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✪ Ambarabà
Corso di Lingua Italiana
per la Scuola Primaria.
This is a new course
designed for children
ages 6-10 which will
eventually be available
in 5 levels.
Level 1
Consists of only one volume (which contains
the activities for the class, the instructions
for the teacher and the games) and of two
Audio CDs (with the songs and the listening
Level 2
Consists of one student book, one
workbook, a guide for the teacher and two
Audio CDs (with the songs and the listening
Student Book 1
Student Book 1 with 2 Audio CDs
Audio CDs 1 (2)
Activities & Songs with Booklet
Student Book 2
Workbook Pack 2 (3)
Teacher’s Guide 2
Teacher’s Guide 2 with Audio CDs (2) 54.95
Audio CDs 2 (2) Activities & Songs with
Levels 3, 4 and 5 are due later in 2008.
Six cartoon characters present this classic
beginner’s course.
Workbooks 1 & 2
ea 23.95
Ciao Bambini!
This three-level learning program is
designed to help children aged 5-12
communicate effectively in Italian.
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
A beginner’s course with cartoon stories,
games, songs and activities carefully
structured for a process of natural language
Student Books 1-3
ea 27.95
Teacher’s Books 1-3
ea 27.95
Cassettes 1-3
ea net 28.95
Girotondo – L’Italiano nel Mondo
An Italian course for
children in five levels
covering ages 5-11
(European Framework
levels A1 and A2). Two
beginner levels, 5-6 Anni
and Primo Approccio,
followed by 3 volumes:
5–6 Anni
For small children of preschool age not yet
able to read and write.
Student Book
Audio CD
net 24.95
Teacher’s Book
Primo Approccio
For children already familiar with the
alphabet. The book is in full-colour and
accompanied by an illustrated wordbook for
the student to complete from the pictures in
the text. There are games and puzzles, songs,
reading and language activities.
Student Book, Wordbook & Gamebook 74.80
Audio CD
net 33.80
Teacher’s Book
Volume 1
This pack of three books contains a fullcolour student book and an illustrated
dictionary (for the student to complete in
word groups as an activity, rather than a
reference) and “La mia grammatica”, a fullcolour workbook.
Student Book, Dictionary & Grammar 79.70
Audio CD
net 24.95
Teacher’s Book
Volume 2 and 3 due soon.
Grandi Amici
Middle to upper primary students will love
this colourful and entertaining course. Each
volume contains 10 units, three revision
units, several short stories to act out, games,
songs and carefully structured activities.
Student Books 1-3
ea 21.95
Activity Books 1-3
ea 12.95
Teacher’s Books 1-3
ea net 30.95
CDs 1-3
ea net 38.95
In Vacanza con l’Italiano
Join cheeky penguin Totò in this course that
allows middle to upper primary students to
consolidate their language skills. Perfect as
an additional resource to grammar-based
programs. Contains colourful illustrations,
fill-in-the-blanks, true-or-false, crosswords
and wordfinds.
Books 1-3
ea 17.95
10% DISCOUNT off listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions
(except items marked ‘net’)
Italian for Beginners
A fully illustrated text that teaches everyday
Italian to learners who are young or young
at heart.
Text and CD
Italian for Children Kit
This popular course features songs, activities
and games that will make learning Italian
fun. Designed for young learners in a
classroom or home context, it includes a key
and three audio CDs.
Primary Italian
The lessons in this primary Italian program
are very motivating, with a simple and
sequential style, and including lots of simple
games and activities on a variety of topics.
Cartoon characters of Australian animals
guide students through the books.
Workbooks 1-3
ea 10.95
Blackline Masters 1-3
ea 32.95
Raccontami 1
This children’s course in two levels is based
on a narrative method of storytelling. Each
chapter features a series of bright pictures
which the teacher can use to tell a simple
story. These are followed by a vocabulary
list and a broad variety of activities, games
and songs. The CD contains dramatised
readings of the stories, songs and nursery
rhymes. A set of photocopiable sheets are
also available for the teacher. Level 1 is for
children aged 4-7, level 2 for 7-10.
Coursebook 1
Workbook 1
Blackline Masters 1
net 40.10
CD 1
net 33.20
Coursebook 2
✪ Workbook 2
net 40.10
✪ Blackline Masters 2
net 33.20
✪ CD 2
✪ Un, Due, Tre Corso per Bambini
This course of Italian as
a foreign language is
designed for children
aged 6-9 years old.
The three levels cover
the social and mental
development of children
and are based on a
communicative approach.
The colourful books with their varied
activities – games, drawings, songs, rhymes,
short poems and role-play – make sure that
the children are having fun while learning a
second language. Text is all in Italian.
Book & Audio CD Level 1
Book & Audio CD Level 2
Book & Audio CD Level 3
Libro delle Parole di Spotty
hb 32.95
Spot’s dictionary with labelled illustrations
for first learners.
Milet Mini Picture Dictionary
Board book in vibrant colours, suitable for
very young children.
Berlitz Kids Italian Picture Dictionary 19.95
A child’s first dictionary with illustrations
and sample sentences.
Milet Picture Dictionary
hb 29.95
A simple and colourful picture dictionary
for elementary learners. Thematicallyorganised, it is the perfect addition to any
primary library.
ELI Vocabolario Illustrato Italiano 28.95
Colourful picture dictionary with topics such
as school, restaurant and animals in a clear,
interesting format. Suitable for middle to
upper primary.
Oxford Mini Study Italian
fl 15.95
Smaller version of the Oxford Study Italian
Dictionary, with smaller print and a robust
vinyl cover.
ELI Vocabolario Illustrato Italiano Junior
A simplified version of the thematic
picture dictionary described above. The
accompanying activity book provides lively
and varied exercises. Answers are included
in the back.
Activity Book
The Oxford Study Italian
Advanced primary students will find this
dictionary useful and challenging.
It includes vocabulary specified in the school
curriculum as well as expressions and idioms.
First Thousand Words in Italian
A bright and entertaining picture dictionary
that provides vocabulary practice for primary
students. Includes glossary and web links.
Italian Bilingual Dictionary
This beginner’s dictionary is perfect for
middle primary students who need clear
entries with the benefit of phonetics for
pronunciation, as well as sample sentences
in both languages. Includes black and white
illustrations and a reference section at the
back with irregular verbs, parts of speech
and a map.
Just Look ‘n’ Learn
Italian Picture Dictionary
hb 22.95
Contains 1,500 words alphabetically
arranged by the English headword. Each
word has the translation, a sample sentence
in Italian and English and a bright picture.
Includes an Italian-English index and
appendices with numbers, days, months,
shapes, directions and time. (Upper primary
/ junior secondary)
ABC dei Piccoli
A simple and colourful exercise book that
enables young learners of Italian to practice
writing the letters of the alphabet.
✪ Adventures with Nicholas
Book/CD Kit
ea 14.95
These two bilingual books with
accompanying Audio CD are story-based
introductions to learning Italian for ages
4 and up. Lively illustrations and lovable
characters will capture young readers’
interest. The CDs contain native speakers
telling the story in Italian and sing-along fun
songs in Italian.
The Missing Cat
A Visit to Grandma
Gli Animali Domestici
net 28.45
This resource book enables students to
build their vocabulary and communication
skills with a variety of activities based
around animals. Fully photocopiable with
black and white illustrations, this is an
entertaining way of engaging students in
the classroom. Suitable for ages 8-12.
Ciao: An Introduction to Italian net 27.95
Entertaining photocopiable activities for
middle primary, including read and draw,
classification, cloze, crosswords, and oral
and listening activities.
Easy Italian Crossword Puzzles
A graded book of puzzles for the upper
primary classroom.
Le Feste dei Bambini Italiani
This civilisation activity book contains eight
units that cover some of the most important
events in Italy: Il Carnevale, Il Pesce di Aprile,
La Pasqua, Il Ferragosto, I Morti e I Santi,
Il Natale, La Befana, Il Capodanno. Some
have also been chosen for their similarity
with foreign celebrations so as to favour the
cultural confrontation. Suitable for upper
primary to middle secondary levels, text all
in Italian.
✪ Giochiamo Tutti Insieme
This resource contains 20 easy-to-play
photocopiable games for use either in the
classroom or at home, which teach and
reinforce essential Italian vocabulary.
These tried and tested games provide
children with a fun way of practising
speaking and listening to Italian and help
them to become more confident Italian
speakers. The instructions for each game
list the objectives and the key words,
together with a clear explanation of how to
set up and play the game. Extensions and
variations enable the games to be used over
and over again in many different ways.
✪ Grammatica Italiana per Bambini
da 7 a 11 Anni
This basic grammar for children is a high
quality, full colour workbook for students
7-11 years old. It teaches some of the formal
aspects of the language in a fun, active way.
A table of irregular verbs and an answer key
are provided at the back of the book.
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
Hide & Speak Italian
This book offers an effective and simple
way for children to learn over 130 key
Italian words arranged into 15 popular
themes. Each theme contains nine key
words and picture prompts, an easy guide
to pronouncing key words, simple phrases
using the key words and a humorous, fullcolour picture illustrating each theme.
Students use the two sturdy flaps at the
back of the book to cover either the words
or the pictures, so they can test and practice
their vocabulary as many times as they want.
Il Nuovo Tuttoesercizi Italiano
This series consists of five workbooks
containing a great number of easily
accessible and stimulating graded exercises
and activities and, although mainly
intended for primary schools in Italy, it
can be used as an additional tool to any
program teaching children the basics of the
Italian language.
Books 1-5
ea 19.95
Italian English Vocabplus
Blackline Masters
net 27.95
Simple and enjoyable activities, arranged
thematically and in interesting formats.
Suitable for middle to upper primary
Italian Picture Word Book
Contains 15 scenes, each devoted to a
different topic. All scenes are ideal for
colouring, reinforcing words and meanings.
Italiano Attivo
net 59.95
Attività Linguistiche per l’Insegnamento
dell’Italiano ai Bambini. This photocopiable
resource offers a variety of activities to help
with the an active and motivating teaching
of the language: plays, problem solving,
creative writing, lexical and grammar games.
Although mainly designated for children
5-11, these activities can be used for
learners of all ages.
L’Italiano con Giochi e Attività
Learning grammar and vocabulary is fun
and easy with these brightly illustrated,
topic-based activity books. Each unit
introduces a grammar point, reinforced by a
series of exercises to practise new structures.
Suitable for upper primary students.
Book 1 (Elementare)
Book 2 (Intermedio Inferiore)
Book 3 (Intermedio)
Let’s Learn Italian Colouring Book 18.95
A simple text that enables students to learn
everyday vocabulary through a series of
colouring activities. Suitable for the lower
primary classroom.
Living Language Learn Italian
Together Cassettepack
Engaging songs, rhymes and activities
make this pack a perfect supplement to any
classroom text. The package contains a book
with stickers, 16 games and a 60-minute
cassette. Clear instructions for teachers or
parents are included.
Oh Che Bel Gioco!
A full colour book of
songs, rhymes, puzzles
and activities for use in
class with the audio CD
of the accompanying
audio materials.
Book and Audio CD
✪ The Primary Italian Tool Kit
Photocopy Masters for LOTE classes. This
Tool Kit of Photocopiable masters is an
absolute must in Early and Middle Years
LOTE classes in Primary School. Topics
include Greetings, Numbers, Colours,
Animals, Family, Weather, a student
profile and much more. Worksheets
include research tasks, puzzles, vocabulary
exercises, writing exercises and oral
language practice.
✪ Speak in a Week! Italian for You! CD Kit
Full of fun activities with
lots of stickers, the writeand-wipe book will give
hours of fun. The story on
the audio CD is full of key
words, plus three original
songs. The Kit includes
an activity book, audio CD, erasable marker
and stickers. Ages 7-12.
Book & Audio CD Kit
Your First 100 Words in Italian
Upper primary students can reinforce
elementary vocabulary with this
entertaining book of easy activities.
Covering themes such as parts of the body,
clothes, opposites, animals and useful
expressions, it includes pronunciation hints,
games, puzzles, tear-out flashcards and a
revision chapter.
Il Domino delle Ore
net 33.95
These dominoes can teach lower to middle
primary students how to tell the time
in Italian. Game includes dominoes and
teacher’s guide.
ELI Kits
net ea 66.00
A series of kits each containing 5 sets of 18
flashcards and 24 bingo cards. Bingo and
other teaching games and Each flashcard
10% DISCOUNT off listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions
(except items marked ‘net’)
and playing card has a bright picture on
one side and the corresponding vocabulary
word spelled out on the other. For primary
school beginners.
Gli Aggetivi
Gli Animali
Il Cibo
La Casa
Le Azioni
Preposizioni Avverbi
I Giochi dei Bambini Italiani
Giochi ed Attività Linguistiche per
l’Insegnamento dell’Italiano. This resource
contains 21 traditional Italian children’s
games with simple explanations and
suggestions for the linguistic uses of the
games. For children aged 5 to 12-13, text is
all in Italian.
Il Gioco dei Mestieri
net 33.95
With their vivid illustrations, these cards
will introduce students to jobs and
professions, complete with the job title and
its description. The teacher’s guide contains
suggestions for activities and games that
will help students build their vocabulary and
start communicating effectively in Italian.
Il Gioco dei Numeri
net 33.95
This game teaches numbers in a fun and
stimulating way. Pack contains 100 cards, 32
bingo cards and a teacher’s guide.
Il Gioco del che Cos’è
net 47.95
This board game is designed to give
students practice using the interrogative
form and to reinforce basic vocabulary.
Il Gioco del Pozzo
net 47.95
This board game is designed to practise the
simple prepositions di, a, da and in.
Il Gioco dello Zig Zag
net 47.95
This is a team board game designed to
give students practice using everyday
Il Grande Gioco dei Verbi
net 49.95
A verb-oriented game with colourful
illustrations for the upper primary
Immagini & Parole Flashcards net 115.95
Build vocabulary skills with this mammoth
pack of 240 flashcards.
Each card has colourful
and entertaining
illustrations with the word
clearly written on the
reverse side.
Themes include animals, food and drink, the
body, shapes, transport, clothes, adjectives,
verbs and many more. An enclosed leaflet
contains suggested activities.
L’Italiano con le Parole Crociate
Volume 1
This is a popular collection of topic-based
crossword puzzles available in an A4
photocopiable format. Volume 1 is suitable
for primary and junior secondary levels.
L’Italiano Giocando 1
Activities designed to develop the four
language abilities. Vocabulary building
can be enjoyable with these language
games. Thematically-oriented for the junior
Italian classroom, they will have students
communicating confidently in Italian in
no time.
Milet Flashwords English-Italian
Set of 60 cards with a picture on each side
with the Italian word on one side and the
English on the other. 12cm x 8cm.
Tombola Illustrata
A vocabulary-building bingo game for
middle to upper primary. Themes covered
are animals, colours, transport, clothes,
weather and many more.
Language Stickers Italian
ea 4.50
Sets of full-colour reward stickers in packs of
72 stickers.
Language Stickers Italian Mixed Pack
(New Designs)
net 6.35
Bright, colourful reward stickers. Pack
contains 20 each of the slogans Eccezionale,
Ben Fatto, Bene! and Ottimo.
LOTE Stamps
ea net 29.95
Self-inking stamps with a smiley face.
Merit Stickers
ea net 4.45
Bright abstract designs. 100 stickers are in
each pack.
Buon Lavoro
Brilliant Borders Italy
net 10.95
Brighten up the LOTE classroom with these
vibrant borders with colourful Italian motifs.
Each pack contains 10 x 1m borders (same
design on each border).
ELI Italian Active Posters Starter
A series of full-colour illustrated thematic
posters, suitable for all primary levels.
Includes Tutti a Scuola, Gli Animali, Che
Tempo Fa etc.
Pack of 10
net 103.95
Italia Regioni e Province
Full-colour, lightly laminated political and
physical map.
✪ Berlitz DJ Italian
This dynamic 1 hour
music CD – through 10
original tunes in today’s
musical styles along
with mock news reports,
commercials, listener
call-ins and two radio
DJ’s – spins a delightful
bilingual program that will make upper
primary to lower secondary learners keen to
learn. Basic words and phrases in the target
language are presented through natural
dialog and song with themes relevant to a
young person’s life.
✪ Buon Natale (Teach Me)
Learning the customs and traditions of
Christmas in Italy through a bilingual story,
while enjoying the season’s favourite songs.
Book & Audio CD Kit
Audio CD only
Filastrocche a Drocchinella
Simple and enjoyable
nursery rhymes for
middle primary students
to learn. Complete with
illustrations, it makes a
welcome addition to any
language library.
Filastrocche Lunghe e Corte
(Gianni Rodari)
A charming anthology of Rodari’s classic
rhymes. Perfect for the classroom or home.
Suitable for lower to middle primary.
Fun nursery rhymes set to music for
students to practise their language skills.
Book & Cassette Pack
Complete Lyric Language
Learn to speak Italian with songs and music
for children aged 4-8. The DVD version
features music videos introduced by the
Family Circus cartoon characters.
DVD and Audio CD Pack
Marcondirondello: Canti per Bambini
Nella Tradizione Popolare Italiana
Colourfully illustrated hardcover book with
lyrics and scores for over 20 songs.
Book & CD
✪ Nursery Songs – Canzoncine
This bilingual music CD Book Pack
contains an audio CD (78 minutes), a 12page colouring-in booklet and a 12-page
illustrative colour booklet with full text. The
CD features traditional Anglo-Saxon songs
like The Wheels on the Bus, Old MacDonald
had a Farm and Incy Wincy Spider, with
verses sung alternately in English and
Italian. Tracks are repeated in monolingual
version, either in English or Italian, and there
is also a Karaoke version.
Le Filastrocche degli Animali
hb 32.95
Simple and amusing rhymes in a brightly
illustrated large board book with padded
Filastrocche di Natale
hb 24.95
Attractive small hardcover book with
gorgeous illustrations and a padded cover.
Filastrocche per Cantare
(Gianni Rodari)
This beautifully illustrated hardcover book
and cassette package features 12 inventive
and entertaining rhymes for the upper
primary classroom.
Book & Cassette Pack
Parlar Cantando
This kit of 27 songs
for children has been
especially designed for
the classroom. Includes
full teacher’s notes on the
use of song, then specific
notes for each song,
along with the words and music for each.
Book & CD Kit
Le Più Belle Filastrocche
hb 32.95
Gorgeous large chunky board book with
padded cover and bright illustrations.
Features both classic and original rhymes,
long and short, all simple and catchy so they
are easy to memorise and recite.
Sing and Learn Italian!
Children aged 4+ will enjoy learning Italian
with catchy songs and groovy beats.
The songbook in the kit contains the lyrics
with a colour-illustrated vocabulary.
The CD contains two versions of the songs
– one with the lyrics and one instrumental
for karaoke.
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
Teach Me Italian
Fun songs for learning simple Italian.
Teacher’s Books give lesson plans and ways
of integrating these songs into lessons.
Book & CD
Teacher’s Guide
Deluxe Set: Book, CD & Teacher’s Guide 34.95
Vocabulary Builder Italian
Mac/Win CD-ROM
Nine animated and lively games for
beginners aged 4-12
to teach basic words
through an interactive
flashcard system.
Includes the facility for
the learner to record
words and sentences.
Getting to Know Italy and Italian
Paperback version of Countrywise Italy and
Teach Me More Italian
Book & CD
Teacher’s Guide
Deluxe Set: Book, CD & Teacher’s Guide 34.95
Welcome to Mussomeli:
Children’s Songs From an Italian
Country Town
This delightful collection of children’s
songs and games from a small Sicilian town
introduces adults and children to the culture
and traditions of Italy in a fun, hands-on
way. The book contains scores from the
songs, including lyrics in Italian and English,
and a number of suggestions for activities
and games to play with the children.
Book & CD
Languages for Kids Fiore Teaches
Italian Mac/Win CD-ROM
Great cartoon-based course for young
learners aged 5+, comprising elements key
to keeping their attention: bright colours
and plenty of games and activities. Teaches
over 700 basic words and phrases, through
a series of activities, including alphabet
and word recognition, and picture and
word association. Australian-designed, this
program is also relevant to the national
curriculum. An excellent introduction to the
language. Parent notes included.
Talk Now Italian
Mac/Win CD-ROM
This game-based program teaches simple
words and phrases, such as food, shopping,
numbers and time. Includes a record facility
to compare your pronunciation against a
native speaker, as well as progress quizzes
and on-screen help. Suitable for upper
primary students.
Italian Girl and Boy Paper Dolls
Features two dolls and 32 costumes from
various regions of Italy.
Italy (Country Topics)
Students can explore Italian history and
culture with this informative and up-todate text for the middle primary classroom.
Includes activities, games and craft ideas.
✪ Italy (Festivals and Food)
This book explores the meanings behind
the many different Italian festivals. It reveals
many interesting facts about the country’s
foods and farming and
also includes some
simple recipes of special
festival-foods, including
Minestrone Soup,
Cassata Siciliana and
Bean-shaped Biscuits.
Italy (Letters from Around
the World)
hb 34.95
Italian children introduce their families
and describe their everyday activities
through their correspondence with a pen
pal. In doing so, they allow the reader to
understand something of the geography of
the nation, as well as the food, education
system, leisure activities and types of
Italy and the Italians
An informative and up-to-date cultural text.
From education to industry, it provides a
handy resource for middle primary students.
We’re from Italy
hb 33.95
Using real case studies, this book shows
the reader what it’s
really like to live in Italy.
Includes information
on family life, schools,
transport, landscapes,
food, festivals, weather
and climate. Ages 4-8
10% DISCOUNT off listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions
(except items marked ‘net’)
What’s it like to Live in Italy?
hb 34.95
Where do Italians work? What are their
favourite foods? Is their country hot all year
round? These are some of the questions
answered in this book. It combines simple
text and beautiful photographs to give
young readers a taste of the life in Italy.
Suitable for lower to middle primary.
Gli Animali dell’Australia e
delle Sue Isole
hb 29.95
This colourful and
educational introduction
to Australian animals
is a welcome addition
to any classroom or
library. Suitable for upper
primary students, it gives
descriptions of Australia
and New Zealand’s most
well-known and loved (or feared) animal life.
Le Avventure di Asterix
Asterix alle Olimpiadi
Asterix e l’Indovino
Asterix e il Falcetto d’Oro
Asterix in Corsica
Asterix il Gallico
Asterix, la Rosa e il Gladio
Il Figlio di Asterix
ea hb 29.95
Baby Numeri
Colourful board book for very young learner.
Each double page spread displays pictures
of the relevant number of several everyday
ea hb 24.00
The popular children’s series in Italian.
La Famiglia Barbapapà
La Casa dei Barbapapà
L’Arca dei Barbapapà
La Scuola dei Barbapapà
Il Teatro dei Barbapapà
L’Inverno dei Barbapapà
L’Albero di Barbapapà
Le Vacanze dei Barbapapà
Barbapapà su Marte
La Bibbia dei Piccoli
hb 24.95
A bible for young children with beautiful
illustrations and simple, captivating text.
La Bibbia Raccontata ai Bambini
These illustrated Bible stories are told simply
and evocatively. Suitable for the upper
primary classroom.
ea 15.95
This bright new series features charming
original stories and beautiful illustrations.
Each book has a cut-out bookmark or paper
dolls inside the back flap.
La Luna sul Vetro
Mattia e il sio Gatto
La Storia Vera del Verme Mela
Zio Mondo
Leggo Io
ea 20.95
This series for young readers is richly
illustrated in colour, with likeable stories in
large letters.
Storie Piccine
Oggi Sono Contento
Il Gabbiano Gaetano
Magia di Neve
Il Lupo Imperatore
Child’s Play
Mio bel Soldatino (Oh Soldier, Soldier) 19.95
L’Orso Affamato (Hungry Bear)
hb 24.95
Palloncinia (Balloons)
Questa è la Casa che Gianni ha Costruito
(The House that Jack Built)
More titles available.
Dr Seuss
Introduce students to the whacky world of
Dr Seuss. Featuring original illustrations,
they are sure to enliven any Italian
C’è un Mostrino nel Taschino
hb 24.95
Ortone e i Piccoli Chi
hb 24.95
Prosciutto e Uova Verdi
hb 24.95
Snicci e Altre Storie
hb 24.95
Eric Carle
Il Piccolo Bruco Maisazio
(The Very Hungry Caterpillar)
La Coccinella Prepotente
(The Bad Tempered Ladybird)
hb 36.00
hb 29.95
Fiabe d’Oro
Each title contains six favourite stories with
beautiful illustrations. Excellent for prize
night or for the library.
La Storia del Gatto con gli
Stivali e Tante Altre
La Storia di Pinocchio e Tante Altre
La Storia di Cenerentola e Tante Altre 28.00
La Storia di Gulliver e Tante Altre
La Storia di Cappuccetto Rosso e
Tante Altre
La Storia di Biancaneve e Tante Altre 29.95
La Storia dei Tre Porcellini e Tante Altre 26.00
Fiabe e Leggende della Tradizione
This anthology contains
both popular fables from
the different regions of
Italy and some others
written by well known
Italian authors.
Imparo a Conoscere
la Bibbia
What is the Bible? Are the biblical stories real
or fantasy? How do you use the Bible? This
picture book introduces young children to
the Bible and answers the most significant
ea 17.95
Small hardcover books with stories about
Miffy, the classic picture book character
created by Dick Bruna.
La Bicicletta di Miffy
Miffy Vola
Miffy Compie gli Anni
La Lettera di Miffy
Miffy va a Scuola
Un Fratellino per Miffy
Miffy al Museo
Miffy Balla
Miffy Fatina
Milly e Molly
ea 20.95
The stories of Milly and Molly tell in a
captivating and vivid fashion of the great
themes in life which help to grow up with
a sense of responsibility and respect for
Milly, Molly e Olmo (Love of Nature)
Milly, Molly e Birba (Sense of Responsibility)
Milly, Molly e il Toro Totò (Kindness and
Milly, Molly e il Cappello di Paglia (Honesty)
Milly, Molly e la Calza Scomparsa
(To Help Others)
Milly, Molly e Zia Erminia (Tenacity)
Milly, Molly e l’Elefante (Good Manners)
Milly, Molly e il Vento (Knowledge of Nature)
More titles available.
Nel Mare
This charmingly illustrated, simple story for
young children describes all the animals of
the sea.
✪ Obiettivo Salute
ea hb 21.95
This series of four
colourful books is both
entertaining as well as
rich in useful information
about some of the more
important health issues
for children.
Le Malattie: A che cosa
servono le punture?
L’Alimentazione: Perché non possiamo
mangiare solo patatine?
Il Sonno: Perché dobbiamo fare il riposino?
La Pulizia: Perché dobbiamo sempre lavarci?
Il Piccolo Principe
This Italian edition of The Little Prince will
have upper primary students enchanted.
Perfect for the school library or as a prize.
Pietre Preziose
ea 14.95
This small hardback series with beautiful
illustrations introduces well-known
childhood fairy tales. Teachers and parents
will enjoy reading these stories aloud and
helping children complete the simple
comprehension activity at the end of
each book. Also ideal as a gift. Other titles
La Bella Addormentata nel Bosco
La Gallinella Rossa
Il Gatto con gli Stivali
La Principessa sul Pisello
Riccioli d’Oro e i Tre Orsi
Topolina e la Nocciola Magica
I Tre Porcellini
Charming storybooks about Pingu the
Illustrated Picture Books
ea 29.95
Pingu e la sua Famiglia
Pingu e i suoi Amici
Pingu Sfortunato
Colourful Board Books
ea 15.95
Pingu e il Circo del Villagio
Pingu e un Bisogno Urgente
Pingu e il Gabbiano Impertinente
Prime Letture – Favole Favolose ea 23.95
A series of traditional fairy tales rewritten in
simple Italian for upper primary students.
Each with an audio CD containing the
reading of the story.
Il Bambino e le Rane
Il Cane e la sua Ombra
La Cicala e la Formica
La Colomba e la Formica
La Lepre e la Tartaruga
Il Vento e il Sole
Prime Letture - Serie Verde
ea 23.95
A series of traditional fairy tales rewritten in
simple Italian for middle and upper primary
levels. Each with an audio CD containing the
reading of the story.
La Bella Addormentata nel Bosco
Il Brutto Anatroccolo
Cappuccetto Rosso
Hansel e Gretel
Il Libro della Giungla
Riccioli d’Oro e i Tre Orsi
Language Book Centre Ph (02) 9267 1397 or 1800 802 432 (outside Sydney) Fax (02) 9264 8993
La Sirenetta
Il Soldatino di Piombo
Il Topo di Città e il Topo di Campagna
I Tre Porcellini
La Volpe e la Cicogna
Le Rubrichine
ea 16.95
Delightful board books with charming
illustrations and chunky thumb tabs.
Che Tempo Fa?
I Colori dell’Arcobaleno
I Giorni della Settimana
Miao Fa il Gatto, Bau Fa il Cane
I Sette Nanni
Le Sette Notte
La Scuola Readers
ea 16.95
Thematic readers with very simple text and
bright colour illustrations. Suitable for lower
primary students.
Il Mare
La Montagna
La Campagna
La Città
I Cinque Sensi
Il Gusto
Il Tatto
La Vista
I Quattro Elementi
La Terra
Il Fuoco
Le Quattro Età
I Bambini
I Giovani
I Genitori
I Nonni
Le Quattro Stagioni
La Primavera
La Vita
La Vita sopra la Terra
La Vita nell’Aria
La Vita sotto la Terra
La Vita nel Mare
Spot Books
Board Books
Spotty a Luna Park
Spotty e le Parole
Spotty Gioca
Spotty in Casa
Buon Natale Spotty
Spotty Fa la Torta
Spotty Va a Nanna
Spotty Va a Scuola
ea 16.95
ea hb 36.95
Herge’s popular hero, now available again in
Italian. More titles available on request.
I Gioielli della Castafiore
Il Grancio d’Oro
L’Orecchio Spezzato
Lo Scettro di Ottokar
La Stella Misteriosa
Tintin in Congo
Tintin in America
Tintin nel Paese dell’Oro Nero
Volo 714 Destinazione Sydney
Don’t Cry, Sly!
Discover the little
hen’s plan that
saves her from
being eaten as
her neighbour’s
Tre Orsi in Vacanza
hb 17.95
A family of bears on holiday is the subject
of this charming storybook. Simple text
and flaps.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears /
Riccioli d’Oro e i Tre Orsi
Bilingual edition of the classic story, with
attractive illustrations.
La Vera Storia della Befana
hb 23.95
Upper primary students will be charmed by
this traditional story of the Christmas fairy.
Lavishly illustrated, this book also contains a
short history, traditional recipes and rhymes.
Jill and the Beanstalk /
Jill e la Pianta di Fagoli
Discover characters from familiar nursery
rhymes in this bilingual retelling of an old
La Vera Storia di Babbo Natale hb 23.95
Upper primary students will also love this
story of Santa Claus. Lavishly illustrated, it
includes traditional recipes.
The Little Red Hen and the Grains of
Wheat / La Gallinetta Rossa e i Grani
di Frumento
A joyful retelling of the classic fable.
La Vera Storia di Gesù
hb 21.95
The remarkable life of Jesus is recounted in
this beautifully illustrated book. Perfect for
the upper primary classroom.
My Daddy is a Giant /
Mio Papà è un Gigante
A book for every little boy who knows he
has the best daddy in the world.
Not Again, Red Riding Hood /
Non Sarà un’altra Volta la Favola di
Cappuccetto Rosso
Red Riding Hood goes into the woods again
and meets some hungry characters from
well-loved stories.
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves /
Ali Baba e i Quaranta Ladroni
This timeless classic is one of the better
known stories from 1,001 Arabian Nights.
Alfie’s Angels / Gli Angeli di Alfie
Alfie’s classmates learn that angels are not
always girls and they can do a lot more than
The Buskers of Bremen /
I Musicanti di Brema
Join the singing donkey and his friends
on their journey to Bremen. A beautifully
illustrated bilingual book that brings this
traditional folk tale to life.
Can I Have a Lamington Please?
(Italian / English)
Jack loves lamingtons and asks his mother
for some every day. Instead he gets a
delicious array of Australian foods.
ea 29.95
Can You Do Anything Special?
(Italian / English)
A charming story featuring Australian
animals speaking about what is unique to
10% DISCOUNT off listed prices for teachers, schools and institutions
(except items marked ‘net’)
The Giant Turnip /
La Rapa Gigante
A humorous retelling of the classic Russian
tale in Italian.
The Pied Piper / Il Pifferaio Magico 27.95
The story of the pied piper is presented in
this beautifully illustrated bilingual edition.
✪ That’s My Mum /
Lei è la Mia Mamma!
Mia and her friend Kai don’t look like their
mums. Based on a true story, Mia tells of her
experience of being judged by the colour of
her skin.
✪ Tom and Sofia Start School /
Tom e Sofia Cominciano la Scuola 27.95
Join Tom and Sofia on their first school day.
The Three Billy Goats Gruff /
I Tre Capretti Gruff
Entertain students with the bilingual edition
of this classic folk tale. With colourful
illustrations and simple text, it is certain to
prove a popular addition to any classroom
or library.
Walking Through the Jungle /
Camminando nella Giungla
A fearless young girl discovers the different
animals and terrains of the world.
What is Peace? /
Cos’è la Pace?
hb 29.95
Peace is giving… not taking. Peace
is listening… not arguing. Peace is
friendship… not hate. And peace is many
more things…
✪ What Shall we Do with the Boo Hoo
Baby? / Cosa Facciamo con il Bambino
che Piange?
What are Cat, Dog, Cow and Duck to do?
Should they feed him? Bath him? Play
with him? Will the Boo Hoo Baby ever stop
Fiabe e Leggende della
Tradizione Italiana
pb 25.95
Kings, queens, princes, princesses, devils,
witches, ogres, poor people and so many
animals are the protagonists of these allItalian fables. This anthology contains both
popular stories from different regions as
well as stories told by famous writers.
Harry Potter
1. Harry Potter e la Pietra Filosofica pb 49.95
2. Harry Potter e la Camera
dei Segreti
pb 39.95
3. Harry Potter e il Prigioniero
di Azkaban
pb 45.00
4. Harry Potter e il Calice di Fuoco hb 59.95
5. Harry Potter e l’Ordine dell Fenice hb 69.95
6. Harry Potter e il Principe
hb 65.00
7. Harry e I Doni della Morte
In Australia tra I Canguri
pb 24.95
Jack and Annie risk being trapped by a
fire together with a koala and a joey. Will
they find a way out? And will they find the
mother of the joey?
Peter Pan
Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie
Only text
pb 18.95
With illustrations
pb 26.95
pb 25.95
Le Avventure di Pinocchio
Le Avventure di Pinocchio
pb 17.95
hb 39.95
A series of graded stories for children
already familiar with reading in Italian.
7/9 Years
Bula Bula Cerca Lavoro
Il Rubagiocattoli
8/10 Years
Il Mio Amico Invisibile
Fuori il Rospo, Briz!
Le Avventure di Pinocchio
9/11 Years
Sette Mamme per Camilla
Il Libro di Jog
10/12 Years
Caccia al Farabutto
11/13 Years
Strega Come Me
La Tela di Carlotta
pb 19.95
Charlotte’s Web in an Italian translation.
Valentina in Australia
pb 20.95
Valentina visits her uncle Beppe in Australia!
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