4B Inglese Prof Paola Tonini as 2015-16


4B Inglese Prof Paola Tonini as 2015-16
4B Inglese Prof Paola Tonini
as 2015-16 - programma
Libri di testo:
Only connect new directions vol 1, Success upper intermediate
The Renaissance, historical and social background, the new Learning, the Humanism, the English dinasty:
the Tudors, new colonial expansion, the drama and the prose.
William Shakespeare
Il teatro di Shakespeare:
Lettura ed analisi completa del testo.
Lettura ed analisi completa del testo.
The tempest (extracts)
The Puritan age, the civil war, Cromwell and Charles I
John Milton 1608-1674
Aeropagitica: books are not dead things
Paradise Lost: the Prologue and the invocation to the Muse,Satan’s speech,
The Restoration and the Glorious Revolution 1688.
The Reason Age,Science and Literature, The Journalism, the diary, the rise of the novel and of the middle
class, the new scientific discoveries.
The Neoclassicism and The Augustan Age,from the Empirical philosophy to the concept of Reason
Wit,irony and satire, elegance and logics.
the Royal Society, the laws of the universe.
The journal and the diary.
Daniel Defoe 1660-1731
Robinson Crusoe texts
Moll Flanders text
The explorer, the first example of capitalism, the religious issue, the master and the servant.
Jonathan Swift 1667-1745
Gulliver’s travels
The extravagant novel, the use of fantastic
Samuel Richardson 1689-1761
Pamela: one extract
The Epistolary novel, scandal and respectability, the difficulty of being virtuous.
Success: Units 7 8 9 10 11
Listenings: tutti gli ascolti concernenti le units
Reading: Culture clash, mobile phones, Frank Abbagnale, places and people, No place like home, a clue.
Writing: for and against essays, summaries, description of a memorable place.
Revisione di argomenti grammaticali: Reported speech, passive, I wish, if only, if clauses, relative clauses
defining and non defining.
The flipclass: see a movie and report about it:Amazing grace, Mr Robinson.
Let’ s see a video: the heroes of the Enlightenment, a Robinson 86 year old real life.
Let’s read an article: from The New YorkTimes : to think freely is making universities increasingly
Let’s have a round table about a topic: Hamlet, Macbeth. The reason age.
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