt: To Tara and Martin ’91 a daughter,
Grace, on 9 June 2003. A sister for Graham
and granddaughter for Professor Don and
Nora Hilton and Diane Montgomery Devitt
Enright-Keenan: To Maria ’96 and Timothy
a son, Ryley, on 3 March 2003. A brother for
Devin and Brogan.
Kelly-Wright: To Heather
’95 and Doug a daughter,
Rachel Jane, on 20 October
2002 in Ottawa.
Rachel Wright
brother for Nicolas and Marcus.
Smith-Gilpin: To Jennifer ’95 and Rod a
daughter, Hannah Catherine, on 13 June
Watkins-Daigle: To
Meredith ’95 and
Christian’97 a son, Yanik, on
29 April 2003.
Liva: To Nancy and Joseph ’78 a daughter,
Zoe Leigh, in October 2002.
Pilipuk-Miglia: To Oxana
and Steve ’82 a son, Paul
Daniel, on 26 March 2003.
Xavier Gaumont
Capson-Karatzios: To
Wendy ’94 and Dino a
daughter, Zoe, on 29 August
James, Nicolas & Marcus Lukan
To Laura
’86 and
Mike a
on 25
2003. A
Yanik Daigle
Paul Miglia
Wright: To Stacey and Bill ’01 a son,
William Colby, on 26 June 2001 in
Lethbridge, Alberta. “We call him “B”.
Zoe Karatzios
Archambault-Tkaczewski: Natalie
and John ’99 on 5 October 2002 in
Notre Dame de l’Île Perrot, Quebec.
Natalie Archambault &
John Tkaczewski ’99
Bulloch-McEwen: Angie ’97 and Joel ’97 at Pineridge Ski Club in
Oro-Medonte, Ontario on 12 October 2002. They met on the BU Ski
Team and were appropriately married on the ski hill. Alumni in
attendance: Jeff Meldrum ’96, Anne Wellnhofer ’96, Euan Mars ’96,
Andrew Bowie ’97, Kerry Draper ’94, Tyler Sutherland ’98, Danielle
Menard-Jacob ’98, Rob Wormald ’96, Luke McLenahan ’96, Ian
McEwen ’92.
Clarke-Pickering: Leanne ’00 and Eric ’03 on 28 December 2002 in
Ottawa. Bishop’s alumni in attendance were: Scott Westlake ’00, Julio
Wedding of Leanne Clarke ’00 & Eric Pickering ’03
Perrotta ’00, Blake Petch, Ari Mawussi ’99, Andrew Carter ’01, Eric
Pickering ’03, Blair Varden ’99, Rob Smith ’99, Matt Barnes ’02,
Colin Smith ’01, Matt Irwin ’97, Sean Field ’00, Vinny Begin ’00, O.J.
Burnett ’01, Hugh Irwin ’99, Beth Dunn, Jodi Ouellette ’01, Michelle
Huneault ’00, Shannon McLeod, Lindsey Huff ’01, Andrea Wagner
’00, Leanne Clarke ’00, Grainne Masterson ’99, Cynthia Hitchcock
’01, Mel Lemay ’02, Catherine MacDonald ’99, Shen Higgs ’01, Julie
Rodrigue ’02, Courtnay Romkey ’01.
Marriages (cont’d)
Croteau-Bragg: Cathy ’94 and Christopher on 14 May 2003 near
Venice, Italy. Mother of the bride is Wilma Berwick ’93.
Scott-Orchieson: Charles ’94 and Laurie ’95 on 21 September 2002 at
the Al Azhar Center in Calgary.
Perreault-Garceau: Anne-Catherine
’95 and Patrick on 31 August 2002.
Catherine Mercier, Anne-Catherine Perreault ’95,
Anne Villeneuve ’95 & Rosalie, Anne’s daughter.
Wolfe-Jones: Kristina and Morgan ’99 on 28 June 2002 in Victoria.
Alumni attendees: Ken Gallinger ’99 (groom’s man), Lauren
Cruikshank ’99 (MC), Jeff Colpitts ’99, Alex McKelvie ’99 and Steve
Edelson ’99.
Wedding of Charles Orchieson ’94 and Laurie Scott ’95
(Alumni attending in no particular order): Don Simpson ’94, Paul Dunphy
’93, Mike Meurin ’94, Ryan King ’94, Amanda Fudakowski ’95, Joel
Kruzich ’94, Chris ’95 & Kyla Bowman ’94 Roy, Bill MacDonald ’73, Bill
MacDonald Jr. ’99, Laurie Hart ’59, Kerry Draper ’95, Raquel Matovich
’92, Jen Davies ’95, Cheryl Gomes ’95, Laura McLean ’94, Laura Pass
’95, Chad Schella ’94, Mike McCarthy ’94, Scott Williamson ’95, Buddy
Herold ’96, Dave Fisher 93, Andrew Chlebus, Scott Ride ’93
Zwierzchowska-Charette: Nadia ’97 and
Christian ’99 on 17 May 2003 in St.
Mark’s Chapel at Bishop’s. Alumni present:
Josh Blanchette ’99 and John Tkaczewski
Anderson-Vida: Lisa ’98 and Gabor. Wedding on 15 May 2004.
Gardner-Desautels: Blair and Jonathan ’99. Wedding on 28 August
2004 in Fairfield, CT.
Guthro-Colbert: Sheri and Jay ’94. Wedding in October 2004 in
Pictou, NS.
Leber-Bauer: Stacey ’97 and Brendan. Wedding on Maui, Hawaii on
16 August 2004.
Nadia Zwierzchowska &
Christian Charette ’99
Lewin-Blom-Kokiw: Erica and Jamie ’00.
MacInnis-McBride: Ashli and David ’93. Wedding in July 2004 in
Maynard-Zardo: Marie-Claude ’96 and Roger. Wedding on 20
September 2003 in Montreal.
Claude Bernier ’86 on 15 March 2003.
Esther Louise Farnsworth ’22 on 13 June
2003 in Richmond, Quebec at the age of 102.
Esther was the oldest living graduate of
Bishop’s University. She worked for close to
30 years as a teacher and principal.
Paul Gallagher ’57 on 27 March 2003.
Husband of Grace Beaton ’47. He was a
prominent Canadian educator whose books
called for reform in teaching at a time of
technological revolution. He began teaching
at Loyola High School, then joined St.
Joseph’s College where he taught teachers
how to teach. In 1961 he opened a branch
campus of St. Joseph’s College in Quebec. In
1964 he was appointed to the Superior
Council of Education to advise Quebec’s first
Ministry of Education. In 1967 he became
director-general of the Pointe Claire and
Beaconsfield Catholic School Commission.
He was the founding director of Dawson
College, Montreal’s first English-language
community college. He left Dawson in 1975
to head the Canada Studies Foundation in
Toronto and in 1976 became principal of
Capilano College in North Vancouver. In
1985 he was appointed president of
Vancouver Community College. He worked
as an educational consultant to the B.C.
government and for the past two years was a
Citizenship Court Judge. Concordia
University awarded him an honorary degree
in 1970 and he was inducted into the Order of
Canada in 1986. He received the Canadian
125th Anniversary Medal and the Queen’s
Golden Jubilee Medal.
Lloyd Gordon McClay ’40 on 10 February
2003 in Bobcaygeon, ON.
Elizabeth McCubbin on 25 April 2003 in
Peterborough. Wife of Wallace McCubbin,
Professor of Chemistry and Dean of Science
at Bishop’s from 1946-72. Mother of Alex
’66, Susan Guest ’64 and grandmother of
Tom Guest ’93 and Adam McCubbin ’99.
Lord William Graham Shaughnessy ’41 on
22 May 2003 in London, England. In 1938, at
age 16, he ascended to the title of Lord on the
death of his father. He was the only Canadian
to speak in the House of Lords during the
debate on the patriation of the constitution in
Deaths (cont’d)
1982, where he addressed the Lords in the
two official languages of Canada. He served
in the Canadian Army in Britain in World
War II. He fought in Europe after D-Day and
was mentioned in dispatches, a battlefield
honour. He was demobilized in 1946 with the
rank of Major. He received a Master’s degree
in journalism from Columbia University in
New York, returned to Montreal and in 1948
worked as bureau manager in Ottawa for the
UPI news service. He left journalism to work
as the executive assistant for Douglas Abbott,
Minister of Finance in the Louis St. Laurent
government. After politics, he returned to
Montreal and started his own small pulp and
paper business. In 1974 he moved to Calgary
where he became vice-president of Canada
Northwest Energy. In 1981 he moved to
London to help with European operations of
the company and there became involved in
the life of House of Lords. For the next 18
years he was a regular participant at
Westminster. He summered in St. Andrews,
N.B. and worked in the Canada-U.K.
Chamber of Commerce, the Last Post Fund
and the Commonwealth War Graves
Werner Staeheli ’86 on 19 May 2003. He
was an Advisor in Financial Securities and
Financial Planner in Sherbrooke.
Edith May Sullivan-Hannes ’83 on 14 May
2003 in Ottawa, surrounded by her family,
after a courageous battle with cancer.
Originally from Port Daniel, Quebec, Edith
attended Champlain and then Bishop’s, where
she was a founding member of the Munster
Bags. Edith studied sociology (and studied it
well) and, although her career carried her
from Office Financial Manager through to
Northeast Operations Manager with
American Management Systems, she
remained, at heart, a student of the human
condition. After graduation, Edith worked in
Ottawa until her marriage to Christian
Hannes. They moved to New York City
where they spent almost three years doing
everything that can be done in New York. She
leaves a legacy of selflessness, courage,
humour, spirit and grace. She will be sorely
missed by all who knew and loved her.
Anne Howard Lowndes ’84
Honorary Tributes
Julie Bradshaw ’80
Loney Brown ’79
Kenneth ’60 & Marjorie Innes ’60 Lee
Jeff Cannon ’89
Ian Cleghorn ’91 & Lynne Bridgman ’89
Virginia Cowan ’95
Wedding guests of Kerry Draper ’95 &
Tom Anderson
Chris Roy ’95 & Kyla Bowman ’94
Ogden ’35 DCL ’60 and Janet Glass
Tom ’69 & Linda Allen
Susanna Lee ’97
Martin & Elizabeth Lee
Stewart Graham ’00
Ian & Cheryl Graham
Doug Lloyd ’62
Stephen Lloyd ’89
Ernestine Roy Harrison ’41
Catherine Thompson ’41
Lloyd McClay ’40
Frances McClay
Kate Huntington ’94
Janet Beauchamp ’94
Tony Price ’50, DCL ’02
The Matthew Ralph Kane Foundation
If you wish to send a donation to Bishop’s University in memory or honour of a graduate, friend or relative, your gift will help
fund the Alumni/Alumnae Scholarships. Please send your gift to:
Pam McPhail, Director of Development, Alumni and Development Office, Bishop’s University, Lennoxville QC J1M 1Z7
e-mail: [email protected], tel: (819) 822-9660, fax: (819) 822-9653
(Please make cheques payable to the Bishop’s University Foundation.)
Through the Years
Outstanding Townshippers Awards
Three Bishop’s alumni received a 2003 Outstanding Townshippers’ Award
on 6 June 2003 from the Townshippers’ Association.
Curtis Lowry ’38 was named for his dedication to his community as a
general practitioner for over 50 years.
Royce Gale ’49 was honoured for his dedicated volunteer work on behalf
of the Townshippers’ and other local organizations in his community.
Marjorie Goodfellow ’59, DCL ’93 received the award for her hard work
on behalf of Townshippers’ Association, Centre hospitalier universitaire de
Sherbrooke and the English-speaking population of the Townships in
19 • Fall 2003 Bishop’s University News
Canon Gerald Moffatt celebrated 60 years
as a Priest in the Anglican Church on 4 May
2003 in Christ Church, Campbellford.
Curtis Lowry, in
recognition of his
significant contribution
to the community,
received from Chancellor
Alex Paterson ’52,
Through the Years
DCL ’74 a limited edition of Bishop’s
postage stamp celebrating the 150th
anniversary of the signing of the Royal
Charter. Dr. Lowry has practiced medicine in
Sawyerville QC since 1948 and continues to
do so.
Gerald Johnston, after 54 years in the
workplace, will finally retire from his
position in Maxxam Analytics Inc. In 1969,
Gerald formed the company, Lynn & Johnston
Laboratories Inc. in Montreal which, through
mergers and acquisitions, eventually became
part of Maxxam Analytics. Gerald served as
Maxxam’s Chairman of the Board from 19962001, and in semi-retirement he remained on
the Board until 2003. Maxxam is a major
Canadian full service laboratory with offices
and laboratories in Quebec, Ontario and
Alberta and joint venture interests in Mexico
and Slovakia.
Judith Wambera is a Writer
and Professor at Le Petit
Seminaire de Québec. Her
black comedy, Sisters, was in
the Ottawa Fringe Festival in
June. Its premise: What if two
sisters arrive at their father’s
funeral one hour early
([email protected]).
Alex Henderson has recently
taken an appointment to the
Grand Court of the Cayman
Islands on Grand Cayman.
Vacationing Bishop’s friends
can contact him at 345-2443839 for scuba diving or
general revelry
([email protected]).
Several Class of 1964 graduates and their spouses, some of
whom are also Bishop's graduates, have been getting
together each spring for the past several years at the
home of Peter and Sheila Lydiatt Talbot in Port Perry,
Ontario. The above photo was taken 16 May 2003.
Back: Cathy Jamieson Pawley ’64, Suzanne Bouchard
Andrews ’64, Bill Pawley ’66, Peter Talbot ’66, Claudia
Young Carver ’64, Sheila Lydiatt Talbot ’64, Ginny
Henderson Galway ’64.
Seated: Jeanne Frew Burnham ’64, Neil Carver ’66.
Jean Templeton Furcall is a homemaker
living in Ste-Martine, QC
([email protected]).
Ross Lemke has joined the
staff of Université de Montréal
football Carabins as
Quarterback Coach under
Offensive Coordinator Pat
Gregory ’93. Both hope “Bish” fans won’t
throw tomatoes at homecoming!
Peter Margo can be reached at
[email protected]
Richard Poaps can be reached at
[email protected]
Barbara George is Project Manager,
Cybercartography and the New Economy
Project with the Geomatics and Cartographic
Research Centre at Carleton University
([email protected]).
John Pratt recently resigned as a Clinician at
Upper Connecticut Valley Mental Health and
Development Services in Colebrook, NH. He
focussed on substance abuse problems and
wishes to return to work with First Nations
people in northern Quebec.
Michael Flavell and his law
firm, Flavell Kubrick LLP,
celebrated the tenth anniversary
of its founding in Ottawa in
February 2003. Flavell Kubrick
is an internationally renowned
law boutique specializing in international
trade and competition law. Michael and the
firm were accorded highest accolades by
LEXPERT, Canada’s leading authority on
Canadian lawyers and firms.
Mike Tinker accepted a two-year contract as
Executive Director of the McGill
International Executive Institute on 1 May
2003 ([email protected]).
Ross Howard, after 33+ years with Royal
Bank, retired with his wife, Elaine, to
Western Australia’s coast on the Indian
Andrew Foreman is Partner in the chartered
accountants firm, Raymond Chabot Grant
Thornton ([email protected]).
Bob Perkins completed his
20th year as a Chemistry
Professor at Kwantlen
University College and a 4-year
term as the Vice President of
the Kwantlen Faculty
Association. Kwantlen is the
largest university college in Canada with
25,000 students on four campuses south of
the Fraser River in Richmond, Surrey and
Langley. Bob was awarded a 2003 NISOD
(The National Institute for Staff and
Organization Development) Excellence
Award for outstanding contributions to
teaching and learning. NISOD is a 600member international consortium of
community colleges and universities. Bob
and his wife, Clarice, survived the weddings
of their 2 daughters (Jessica, 27 and Amanda,
25) last summer and that of their son
(Gregory, 23) this August.
Lynn Nash is Mayor, District of Campbell
River ([email protected]).
Rim Danaitis remarried Julija Adamonis in
1999 ([email protected]).
Henri Nadeau, after 11 years as an owner of
Subway Sandwiches and 10 years as
chairman of Advertising and Promotion, has
joined Boston Pizza Restaurants of Ottawa.
He is General Manager of Marketing and a
partner with the four Ottawa restaurants.
Stephen Trelford, Professor of
Communications at Seneca College of
Applied Arts and Technology, received an
Honourary Doctor of Literature degree from
Canada Christian College on 7 June 2003.
The honour came after years of writing for
radio, television and, most significantly, the
autobiography of an associate evangelist with
Billy Graham, Dr. John Wesley White. The
work, Valley of Decision, has been made into
Fall 2003 Bishop’s University News • 20
Through the Years
a 38-program talking book which he read on
CJYE, JOY radio 1250 a.m. from Oakville
([email protected]).
John Bertram is a full-time post-graduate
student at Université de Sherbrooke
([email protected]).
Joseph Liva is a Landscape Contractor for
Environmental Gardens, Inc. in
Tyngsborough, MA
([email protected]).
John Salvatore is President of Salvatore
Insurance Brokers Limited, specializing in
transportation accounts in Lower Sackville
NS ([email protected]).
David Douesnart is a Teacher for New
Carlisle High School in the Eastern Shores
School Board.([email protected]).
Loraine Dumas is Director, Marketing for
Bell Canada in Montreal
([email protected])
Mario Belanger is VP International Sales for
Paradyne in Markham.
Penny Richards Forrest is now living in
San Francisco where her 4th child, James,
was born on 3 October 2002
([email protected]).
Jonathan Morgan has been promoted to
Vice President of Brecon Foods, Inc.,
Canada’s leading frozen fruit and vegetable
trading company.
Louise Walters can be reached at
[email protected]
Sheri Jay is Investment Advisor Associate
for RBC Dominion Securities
([email protected]).
Leroy Blugh, a free-agent defensive lineman,
will return to the Toronto Argonauts this
season. The 14-year veteran played in 10
games with the Argos last season and
recorded 10 tackles and one quarterback sack
in 2002. He played 11 seasons with the
Edmonton Eskimos and has played in 3 Grey
Cup games, earning a championship ring in
1993 with Edmonton.
Duane Burke can be
reached at
[email protected]
Alex Coffin is Aquatics
Coordinator for CFB
Gagetown, back in the
Maritimes after 11 years
out west. “It’s nice to have
the kids close to the
grandparents but what’s up
with snow in April?”
([email protected])
Classes of ’92, ’93, ’94
Dont miss your
10th Reunion
Homecoming Weekend
3-5 October 2003
To register or for more information:
Angela Romanelli is
Principal Investigator for
Serono Reproductive
Biology Institute in
Rockland, MA
([email protected]
Timothy Daniels is Sales
Manager for Hospitality
Careers Online Inc.. He and his wife, Lorna,
moved to North Vancouver and love the
beautiful surroundings and fabulous friends
they’ve met but would love to hear from old
Bishop’s friends ([email protected]).
OR contact:
Matt McBrine ’96
[email protected]
(819) 822-9600 ext 2266
Dave McBride ’93
[email protected]
(416) 955-4895
Kathy (Dayholos) Richmond ’93
[email protected]
Terri Prest married 10 August 2002 on the
family farm just outside Stanstead, Quebec to
Stephen Barfoot of Auckland, New Zealand.
She lives in Auckland and works as an
emergency department physician at one of the
inner city hospitals. She is always happy to
hear from friends ([email protected]).
André Giroux has returned from a 5-year
stint in Europe and is looking for faculty
work. He is writing his Ph.D. thesis in
philosophy with the University of Nice
([email protected]).
Thane Holmes, since he graduated, “moved
to Ottawa, joined the government [he is Team
Leader, Data for Elections Canada], got dogs,
got married, moved to the country, and had a
kiddo. Baby number one (March 30, 2002)
will be followed by baby number 2 in
October 2003” ([email protected]).
Tom Hamilton started out at the Forzani
Group head office in Calgary, then got into
the oil patch and worked for the Alberta
Department of Energy, PanCanadian
petroleum (now EnCana), Westcoast Energy
(now Duke), QByte Services (a division of
Rugby Reunion
18-21 September 2003
Former members of the men’s and
women’s rugby teams are invited
to celebrate 20 years of rugby at
For information, please contact
Bill Robson at
(819) 822-9600, ext. 2622
[email protected]
IBM) and is now back at EnCana as a
Consultant. He received his CGA in 1997. He
volunteers as the Education Director for the
Canadian Association of Petroleum
Production Accounting
([email protected]).
Joanne Jacques is Director of Operations for
TechnoCentre éolien Gaspésie-Les Îles
([email protected]).
Lorraine Meilleur is enjoying a one-year
maternity leave following the birth of her
son, James Thomas Chartrand, in October
2002. She has been working at Merck Frosst
Canada Ltd. for over 2 years as an
instructional designer. Her husband, Pierre,
built their new home in St-Lazare, QC, which
Through the Years
they moved into in July.
Wendy Capson Karatzios is a Grade 2
Teacher at Island View School in Saint John.
Jay Colbert is Human Resources Supervisor
for PPG Canada Inc. ([email protected]).
Michael Forsythe recently completed his
Orthopedic Residency at Dalhousie and
passed his Fellowship of the Royal College of
Surgeons of Canada in Orthopedic Surgery
on 16 June 2003. He previously completed
his MD with Honours at Dalhousie in 1998.
He, Laura and Brock Owen (July 24/02) live
in Brisbane, Australia where he is doing a
year of fellowship in arthroplasty and
reconstructive surgery
([email protected]).
Anne-Catherine Perreault is an Accountant
at J-Louis Villeneuve in Cap-Madeleine.
Erika Webster Blunden moved with her
family from Whistler, BC to St-Sauveur-desMonts in Quebec. She is currently on
maternity leave ([email protected]).
Jennifer Davies Tidman, after hosting the
National Sheepdog Trial in 2000, had her first
daughter, Hope Elaine Llewellyn, in February
2001. Recently she and her husband added a
baby boy to the family, Connor Arthur
Llewellyn, in April 2003, making their total 3
dogs, 2 kids and a horse. “Although the
artwork is on hold, my photography skills
have come in handy capturing the kids
([email protected]).
Karen Osler is a Teacher in Toronto
([email protected]).
Jeannot Turcotte can be reached at
[email protected]
Julie Cannon is a Screenwriter for
RandomGirl Productions in Beverly Hills.
Tara Parry can be reached at
[email protected]
Sarah Ritchie can be reached at
[email protected]
Erin Baker is teaching second grade in
Raleigh, North Carolina. She and her
husband, Mickey Holt, recently bought their
first home ([email protected]).
Erik Fenkell is a Business Owner in Toronto.
Stacey Leber owns the Four Seasons
Montessori School in Cambridge, Ontario
([email protected]).
Lisa Anderson is Marketing and
Communications Specialist for Branham
Group Inc. in Ottawa.
Kristina Salwen can be reached at
[email protected]
Eva Assouline is Promotional Account
Executive for BBDO PentaMark
Worldwide/Canada ([email protected]
Denise Bernier is working on her Ph.D. in
Clinical Psychology at Dalhousie University.
For her thesis, she is using magnetic
resonance spectroscopy to assess the
neurochemistry of unipolar depression. In her
clinical training, her favourite therapeutic
approach is short-term dynamic
psychotherapy as taught by Dr. Danvaloo
([email protected]).
Jamie Kokiw can be reached
[email protected]
Rich Welner is Sales Manager for CIMCO
Refrigeration Division of Toromont Industries
Jonathan Desautels is
a Document Solutions
Executive for Xerox
Corporation in New
Morgan Jones is
Coordinator for the
Government of
Northwest Territories
in Yellowknife.
([email protected]).
Lesley Summers
lives in Mississauga
and works in
Michael Tymchuk is
Senior Buyer for
A few girls from the Classes of ’89-’95 met in Toronto this spring for a
Gaiter good time.
(l-r) Back: Sarah Craig ’93, Jacki Wardle ’93, Ann Gallery ’92, Tova
White ’92, Linton Carter ’89, Rosalie Ward ’95, Daphne Armstrong ’90.
Front: Beth Patterson ’92, Stephanie Lewis ’92, Holly Copestick ’92,
Lynne Bridgman ’89, Rita Benson ’89, Kim Ionson ’93, Renée Desrochers
Business professor Lissa McRae
and students Adam Baker and
Joyce Achampong spent a few
days in London as guests of
Katherine Makaroff ’02 and
Raina Deslisle ’02. Lissa, Adam
and Joyce were returning from
Rennes, France where they gave
a presentation at the Network of
International Business Schools
(NIBS) conference.
(l-r) Top: Adam Baker BBA '04;
Paul Duncan BBA Finance '01
(Thames Water Finance);
Katharine Makaroff BBA HR '02
(London Borough of Waltham Forest); Lissa McRae, Chair, Williams School of Business &
Economics; Joyce Achampong BBA International '03.
Sitting: Laurie Jamieson BED '02 (teaching in SW London); Chris Brown BA Politics '01
(General Motors); Emily Birrell BBA '01 (travelling); Sonya Fisher BA Politics '01; Raina
Delisle BBA '02 (St Bride Institute Foundation).
Through the Years
Limited in Kanata ([email protected]).
Jennifer Morin teaches part time at CEGEP
de la Gaspésie and des Îles, doing courses
such as “Individual and Society,” “Sociology
of Work,” “Sociology of the Family” and
“Social Change.” “It is a wonderful
experience being on the other side of the
classroom.” ([email protected]).
Evelyn Onuschuk is a Biotech Sales
Representative for GenSci OCF in Laval.
Mieka Tilley is spending 12 months teaching
English in Daegu, South Korea
([email protected]).
Serge Bourque is Therapist at the Shepody
Healing Center at the Dorchester Penitentiary
in Dorchester, New Brunswick. He is
working on his Master of Social Work
(MSW) at the University of Moncton
([email protected]).
Diana Garroway is working on her Master
of Computer Engineering degree at McGill.
“McGill could never live up to the BU
experience” ([email protected]).
Darren Hadlock can be reached at
[email protected]
Darcy Hill, after living in Dublin for two
years and completing a Master’s degree,
moved to Brighton, England and is a
Research Officer at the Institute for
Employment Studies. He’s still playing rugby
(all-Ireland Div.2 runners up!). “If you’re
near Brighton, feel free to drop in for a pint
or two.”
([email protected])
Stephen Martell is Corporate Account
Executive for Rogers AT&T in Halifax
([email protected]).
Aimée Phair can be reached at
[email protected]
Vincent Robitaille has been a Procurement
Officer for Public Works and Government
Services Canada in Hull since May 2002
([email protected]).
Jennefer Rousseau is a Teacher.
Adrian Seligman finished a six-month work
experience job in London, England as a
Junior Account Handler and Junior Creative.
Last winter he worked his second season in
Banff at a ski rental shop (Ultimate Ski and
Ride) and was a part-time ski instructor at
Sunshine Village Resort. After having knee
surgery in the summer, he hopes to travel in
Asia or South America, possibly doing
missionary work ([email protected]).
Business Cards
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Auberge Hatley
One of the most celebrated
restaurants in Quebec.
Recipient of the 5 DIAMOND AWARD from
CAA/AAA for our dining room.
325 Virgin Road
North Hatley QC
J0B 2C0
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