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February 2015
For God and Country
The Lynn Haven Legionnaire
Douglas A Munro Post #356
400 Aberdeen Parkway
Panama City FL 32405
(850) 271-3558 *
American Legion
General Membership Meeting – 1 Sat. of Month 10 AM
Executive Board Meeting – 1 Sat. of Month 9AM
Commanders Comments
Fellow Legionnaires,
Another month has come and gone, this month we have many events scheduled for
your enjoyment at Our Post! Check out the calendar to review the great events we have
scheduled, Come out relax and have a fun time.
The Post membership is down some, we all need to beat the bushes, bang the drums
and get members who have not renewed to sign up again, also always try to get new
veterans and their family's to join Our Post.
All Post programs are on track and doing well, Post Bingo is OK but could be doing
better with more Bingo players, care to try your Luck? Then come out and play.
We still need another Burger crew for the first Wednesday of each month, a lot of us
have a great time flipping burgers, this monthly effort only takes a couple of hours .
Thank you for the continued support of Our Post, without your support it would be an
empty building.
Schedule Reminder: The Four Chaplains ceremony on February 7 at 1:30 pm.
For God and Country
Charles L. Johann
Post Commander
2014 – 2015 Auxiliary Officers
President – Laura Bugg
Vice President – Louise Savelli
Treasurer – Ruth Peavy
Secretary – Louise Savelli
Chaplain – Theresa Oliver
Historian – Reese Russell
Sergeant at Arms – Donna Simpson
Executive Committee:
Grace DeArmand
Marge Misch
Erma Loughner
Edith Scarborough
Membership Chair – Ruth Peavy
Show your support to our
troops by
Wearing Red on Friday
General meeting – 1st Sat. of the Month – 10 AM
Auxiliary Members,
If you have not been to a general
membership meeting lately there is some
exciting functions coming up ...
* the Auxiliary will be selling hearts
that you purchase 3 for $5.00 and if your
heart has a winning smiley face you will
receive a gift. Gifts arranging from
$2.00 to $90.00 ... try your luck!
* February 14th is our Sweethearts Dance
so come out with your significant other
have a delicious steak dinner and dance
the night away ... Harry will be our
* February 21st is the SONS / Auxiliary
fundraiser for the Bay County Alzheimer's
Alliance and we will be starting at 4:00
until ??? It will go on throughout the
evening. There will be door prizes,
raffles, an auction ~ you will just have
to come out and join the fun as we collect
money for Alzheimer's ~ a disease that
effects many of us. Right now we are
selling tickets for a flat screen
television and a gas grill that will be
drawn for on February 21 ... don't forget
to buy your tickets 1 for $5.00 or 3 for
Keep in mind our year is coming close to
selecting new officers ... I will be
putting up a self-nomination list of
officer positions. If you are interested
and wanting to get involved please sign
up. Our elections will be the 1st
Saturday in April (April 4th) so the selfnomination sheets will be going up the end
of February. To keep doing what the
Auxiliary does for our Veterans, Children
and Community we are needing volunteers.
I would like to say Thank You to all the volunteers who cooks
for our Auxiliary meals ... I know it becomes tedious in the
kitchen at times because of the lack of help but we all
appreciate you and it is volunteers like you that makes our Unit
For God and Country
Laura Bugg
"Don't take life so seriously.
Nobody gets out alive anyway!"
SONS of the American Legion
General meeting – 1st Tuesday of the Month – 6:30 PM
Thank you for your support for the Son’s cook nights, Good news we will start up our Seafood night
again on February 28th you will have option of fried fish, fish and shrimp or just shrimp along coleslaw,
baked beans and hush puppies, we also do our fish and chips with coleslaw and hush puppies on the 2nd
Friday of every month, come on out and join us you will not be disappointed and at 7:00 karaoke starts
for your singing enjoyment.
Our Sons meetings are 1st Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm, all Sons members are encouraged to
attend, we will be talking about upcoming SAL elections for officers, if you want to make a difference
show up for meetings and have a vote on what and how things are done.
February 21st 2015 is our Alzheimer’s benefit joining forces with the Auxiliary to help raise money for a
very worthy cause, mark this on your calendar; we plan on having a great time while raising money for
this worthy cause.
If you have not paid your dues for 2015 then you are not an active member and do not have member
benefits so please get your dues paid and up to date.
For God and Country
Max Bugg, President
Up to Speed With the ALR
ALR Member ship meetings:3rd Tues of every month.
ALR Wing night: 3rd Fri of every month.
ALR Roast Beef Sandwich Night: 1st Sat of every month.
Just a quick note: The Riders want to say Thank You to our members, we are at 80%. Way to Go!
Vickie Daub,
For God and Country
Ride Safe Ride Proud
ALR Director Post 356
Wayne Loughner
American Legion Softball
Don’t Forget to Support us for Burgers and Bingo
The 3rd and 5th Wednesday every Month
Happy New Year to all
Boosters & Sponsors
The expense of producing the
newsletter is partially funded by
the generous donations of our
members. Each of the following
have paid $12.00 a year to be
included in our newsletter.
Additionally, some of our
members can choose to place
their business card in hopes that
you will support them as they
are supporting this newsletter.
They have paid $75.00 annually.
If you would like to be a booster
or sponsor, please see Reese
Russell or you can call her at
850-624-5558 or email her at
[email protected] She will make
sure you names are added in the
next newsletter. Checks can be
made out and sent to:
American Legion Post 356
400 Aberdeen Parkway
Panama City FL 32405
Sponsor requests should include
a business card.
Paid Until
Dr. Phil Palmer
John Kotz
Keith & Marion Unger
Mike Caraway
Donna & Greg Simpson
Sam Spice
Gary Powell
Bedding Direct of
Panama City, LLC
Patriot Flags
& Flagpoles
Paid Until

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