20160604 Programma 3^I - Liceo Scientifico Avogadro



20160604 Programma 3^I - Liceo Scientifico Avogadro
Programma di lingua e letteratura inglese - Classe 3^I
Anno scolastico 2015-16
Docente: Anna Latessa
1. Libro di testo: A. Cattaneo, D. De Flavis “Millennium” vol.1 ed. Signorelli (con
“Approaching Literary Genres”)
Unit A
History and society
− Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Britain
− The Normans
− Wars and social revolt
The Literary Scene:
− Anglo-Saxon poetry
− Medieval poetry
− The ballad
Writers and texts:
The coming of Beowulf from “ Beowulf”
Lord Randal
Geoffrey Chaucer
The Canterbury Tales
The Prologue
The Wife of Bath
Unit B
History and society
− The first Tudors and the Reformation
− Elizabeth I and the conquest of the seas
− The Stuart: James I
− The Civil War and the Commonwealth
− Renaissance and the Humanism
The literary scene
− Renaissance poetry
− The sonnet (the Petrarchan and the English sonnet)
− Renaissance drama
− Features of drama
− The structure of the theatre
Writers and texts:
Cristopher Marlowe
Doctor Faustus
Faustus’ Last Hour and Damnation
William Shakespeare
The Sonnets
Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day
Romeo and Juliet (Text book and photocopies)
Only Your Name Is My Enemy
Hamlet (Text book and photocopies)
To Be or Not To Be
Macbeth (Text book and notes)
Macbeth Shall Sleep No More
Appendice “Approaching Literary Genres”
− Understanding poetry
− The rethoric of poetry
− The layout of poetry
− Genres of poetry
− Features of drama
− Genres of drama
− The one-act play
2. Libro di testo: D. Cotton, D. Falvey, S. Kent “Language LEADER” ed. Pearson
Prime 4 Units del testo, con riferimento alle strutture grammaticali, al lessico ed alle
Durante le vacanze estive gli alunni dovranno:
1. leggere un Reader a scelta tra:
− Emily Bronte “Wuthering Heights”
− George Orwell “1994”
2. Svolgere la Unit 5 del testo “Language LEADER”
Gli alunni

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