Genetic Evolution of Cancer Biomarker Discovery Cytometry and



Genetic Evolution of Cancer Biomarker Discovery Cytometry and
Genetic Evolution of Cancer Biomarker Discovery
Cytometry and Virtual Pathology Cancer Genomics
Identification of Molecular Predictive and Prognostic
Factors Genomics and Proteomics of Breast Cancer
Cancer Genomics Cancer Epigenetics and Tumor
Microenvironment Experimental Therapy and Clinical
Applications Telomeres and Chromosomal Instability
Growth and Transcription Factors, Tumor Suppressors
and Oncogenes Metastasis Formation Tumor Biology
and Response to Therapy Molecular, Cellular and
3-D-Imaging Individualized Medicine – Colorectal Cancer
Wednesday, March 17, 2010
08:30 AM
Welcome and Opening
Evelin Schröck, Dresden, GE
Welcome to the ISCO 2010 CONGRESS
Welcome to Dresden
Keynote Lecture, Lecture Hall
Chair: Evelin Schröck, Dresden, GE
Dear Colleagues and Friends:
From March 17 to 19, 2010, Dresden hosts the biannual ISCO Congress, an internati onal meeti ng providing a platf orm for presenti ng the latest fi ndings in Cellular Oncology. Linking modern pathology, geneti cs and oncology, the goal of our society is to further interdisciplinary collaborati ons as the key to overcome the burden of the sti ll disastrous disease: cancer. The genomic science has inspired and has brought signifi cant progress into all geneti c-linked disciplines. New diagnosti c tools and bett er therapies are being developed and fundamental discoveries shed more and more light onto pathomechanisms and functi onal pathways. ISCO 2010 brings together the leading scienti sts in the fi eld of Cellular Oncology. And this takes place just two hours south of Berlin, in one of the most astonishing citi es of the so-called old Europe with a great cultural and scienti fi c heritage: Dresden. So, please, att end the inspiring scienti fi c program, join us, present your research results, meet your colleagues and make new friends at the ISCO Congress in Dresden. We wish you a producti ve and enjoyabke ti me.
Evelin Schröck Walter Giaretti
Congress President President ISCO
PL01 From RNAi Screens to Molecular Functi on: Insights into the Cancer Cell, Stem Cell Interface through Systems Biology
Frank Buchholz, Dresden, GE
08:35 AM
Welcome Address
09:00 AM
Prof. Dr. Dr. Sabine Freifrau von Schorlemer Plenary session 1, Lecture Hall
Genetic Evolution of Cancer
Chairs: Daniel Pinkel, San Francisco, USA & Nick Gilbert, Edinburgh, UK
PL02 Invasive Growth: a geneti c program controlled by the MET oncogene
Paolo Comoglio, Torino, IT
09:10 AM
PL03 Lineage analysis of single cancer cells. Liran Slush, Haifa, IL
09:40 AM
PL04 Evoluti onary measures of heterogeneity as predictors in Barrett Esophagus. Lauren Merlo, Philadelphia, USA
10:10 AM
Coffee Break
10:40 AM
2 Parallel Sessions
Parallel Session 1, Conference 1
Biomarker Discovery
Chairs: Beatriz Carvalho, Amsterdam, NL
Kristian Unger, London, UK
Parallel Session 2, Conference 6
Cytometry and Virtual Pathology
Chair: Nitin Telang, Montvale, USA
PP01 MARK4: a tricky balance of L and S isoforms rules glial diff erenti ati on and glioma progression
Ivana Magnani, Milan, IT
PP07 Cytomic analysis of cancer stem cells in human melanoma cell lines
Sandra Pinto, Valencia, SP
PP02 Identi fi cati on of PTPRJ as a novel gene involved in colorectal cancer predispositi on
Ramprasath Venkatachalam, Nijmegen, NL
PP08 The proporti on of tumour cells is 11:15 AM
an independent predictor for survival in colorectal cancer pati ents
Nicholas P. West, Leeds, UK
11:00 AM
Wednesday, March 17, 2010
11:30 AM
PP03 Identi fi cati on of prion protein as a cell surface candidate biomarker for colorectal adenoma-to-carcinoma progression
Meike de Wit, Amsterdam, NL
PP09 Large-scale genomic instability in colon adenocarcinomas and correlati on with pati ent outcome
Maria Pretorius, Oslo, NO
PP04 Fast Auto-Quanti fi cati on of IHC Biomarkers (BAK and BAX) and Discovery of Novel Prognosti cally Signifi cant Tumour Subsets in NSCLC
Ching-Wei Wang, Belkfast, UK
PP10 DNA ploidy heterogeneity in endometrial carcinoma: comparison between curett age and hysterectomy specimens
Manohar Pradhan, Oslo, NO
12:00 PM
PP05 Metalloprotease ADAM10 Is Required for Notch1 Site 2 Cleavage
Geert van Tetering, Utrecht, NL
PP11 Automati c segmentati on of cell nuclei in histological secti ons
Birgitte Nielsen, Oslo, NO
12:15 PM
PP06 Prognosti c signifi cance of the hypoxia gene signature in strati fying neuroblastoma pati ents
Paolo Fardin, Genoa, IT
PP12 High Performance Computi ng for High Throughput Tissue Microarray Analysis
Yinhai Wang, Belfast, UK
11:45 AM
12:30 PM
Plenary Session 3, Lecture Hall
Identification of Molecular Predictive and Prognostic Factors
Chairs: Heike Grabsch, Leeds, UK & Luigi Varesio, Genoa, IT
PL9 Exploiti ng the genome and transcriptome for individualized cancer diagnosis and treatment strati fi cati on
Thomas Ried, Bethesda, USA
04:30 PM
PL10 Predicti ve molecular pathology
Gustavo Baretton, Dresden, GE
05:00 PM
PL11 Predicti ve cellular pathology of lung cancer
Iver Petersen, Jena, GE
05:30 PM
Honorary Lecture, Lecture Hall
Chair: Enrico Mihich, Boston, USA
PL12 Causes and consequences of microRNA dysregulati on in cancer
Carlo Croce, Columbus, OH, US
06:00 PM
Lunch, Poster Session (A), Coffee
Society Board Meeti ng, Seminar Room 4
Welcome Reception, Maritim Congress Center
Plenary Session 2, Lecture Hall
Thursday, March 18, 2010
Cancer Genomics
Chairs: Patrick Tan, Singapore, SG & Ad Geurts van Kessel, Nijmegen, NL
Plenary Session 4, Lecture Hall
06:30 PM
02:00 PM PL5 Genomics of oral cancer
Donna Albertson, San Francisco, USA
Genomics and Proteomics of Breast Cancer
Chairs: Rosella Silvestrini, Milan, IT & Gerrit Meijer, Amsterdam, NL
02:30 PM PL6 Uncovering molecular mechanisms in human brain tumors
Peter Lichter, Heidelberg, GE
PL13 Genomics of BRCA1/2-mutated breast cancers
Jos Jonkers, Amsterdam, NL
08:30 AM
03:00 PM PL7 Genomic approaches to dissecti ng gastric cancer heterogeneity
Patrick Tan, Singapore, SG
PL14 Global screening techniques in the classifi cati on of invasive breast cancer
Horst Bürger, Münster, GE
09:00 AM
03:30 PM PL8 Virtual Microscopy: a ti pping point in ti ssue biomarker research and diagnosti c pathology
Peter Hamilton, Belfast, UK
PL15 Molecular analysis of minimal residual cancer and systemic cancer progression
Miodrag Guzvic, Regensburg, GE
09:30 AM
Pathological Society Lecture, Lecture Hall
04:00 PM Coffee Break
PL16 Methylati on analysis of nipple fl uid for early detecti on and preventi on of breast cancer. Paul van Diest, Utrecht, NL
10:00 AM
Coffee Break
10:30 AM
Thursday, March 18, 2010
2 Parallel Sessions
Plenary Session 5, Lecture Hall
Parallel session 3, Conference 1
Cancer Genomics
Chair: Willem Corver, Leiden, NL
Parallel session 4, Conference 6
Cancer Epigenetics and Tumor
Chairs: xxx
11:00 AM
PP13 Massive genomic copy number mining in cancer – oncogenomics meets systems biology
Michael Baudis, Zurich, CH
11:15 AM
PP14 High Resoluti on Array Comparati ve Genomic Hybridizati on in Sporadic and Celiac Disease-Related Small Bowel Adenocarcinomas Beatriz Carvalho, Amsterdam, NL
11:30 AM
11:45 AM
12:00 PM
12:15 PM
12:30 PM
Experimental Therapy and Clinical Applications
Chairs: Horst Bürger, Münster, GE & Havard Danielsen, Oslo, NO
PL17 Att acking tumor radioresistance in 3D
Nils Cordes, Dresden, GE
02:00 PM
PP19 Methylati on profi les in endometrial cancer of diff erent histological subtypes
Laura Seeber, Utrecht, NL
PL34 Biology and clinic of colorectal cancer Gerrit Meijer, Amsterdam, NL
02:30 PM
PL19 Eff ect of Coagulati on and Infl ammatory Processes on Metastasis: Possibiliti es for Detecti on
Ruth Muschel, Oxford, UK
03:00 PM
PP20 Methylati on tolerance due to O6-methylguanine DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) fi eld defect in the colonic mucosa: An initi ati ng step in the development of mismatch repair defi cient colorectal cancers
Magali Svrcek, Paris, FR
PL20 Oncolyti c viruses in treatment of cancer pati ents
Akseli Hemminki, Helsinki, FI
03:30 PM
Coffee Break
04:00 PM
PP15 No evidence for clonal outgrowth of stromal cells carrying somati c geneti c alterati ons in cervical carcinoma
Willem Corver, Leiden, NL
PP21 RASSF1A methylati on enhances K-RAS mutati ons in blocking EGFR pathway
Rosamaria Pinto, Bari, IT
PP16 Geneti c profi le of adenoid cysti c carcinoma with transformati on to adenocarcinoma and undiff erenti ated carcinoma
Mario Hermsen, Oviedo, SP
PP22 Comparison of diff erent promoter methylati on assays in breast cancer Karijn Suijkerbuijk, Utrecht, NL
PP17 Genomic imbalances in type I endometrial carcinomas – comparison of DNA ploidy, karyotyping and comparati ve genomic hybridizati on Wanja Kildal, Oslo, NO
PP23 Cellular and molecular mechanisms of the vascular disrupti ng eff ect of the anti -cancer drug 5,6-dimethylxanthenone-4-aceti c acid (DMXAA) Xiaobin Zhan, Auckland, NZ
PP18 LKB1 promoter amplifi cati on in sporadic Peutz-Jeghers Polyps
Wendy de Leng, Utrecht, NL
PP24 Tumor cells modulate phenotype and functi on of human bone marrowderived mesenchymal stromal cells in a non-contact dependent manner
Manja Wobus, Dresden, GE
Lunch, Poster Session (B), Coffee
Editorial Board Meeti ng (by invitati on only), Seminar Room 4
Plenary Session 6, Lecture Hall
Telomeres and Chromosomal Instability
Chairs: Calum MacAulay, Vancouver, CA & Walter Giaretti, Genoa, IT
PL21 MDS and AML: How to defi ne complexity
Brigitte Schlegelberger, Hannover, GE
04:30 PM
PL22 Guarding genome stability: Mitoti c kinase functi ons and lessons from an inherited aneuploidy and cancer predispositi on syndrome
Geert Kops, Utrecht, NL
05:00 PM
PL23 Common Fragile Sites
Andreas Rump, Dresden, GE
05:30 PM
PL24 Role of telomeres in cancer
Peter Lansdorp, Vancouver, CA
06:00 PM
Speaker`s Dinner (by invitation only)
07:00 PM
Friday, March 19, 2010
Plenary Session 7, Lecture Hall
Growth and Transcription Factors, Tumor Suppressors and Oncogenes
Chairs: Iver Petersen, Jena, GE & Karoly Szuhai, Leiden, NL
08:30 AM
PL25 TMPRSS2:ERG gene fusions in prostate cancer Scott Tomlins, Ann Arbor, USA
09:00 AM
PP29 Identi fi cati on of genomic alterati ons associated with metastasis and poor prognosis in clear cell renal cell carcinoma Jimsgene Sanjmyatav, Jena, GE
PP35 Msh2 status mediates azathioprine-induced carcinogenesis in mice
Alexandra Chalastanis, Paris, FR
12:00 PM
12:15 PM
PL 26 MYB gene fusions in carcinomas of the breast and head and neck
Göran Stenman, Gothenburg, SE
PP30 Identi fi cati on of a microRNA signature associated with metastasis in clear cell renal cell carcinoma
Joana Heinzelmann, Jena, GE
09:30 AM
PL27 Role of cytokines in lymphoid neoplasia cell survival
Silvano Ferrini, Genoa, IT
Lunch, Poster Session (C), Coffee
12:30 PM
10:00 AM
PL28 a variant Ewing sarcoma: novel translocati on involving the NFATC2 gene in multi ple cases
Karoly Szuhai, Leiden, NL
Society Meeti ng (open for all att endants), Conference 6
Plenary session 8, Lecture Hall
10:30 AM
Coffee Break
Molecular, Cellular and 3-D-Imaging
Chairs: Gunter Haroske, Dresden, GE & George Delides, Heraklion, EL
2 Parallel Sessions
Parallel Session 5, Conference 1
Metastasis Formation
Chairs: Mario Hermsen, Oviedo, SP
Andreas Rump, Dresden, GE
Parallel Session 6, Conference 6
Tumor Biology and Response to Therapy
Chairs: Patrizio Castagnola, Genoa, IT
Marian Grade, Göttingen, GE
11:00 AM
PP25 Computer Simulati on of the Metastati c Cascade
Gero Wedemann, Stralsund, GE
PP31 Reducing carcinogenic risk in a cell culture model for chemo-endocrine resistant breast comedo ductal carcinom in situ
Nitin Telang, Montvale, USA
11:15 AM
PP26 Cytomic analysis of chemokine receptors and their ligands in human melanoma cell lines Sandra Pinto, Valencia, SP
PP32 The mechanism of acti on of zoledronic acid in breast cancer
Nicola Normanno, Naples, IT
PP27 E2F1 Determines Melanoma Progression and Metastasis via EGF Receptor Signaling Vijay Alla, Rostock, GE
PP33 Reversible polyploidy of tumour cells as a survival response to genotoxic treatments
Jekaterina Erenpreisa, Riga, LV
PP28 Molecular characterizati on of the tumor suppressor acti vity of plakoglobin (g-catenin) and its role in regulati on of growth control and metastati c pathways Manijeh Pasdar, Edmonton, CA
PP34 The impact of chromati n density on radioresistance of human tumor cells
Katja Storch, Dresden, GE
11:30 AM
11:45 AM
PL29 Fluorescence Correlati on Spectroscopy: New perspecti ves for in situ biochemistry
Petra Schwille, Dresden, GE
02:00 PM
PL30 Selecti ve Excitati on Light Fluorescence (SELF)Imaging in Microscopy Calum MacAulay, Vancouver, CA
02:30 PM
PL31 Identi fi cati on of potenti al amplifi cati on targets in squamous cell carcinoma of 03:00 PM
head and neck
Outi Monni, Helsinki, FI
Ploem Lecture, Lecture Hall
Chair: Walter Giaretti, Genoa, IT
PL32 Nuclear architecture and the topography of nuclear functi ons
Thomas Cremer, München, GE
03:30 PM
Coffee Break
04:00 PM
Friday, March 19, 2010
Plenary session 9, Lecture Hall
Poster session 1
Individualized Medicine – Colorectal Cancer
Chairs: Bauke Ylstra, Amsterdam, NL & Alex Duval, Paris, FR
Cancer Predisposition
04:30 PM
PL33 New paradigms in colorectal cancer predispositi on Ad Geurts van Kessel, Nijmegen, NL
P01 Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma in a pati ent with Noonan syndrome and a SOS1 germline mutati on M. Jongmans, Nijmegen, Netherlands 05:00 PM
PL18 A combined functi onal and systems biology approach identi fi es colorectal cancer genes as novel potenti al therapeuti c targets
Marian Grade, Göttingen, GE
Poster session 2
05:30 PM
PL35 High-Throughput Screens for Individualized Treatment of Rectal Cancer
Michael Ghadimi, Göttingen, GE
06:00 PM
PL36 Predicti on in colorectal cancer using proteomics
Gert Auer, Stockholm, SE
07:00 PM
Society Dinner
Bus transfer, Meeti ng outside of the Conference Center
Biomarker Discovery
P03 Automated Sputum Cytometry for Early Detecti on of Intraepithelial Neoplasias in the Lung G. Li, Vancouver, BC, Canada
P04 Acti vated Leukocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule soluble form (sALCAM): a potenti al biomarker in epithelial ovarian cancer
M. Fabbi , Genova, Italy
P05 TKI therapy related proteomic patt erns in serum from pati ents with metastati c renal cell carcinoma
M. Walter, Jena, Germany
P06 Combinati on of Imaging Mass Spectrometry Analysis (MALDI-IMS) and Array Comparati ve Genomic Hybridizati on (aCGH) on Papillary Thyroid Cancer Tissues
M. Nipp, München, GE
Poster session 3
Identification of Molecular Predictive and Prognostic Factors
P08 DNA content fl ow cytometry, tobacco and anatomical subsite in oral precancer and cancer. M. Pentenero, Orbassano (TO), Italy
P09 Protein profi ling of metastati c and non-metastati c renal cell carcinomas C. Heinze, Jena, Germany
P10 Radioresistance is associated with ALDH-1 acti vity in Ewing´s sarcoma in vitro
B. Greve , Münster, Germany
P11 Reti noic acid signaling acti vates diff erent targets in the tumors of long-term compared to short-term survivors of glioblastoma
S. Barbus, Heidelberg, Germany
P12 Integrati ve omics based molecular insights, markers, and drug targets in lung cancer
D. Barh, Nonakuri, Purba Medinipur, IN
Poster session 4
Poster session 6
Telomere Biology
Genomics and Proteomics of Colorectal Cancer
P14 Telomere shortening and chromosomal instability in myelodysplastic
K. Lange, Hannover, Germany
P31 DNA Copy Number Alterations in Flat Colorectal Adenomas
Q. Voorham, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Poster session 5
Cancer Genomics
P16 Combination of two non invasive urine tests (trap an fish) greatly increases
accuracy in diagnosing bladder cancer in symptomatic patients
S. Bravaccini , Meldola, Forli, Italy
P17 Whole genome gene expression analysis of cancer cells growing in
conventional 2-dimensional versus 3-dimensional cell culture
O. Zschenker , Hamburg, Germany
P18 Characterization of the genetic changes in the different histological
components of glioblastomas with oligodendroglial features (GBMO)
B. Klink, Dresden, Germany
P19 Copy number aberrations in papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) detected by
J. Hess , Neuherberg, Germany
P20 Establishment and genetic characterization of two cell lines derived from
sinonasal squamous cell carcinomas
C. García-Inclán, Oviedo, Spain
P21 Establishment and genetic characterization of an immortal cell line derived
from an intestinal-type sinonasal adenocarcinoma
J. García Martínez, J Oviedo, Spain
P22 A role for chronic inflammation in intestinal-type sinonasal adenocarcinoma
J. Pérez-Escuredo, Oviedo, Spain
P23 DNA near-diploid aneuploidization and endoreduplication by high resolution
DNA content flow cytometry separate progression steps in oral precancer and cancer
A. Donadini , Genoa, Italy
P24 Chromosomal changes characterise head and neck cancer with poor prognosis
V. Bauer, Neuherberg, Germany
P25 Expression profile of MMR genes in Carcinoma Prostate in Indian subcontinent
A. Soni, New Delhi, India
P32 DNA integrity analysis for colorectal cancer early diagnosis D. Calistri, Forlì, Italy
P33 Gain of chromosome 13 is a cause of CDK8 overexpression associated with
colorectal adenoma to carcinoma progression
B. Carvalho, Amsterdam, Netherlands
P34 Identification of 8Q and 20 Q Gains in the DNA dipliod components of oral
potentioally malignant lesions M. Maffei, Genova, Italy
P35 Chromosomal copy number aberrations involved in the diploid to aneuploid
transition in colorectal cancer
M. Maffei, Genova, Italy
P36 Genome wide DNA alterations of stage II colon cancer in patients with and
without relapse assessed by array CGH O. Krijgsman, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Poster session 7
Genomics and Proteomics of Breast Cancer
P41 Centrosome morphology and tumor progression in breast cancer K. Friedrich, Dresden, Germany
P42 Molecular heterogeneity in G3 N0 breast cancer - better treatment tailoring
for patients of different ages?
K. Unger, Swansea, United Kingdom
P43 TWIST1 oncogene: comparative studies, sequence variations and mRNA
expression in cat mammary gland carcinomas.
C. Baptista, Porto, Portugal
P44 Hypoxia induces downregulated expression of serine/threonine Kinase-15
(STK15) in breast cancer cell lines
L.R. Corsini, Palermo, Italy
P45 Hypoxia and human genome stability: downregulation fo BRCA2 in breast
cancer cell lines D. Fanale, Palermo, Italy
P46 Quantitative Real-Time PCR of Basal Marker Expression in Formalin-Fixed Paraffin
Embedded Breast Cancer Sections
Poster session 10
D. Haag, Heidelberg, Germany
Cell Cycle Kinases in Cancer
P47 ATM germline mutations in women with familial breast cancerand a relative with
haematological malignancy
P65 The Aurora-A/TPX2 complex: regulation and roles in tumorigenesis
I.A. Asteriti, Rome, Italy
Poster session 8
P66 Potential mechanisms of cell cycle modulation by the IGF-1R inhibitor cycloginan PPP in
liver cancer cells
E. Aleem, Alexandria, Egypt
L. La Paglia, Palermo, Italy
Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer
P51 Similar frequencies of ALDH1 positive cells in the morphologically normal breast tissue of
BRCA1 mutation carriers and non-carriers
M. Heerma van Voss, Utrecht, Netherlands
P52 Fibrotic focus: A hallmark of BRCA1 related breast cancer?
M. Heerma van Voss, Utrecht, Netherlands
Poster session 11
Translational Cancer Research
P71 Targeted delivery of TRAIL to the carcinoma marker EpCAM blocks EpCAM
pro-oncogenic signalling and simultaneously activates apoptosis
E. Bremer, Groningen, Netherlands
P53 Lympho-Vascular Invasion in BRCA related Breast Cancer compared to Sporadic Controls
M. Heerma van Voss, Utrecht, Netherlands
P72 Progression risk of columnar cell lesions of the breast diagnosed in core needle biopsies
A. Maes, Utrecht, Netherlands
P54 HIF-1alpha overexpression in ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast in hereditary
predisposed women
P. van der Groep, Utrecht, Netherlands
P73 Deciphering the role of Notch signalling in normal breast and breast cancer development
C. Ercan, Utrecht, Pathology
Poster session 9
P74 Antitumor and antiangiogenic activity of Docetaxel and Sorafenib combination in human
pancreatic cancer models
P. Ulivi, Meldola, Italy
Transcription Factors, Tumor Suppressors and Oncogenes
P58 Functional study of SMAP1: a new gene between vesicular traffic and oncogenesis
F. Sanger, PARIS, France
P59 PDGF-B addiction in a murine model of oligodendroglioma
I. Appolloni, Genova, Italy
P60 Sp100 expression in human cancer cell lines
W. Li, Shenyang, China
P61 Targeting transcription factors DNA binding properties using phenyl-furan-benzimidazole
DNA ligands
P. Peixoto, Lille, France
P62 Aromatase and Estrogen Activity in Carcinogenesis and Progression of Human
Hepatocellular Carcinoma
G. Carruba, Palermo, Italy
P63 Identification and promoter analysis of MTLC as a candidate tumor suppressor
gene in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma
Wei Li, Shenyang, China
P75 Decreased expression of Sp100 is associated with malignant transformation and HPVinfection of sinonasal inverted papilloma
W. Li, Shenyang, China
Poster session 12
Tumor Tissue Banking
P81 The tissue microarray data exchange specification: a database framework for virtual
slides management
Y. Wang, Belfast, United Kingdom
P82 The Wales Cancer Bank: Tissue Banking on a National Scale
G. Thomas, Cardiff, United Kingdom
Poster session 13
Poster session 15
Cancer Epigenetics
Metastasis Formation
P85 Human crypt stem cell dynamics in Familial Adenomatous Polyposis
D. Langeveld, Utrecht, Netherlands
P101 The dynamics of the formation of extranodal leukemia metastasis in the liver leading to
acute liver failure in mice
A. Bigildeev, Moscow, Russian Federation
P86 Methylation-specific multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MS-MLPA) in
columnar cell lesions of the breast
A. Maes, Utrecht, Netherlands
P102 Receptor conversion in distant breast cancer metastases
L. Hoefnagel, Utrecht, Netherlands
P87 Identification of prognostic molecular biomarkers in early-stage breast cancer
S. Jarmalaite, Vilnius, Lithuania
P103 Analysis of Single Circulating Tumour Cells isolated from Gastro-Intestinal Cancer
K. Goerner, Munich, Germany
P88 IGFBP7 is a p53 target gene inactivated in human lung cancer by DNA hypermethylation
Y. Chen, Jena, Germany
Poster session 16
Poster session 14
MicroRNA in Cancer
Tumor Microenvironment
P106 Differentially expressed microRNAs located on 20q involved in colorectal adenoma to
carcinoma progression
L. Timmer, Amsterdam, Netherlands
P91 Differential vascular expression of oncofetal fibronectin and tenascin-C in renal cell
carcinoma (RCC) – implications for antibody based targeted pharmacodelivery A. Berndt, Jena, Germany
P92 Relationship between NHERF1 expression and progression markers in familial breast
A. Malfettone, Bari, Italy
P93 Tumor-derived cancer stem cells therapy: niche modulation versus manipulation of
cancer stem cells themselves
H.R. Mirzaei, Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran
P94 Quantitative imaging of the vascularization of a human tumor xenograft model, which is
modified by co-transplantation of endothelial cells
M. Mirus, Dresden, Germany
P95 Involvement of endothelial cells in the tumor bed effect
C. Glauert, Dresden, Germany
P107 Let-7 downregulates Aurora-B and affects G2/M transition
A. Belur Nagaraj, Dresden, Germany
Poster session 17
Molecular Mechanisms of Resistance to Therapy
P111 RNAi-mediated silencing of TCF7L2 sensitizes colorectal cancer cells to radiation
E. Kendziorra, Göttingen, Germany
P112 HeLa cell lines microcell visualization using pGFP2-N3 plasmid transfection
T. Freivalds, Riga, Latvia
P113 Head neck squamous cell carcinoma expresses heme oxygenase-1: possible marker of
sensitivity to radiotherapy
L. Shi, Shenyang, China
Poster session 18
Poster session 20
Tumor Biology and Response to Therapy
Molecular, Cellular and 3-D Imaging
P116 Specific microcell developing mechanism in HeLa cancer cell line D. Bema, Riga, Latvia
P131 New Computer Vision Approach in the Classification of Adenocarcinoma and Squamous
NSCLC using H&E Tissue Images
C.-W. Wang, Belfast, United Kingdom
P117 Ciglitazone modulates leptin expression in breast cancer cells
M. Terrasi, Palermo, Italy
P118 Quantitative Analysis of Early Effects of Radiotherapy in a Human Tumour Xenograft
J. Heinold, Dresden, Germany
Poster session 19
P132 Stretching chromatine fibers to augment FISH signals resolution; application in
haematological malignancies
M. Elkhoury, Paris, France
P133 Quantitative immunohistochemistry through hyperspectral imaging
M. Khojasteh, Vancouver, Canada
Experimental Therapy
P134 Evaluation of cellular metabolism in small animals by positron emission tomography
using clinical scanner
S. Tokalov, Dresden, Germany
P121 Cancer stem cells plasticity: a two edged sword
H.R. Mirzaei, Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran
P135 Mesenchymal progenitor cells visualized in a clinical 1.5 Tesla MRI
S. Schindler, Dresden, Germany
P122 Immunotherapy as a most wise therapeutic approach in tumour-derived cancer stem
cell therapy
H.R. Mirzaei, Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran
P123 Initiating administration of cytostatic compounds improves radiation sensitization of
p53-deficient lung cancer cellsS.
S. Tokalov, Dresden, Germany
P124 Demethyl fructiculin A (SCO-1) induces apoptosis in human cancer cells by inducing
reactive oxygen species in mitochondria
M. Monticone, Genova, Italy
P125 z-Leucinyl-Leucinyl-Norleucinal Induces Apoptosis of Human Glioblastoma TumorInitiating Cells by Proteasome Inhibition and Mitotic Arrest Response
M. Monticone, Genova, Italy
Poster session 21
Image Cytometry
P141 Pathtool - A system for automatic Gleason grading
T.S. Hveem, Oslo, Norway
Guided walk on demand, please register
(German, English, Spanish, French)
Saturday, 20.03.2010
Open: 10:00 – 3:30 p.m., English guided tour only at 3.00 p.m.
In an extended city tour (2 hours walking) you will visit the world-famous historical part of „Elbfl orenz“. A professional guide will show you the Royal Palace, the famous baroque Dresdner Zwinger, the theatre place with the impressive Semper Opera House, the catholic cathedral – a strange feature in a protestant country -, the procession of princes, the stone dome of the Church of our Lady, the Royal Mews, and the Bruehl Terrace...
Start: Entrance of the Semper Opera House.
Wednesday, 17.03.2010
11:00 a.m.
03:00 p.m.
Thursday, 18.03.2010
11:00 a.m.
03:00 p.m.
Friday, 19.03.2010
11:00 a.m.
03:00 p.m.
Start: Foyer Congress Center
Fee: 100€ for 2 hours (price to be divided among participants)
Please register one day in advance at the registration desk.
Cancellation fee is 25€
Semper Opera House
It is one of the most beauti ful opera houses of the world. In additi on to a noble exterior, the interior equipment is of impressing beauty and elegant splendour. Rebuilt aft er the 2nd world war the opera house is celebrati ng its 25th birthday this year.
Tuesday, 16.03.2010
Open 1:30 – 3:30 p.m., English guided tour only at 3.00 p.m.
Wednesday, 17.03.2010, only in German
Open 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Open 1:00 – 1:30 p.m. Thursday, 18.03.2010
Open 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Open 1:30 – 3:30 p.m., English guided tour only at 3.00 p.m.
Friday, 19.03.2010, only in German
Open: 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Open: 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.
Guided tour every 30 minutes.
Entrance fee: 8€ per Person. No registrati on necessary.
of Our Lady (Frauenkirche)
Discover the stone bell of Dresden, which dates back to the middle of the 18th century. Collapsed due to fi re aft er the bombing of Dresden in the 2nd world war, the mountain of rubble remained as a memorial of the war during socialism. The reconstructi on began with the German reunifi cati on (1990) and was supported by donati ons from all over the world. The benedicti on took place in October 2005. Nowadays it is renowned world-wide and att racts more than 4,000 visitors a day.
Tuesday, 16.03.2010
Open 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
12:00 p.m. – 01:00 p.m. devoti on and explanati on (German)
Open 01:00 p.m. – 06:00 p.m.
06:00 p.m. – 07:00 p.m. devoti on and explanati on (German)
Wednesday, 17.03.2010
Open 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
12:00 p.m. – 01:00 p.m. devoti on and explanati on (German)
Open 01:00 p.m. – 06:00 p.m.
06:00 p.m. – 07:00 p.m. devoti on and explanati on (German)
Thursday, 18.03.2010
Open 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. devoti on and explanati on (German)
Open 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. ecumenical evening prayer, lower church (German)
Friday, 19.03.2010
Open 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. devoti on and explanati on (German)
Open 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. devoti on and explanati on (German)
Saturday, 20.03.2010
Open 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. devoti on and explanati on (German)
Open 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
The devoti ons at 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. are accompanied by organ music (30 min) and followed by a german explanati on of the church from the pulpit (30 min). Audio Guides for individual sightseeing are available. Entrance is free.
New Green Vault (Castle)
Reopened in 2004 in the Royal Palace, the Green Vault off ers a magnifi cent collecti on in ten showrooms. About 1,080 exhibits made of gold, silver, jewels, enamel, ivory and many other valuable materials are sure to fascinate every visitor. Masterpieces include the golden coff ee service, the “state of Delhi at the birthday of Aureng Zeb“ by Johann Melchior Dinglinger and the cherry stone with more than 100 faces.
Friday, March 19th, 2010 – Congress Dinner
(open for all participants and guests)
07:00 p.m. Meeti ng outside of the Mariti m Congress Hotel with an English speaking guide and start of a sight-seeing-tour by bus
07:30 p.m. Visit of the giant 360° panorama of the baroque Dresden in 1756
From the viewing platf orm, twelve metres above ground, you seem to be standing on the tower of the Catholic Court Church in 1756, with a magnifi cent view over the rooft ops and squares of the royal seat. Look over the magnifi cent palaces and churches, the Zwinger, the vast gardens and imposing town houses.
Guided tour and recepti on
08:30 p.m. Transfer to the dinner locati on
In this world-famous museum you will fi nd more than 700 painti ngs from European painters of the 14th to the 18th century. Impressive masterpieces include Raphael’s famous ‘Sisti ne Madonna’ and other painti ngs from Tizian, Correggio, Rembrandt, and Van Dyck displayed in a spacious and fascinati ng setti
08:45 p.m. Dinner at the “Festungsmauern am Brühlschen Garten” in an exclusive cellar-vault in the historical city centre.
Individual walk of 5-15 minutes to the hotels.
Wednesday – Monday (Tuesday closed)
Open 10:00 a.m – 06:00 p.m.
Start: Residenzschloss Dresden (Royal Palace) via Sophienstraße / Taschenberg or Schlossstraße Entrance fee: 10€, Audio-Guide in different languages: 3€
No registrati on necessary
Old Masters Picture Gallery (Zwinger)
Fee: 40.00 Euro. Please, register and pay at the registration desk.
Tuesday – Sunday (Monday closed)
Open 10:00 a.m – 06:00 p.m.
Start: Zwinger, Semperbau (Semper Building)
Entrance fee: 10€, Audio-Guide in different languages 3€
No registrati on necessary.
Thursday, March 18th, 2010 – Speaker´s Dinner (by invitation only)
07:00 p.m. 07:45 p.m. Meeti ng with an English speaking guide at the foyer of the Mariti m Congress Hotel and bus transfer to Meissen
Meissen – poeti cally this town is called the „cradle of Saxonia“, which goes back to the foundati on and its old history of more than a thousand years. This small town is a place with about 1,450 single monuments and a market place completely preserved with renaissance houses. Visit of the porcelain factory of Meissen in the year of its tercentenary celebrati ons.
Aft er its inventi on in 1709 the fi rst European porcelain was manufactured in Meissen in 1710. For 300 years it is a synonym for creati ve, high-quality and successful porcelain.
Recepti on. Guided tour through the factory.
08:30 p.m. Dinner at the restaurant of the factory served on Meissen porcelain.
10:30 p.m. Bus transfer back to Dresden
11:15 p.m. Arrival at the hotel
Saturday, March 20th, 2010
09:00 a.m. Meeti ng with an English speaking guide at the Mariti m Congress Hotel foyer and transfer to Swiss Saxony Only 30-45 min minutes from the city centre of Dresden you will fi nd a true nature paradise – named “Swiss Saxony”. Rugged sandstone formati ons, fascinati ng table mountains, the largest forti fi cati on of Europe, the serpenti nes of the river Elbe and the small villages off er a fascinati ng panorama.
You have the choice • of a comfortable program with a sight-seeing tour on top of the Koenigstein fortress • a more sporty program with hiking (durati on: 2,5-3 hours) on table mountains and through beauti ful landscape.
If you plan to go hiking good physical conditions and robust shoes are necessary!
Koenigstein fortress arises majesti cally out of the Elbe sandstone massif. Due to over 750 years of fortress history, you will fi nd an ensemble of buildings of diff erent epochs. During the visit you will discover the history of this fortress and enjoy the fabulous view on the Elbe River and Sandstone massif. 01:00 p.m. Lunch (on your own)
03:00 p.m. Bus transfer back to Dresden
04:00 p.m. Arrival at the Mariti m Congress Hotel.
No fee for the tour. Pay for your own lunch. Entrance fee for Koenigstein fortress: 6€. Please,
ZINSSER ANALYTIC GmbH – Robotics and Imaging
Kreatech Diagnostics
ZINSSER ANALYTIC has a unique line of products for the biochemical, pharmaceutical
and diagnostic research market.
Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Kreatech is a molecular diagnostics company
focused on the development and commercialization of DNA probes and nucleic acid
labeling technologies that are utilized for diagnostics and research applications in the
life sciences and healthcare industry, specifically Cytogenetics, molecular pathology,
and microarrays. Kreatech is positioned as the partner of choice for the world’s leading
drug discovery, pharmaceutical, diagnostics and life sciences companies.
Backed by 35 years of accumulated know-how in automation and liquid and powder
handling Zinsser Analytic supply customers with reliable hardware and individual solutions. With our well-trained staff we guarantee professional support.For the biomedical research we offer a line of CT systems with refined parameters, which can provide
in depth information on the analysed subject composition. The greatest advantage
is the ability to screen subjects in vivo due to the high scan speed and low radiation
dose.This allows the basis for long-term studies, which reduces the quantity of tested
animals necessary in studies today.
LaTheta™ Micro CT-line is designed to fit within the confines of small laboratories
without the need of control rooms. Having tomography equipment within easy reach
eliminates the need to transport animals and allows easy CT scanning to observe target tissues at the researcher‘s convenience.
D-60489 Frankfurt · Eschborner Landstraße 135
Telefon: +49 (0)69 789 106-0 Fax:
+49 (0)69 789 106 80 Email:
[email protected]
GB-Maidenhead, Berks. SL6 1AP · Howarth Road
Telephone: +44 (0)1628 773202 Fax:
+44 (0)1628 672199 Email:
[email protected]
USA-Northridge, CA 91324 · 19145 Parthenia Street, Suite C
Telephone:+1 818 341-2906 Fax:
+1 818 341-2927 Email:
[email protected]
Kreatech Diagnostics
Vlierweg 20 1032 LG Amsterdam The Netherlands Phone:
+ 31 (0)20 691 91 81 Fax:
+ 31 (0)20 630 42 47 E-mail:
[email protected]
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Hofbauer, Lorenz PP24
Hofmann, Winfried P14
Holm, Lisa P14
Holzhauer, Claudia P103
Hoogerbrugge, NicolinePL33, P01, PP02
Hoogerbrugge, Peter P01
Howdle, Peter
Hummon, A.
PL09, PL18 Huna, Anda PP33
Hutchins, Gordon
Hveem, Tarjei SveinsgjerdP141
Im, JaeHong
Insalaco, Lavinia P45, P46, P117
James, Jacqueline P131
Jarmalaite, Sonata P87
Jiang, Xuejun P60, P75
Jimenez, Connie R PP03
Jongmans, Marjolijn P01
Jonkers, Jos
Junker, KerstinP05, P09, P91, PP29,
Author Index ISCO 2010
Kamping, Eveline. J. PP02
Katdare, Meena PP31
Kelly, Paul
Kendziorra, Emil P111
Khojasteh, Mehrnoush P133
Kildal, Wanja PP10, PP17
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Klein, Christoph
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Klink, Barbara
Knoesel, Thomas P88
Koch, Arne P94, P95, P118, P134,
Koczan, Dirk PP27
Köllner, Robert P91
Kopan, Raphael PP05
Kops, Geert PL22
Kosmehl, Hartwig P91
Kotzerke, Gabriele P134
Krause, Mechthild PP34
Kreipe, Hans
Kreuz, Markus
Krex, Dietmar P11
Krijgsman, Oscar P36
Kristensen, Gunnar B. PP17
Kröger, Nils P05
Kuiper, RolandPL33, P01, PP02
Kumar, Nitin PP13
Kunz, Manfred PP27
La Paglia, Laura P44, P45, P46, P117
Lacalamita, Rosanna PP21
Lam, Le PP28
Lam, Stephen P03
Lamri, Amel
Lamura, Luana
Lange, Kathrin
Langeveld, Danielle P85
Langhof, Viola PL23
Lansdorp, Peter PL24
Larizza, Lidia
Larsson, Olle
Lascols, Olivier
Laurinaviciene, Aida
Lavia, Patrizia
Lazutka, Juozas
le Riche, Jean
Legrain, Michèle
Lepikhova T. N
Leonard, Robert
Leonetti, Carlo
Lewis, Frank
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Li, Gerald P03
Lichter, Peter
PL06, P11, P47
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López, Fernando P20
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MacAulay, CalumPL30, P03, P133
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Maes, Anoek P72, P86
Maffei, Massimo P23, P34, P35, P124,
Magnani, Ivana PP01
Malacarne, Davide P08, P23, P34
Malatesta, Paolo P59
Maley, Carlo PL04
Malfettone, Andrea P92
Mangia, Anita P92
Marchionni, Luigi
Martignoni, Marc P103
Martinez, Ramon P11
Martinez-Romero, Alicia PP07, PP26
Mason, Malcolm P82
Massaoudi, Illiasse PP20
Massuger, Leon PP19
Mati, L.
Maude, Karen
Mauger, Oriane P58
Mazzoleni, Stefania PP01
McCleary, David P81, PP12
McShane, Philip
McWilliams, Annette P03
Meijer, GerritPL34, P31, P33, P35,
P36, P106, PP03,
Melle, Christian P09
Melotti, Alice P125
Menko, F P54
Mercier, Dominique
Mereu, Paola P23
Merlo, Lauren
Merok, Marianne
Mezzanzanica, Delia P04
Micci, Francesca PP17
Miceli, Vitale P62
Mirus, Martin P94
Mirzaei, Hamid Reza P93, P121, P122
Mirzaei, Motahareh P93, P121, P122
Mishra, A.K.
Mohanty, N.K. P25
Mongera, Sandra P33, P35, PP03
Monni Outi
Montalto, Giuseppe P62
Monteagudo, Carlos PP07, PP26
Monti, Laura PP01
Monticone, Massimiliano P124, P125
Moroni, Ramona Frida PP01
Morsink, Folkert PP18
Mueller, Wolfram PP08
Mulder, Chris
P31, PP14
Muleris, Martine
Muschel, Ruth PL19
Nagtegaal, Iris D. PP14
Nanni, Oriana
Naughton, Catherine PL37
Navone, Roberto P08, P23
Neri, Dario P91
Nesbakken, Arild PP09
Nesheim, John Arne P141
Nhili, Raja P61
Nielsen, Birgitte PP11
Niemetz, Annett PP27
Niemeyer, Charlotte PL21
Nillesen, Willy P01
Noordam, Kees P01
Normanno, Nicola
Novielli, Chiara PP01
Nybøen, Åsmund PP10
O‘Connor, José Enrique PP07, PP26
Offerhaus, Johan P85, PP18
Oliveira, Carla PP20
Oliveros, Sileida P42
Oosting, Jan PP15
Orengo, Anna Maria
PL27, P04
Orlandi, Augusto P74
Ostapenko, Velerijus P87
Otto, Denise P41
Pahnke, Jens PP27
Pan, Xiaojuan PP22
Paradiso, Angelo P92, PP21
Parry-Jones, Alison P82
Pasdar, Manijeh PP28
Passeri, Daniela P74
Patt, Stephan P18
Paul, Ian PP04
Peixoto, Paul P61
Pehkonen H.
Pellín-Carcelén, Ana PP26
Penard-Lacronique, Virginie PP35
Pentenero, Monica
P08, P23, P34
Penzel, Roland P47
Perez, Marco P117
Pérez-Escuredo, Jhudit P21
Petersen, Iver PL11, P88
Petriella, Daniela PP21
Petrovska, Ramona P112
Pfeffer, Ulrich
Pfleger, Karin P47
Piazza, Alessia P62
Piersma, Sander PP03
Pilato, Brunella PP21
Pilchowski, Rico P09
Pinto, Sandra
PP07, PP26
Author Index ISCO 2010
Pinto, Rosamaria
Pjanova, Dace
Porta, Giovanni
Posorski, Nicole PP30
Postma, Cindy P33
Pradhan, Manohar
Praz, Françoise P58
Pretorius, Maria PP09
Puppo, Andrea
Pützer, Brigitte PP27
Quarto, Rodolfo P124
Quirke, Philip PP08, PP14
Radlwimmer, Bernhard P11
Rave-Fränk, Margret P111
Reifenberger, Guido
Rembacken, Bjorn P31
Rengucci, Claudia P32
Rensen, Wilhelmina Maria P65
Richter, Petra P91
Ried, Thomas
PL09, PL18, PL36, P111
Riley, Sue
Risberg, Bjørn P141, PP17
Rizzo, Sergio P45, P46
Roblick, U.J.
Romeo, Francesco P124, P125
Romussi, Giovanni P124
Ross, Jacqui PP23
Ruiterkam-Versteeg, Martina P01
Rump, Andreas
Russo, Antonio P44, P45, P46, P117
Salmina, Kristine PP33
Samplonius, Douwe F. P71
Sangar, Fatiha
Sanjmyatav, Jimsgene PP29, PP30
Santelli, Alida P23
Santos, Sara
Saxena, Sunita P25
Scala, Marco P23
Scarpi, Emanuela P32
Scarsella, Marco P74
Scaruffi, Paola
Scesnaite, Asta P87
Schackert, Gabriele P11
Schackert, Hans. K. PP02
Schiemann, Matthias P103
Schindler, Susanne P135
Schindler, Sebastian P135
Schlegelberger, Brigitte PL21, P14
Schmidt, Anke
Schneeweiss, Andreas P47
Schreurs, Ann-Sofie P58
Schrőck, EvelinPL23, P18, PP34
Schumacher, Udo PP25
Schwaenen, Carsten
Schwille, Petra
Author Index ISCO 2010
Scrofani, Jacopo P65
Seeber, Laura PP19
Serres, Sebastien PL19
Seruca, Raquel PP20
Shah, Najaf PL04
Sheikh-Mounessi, Faegheh P10
Shi, Lei P113
Shlush, Liran
Shipounova, Irina P101
Sibson, Nicola PL19
Silvestrini, Rosella
P16, P32, P74,
Silvestris, Nicola PP21
Singh, L.C. P25
Sinn, Hans-Peter
Skele, Valters P116
Smit, Vincent PP19
Soni, Abha P25
Spiertz, Angela P31
Spitzner, Melanie PL18, P111
Steder, Marc PP27
Steiner, Thomas P05, PP30
Stenman, Göran PL26
Stoppa-Lyonnet, Dominique P44
Storch, Katja PP34
Streichert, Thomas P17
Suarez, Carlos P20, P21, P22, PP16
Suijkerbuijk, Karijn PP22
Sun, Kailai
P60, P75
Surmacz, Eva P117
Svinareva, Daria P101
Svrcek, Magali PP20, PP35
Szuhai, Karoly
Tabano, Silvia PP01
Tan, Patrick
Tapmeier, Thomas, PL19
Telang, Nitin PP31
ter Haar, Natalja PP15
Terpstra, Libia
Terrasi, Marianna P45, P46, P117
Tesei, Anna P74
Tews, Bjoern
Thomas, Geraldine P19, P42, P82
Tijssen, Marianne PP14
Timmer, Lisette
Tiret, Emmanuel PP20
Tokalov, Sergey P94, P95, P118, P123,
P134, P135
Toma, Marieta
Tomlins, Scott PL25
Tomlinson, Ian PP02
Tonini, Gian Paolo P34
Treanor, Darren PP08
Tropé, Claes Gøran Tropé PP10
Truini, Mauro P23
Tverkuviene, Justina P87
Ulivi, Paola
Unger, Kristian P19, P24, P42
van Baal, Marchien PP19
van Dam, Gooitzen
van de Vijver, Marc P102
van de Wiel, Mark P31
van der Burgt, Ineke P01
van der Groep, Petra P51, P52, P53, P54,
van der Wall, Elsken P51, P52, P53, P54,
P73, PP05, PP22
van Deurzen, Carolien P52
van Diemen, Pien P33
van Diest, Paul PL16, P51, P52, P53,
P54, P72, P73, P86,
PP05, P102, PP19,
van Engeland, Manon P31
van Essen, Dirk P36
van Grieken, Nicole P31
van Tetering, Geert PP05
Vang Nielsen, Kirsten P14
Varesio, Luigi PP06
Vékony, Hedy PP16
Veltrup, Elke P47
Venkatachalam, Ramprasath PL33, PP02
Verbeke, Caroline PP14
Verheijen, René PP19
Verlaan, Ingrid PP05
Versteeg, Rogier PP06
Viguie, Franck
Viovy, Jean Louis P44
Vivanco, Blanca P21, P22
von Eggeling, Ferdinand P05
Vooijs, MarcP73, PP05, PP22
Voorendt, Marsha PP02
Voorham, Quirinus P31
Walter, Martina P05
Wang, Yinhai
P81, PP12
Wang, Ching-Wei P131, PP04
Watkins, Russell
Weber, Geremy
Wedemann, Gero
Weidner, Jürgen P10
Wessendorf, Sven PP29
West, Nicholas P. PP08
Westenend, Peter PP18
Williams, Wynne P42
Willich, Normann P10
Wirtz, Ralph P47
Wobus, Manja PP24
Wolf, Gunter P95, P118, P135
Wolfdietrich, Meyer P41
Wunderlich, Heiko P05, P09, PP29, P30
Xavier, Raphael P81
Yang, Linlin P88
Ylstra, BaukePL38, P33, P36, PP14
Yntema, Helger P01
Zhan, Xiaobin PP23
Zito, Francesco PP21
Zitzelsberger, Horst P19, P24, P42
Zoeller, Kristin
Zoli, Wainer
P16, P32, P74
Zschenker, Oliver P17
Zupi, Gabriella P74
Zupo, S.
Zweemer, Ronald PP19

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