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June, 2011
Pino Neglia
Lecce Church of Christ: We listened with joy to Mariuda and Carlos’ testimony (photo 1) as they asked for
the Lord’s assistance for their family, and for a blessing on their children (Davide and Luca) to grow up in
God’s Word. Mariuda and Carlos are Brazilian immigrants.
A portion of the Lecce congregation, after a meeting (photo 2); our children (photo 3).
14th Conference of the Churches of Christ – Torre dell’Orso
This year we had the pleasure and the privilege of
having as guest speaker Chuck Schmidt from
Riverlawn Church in Wichita, Kansas with his
wife Colleen (photo).
Chuck presented a workshop on Christian finances,
and provided free books on the subject that had
been translated into Italian: Wealth, Riches and
Money: God’s Biblical Principle of Finance, by Craig
Hill and Earl Pitts.
Before each session, Chuck sang wonderful hymns
that each time brought the participants to glorify the
Lord. Thank you, Chuck and Colleen!!
The general theme of the conference was “The Prayer of Jesus (John 17)”. Ten workshops/studies and six
devotionals were presented from Thursday, June 16 through Sunday, June 19.
Photo 2 shows nine out of the ten speakers, that came from various Churches of Christ in different parts of
Italy: Left to right: Harold Fowler (Matelica), Chuck Schmidt (Wichita, Kansas), Tony Console (Bergamo),
Antonio Ligorio (Latiano), Pino Neglia (Lecce), Carlo Lavermicocca (Bari), Alberto Leuzzi (Francavilla),
Gianni Bruno (Francavilla), Roberto Innocenti (Rome).
Both Arian Kosta and Mondi Gjoni (from Albania) took part as guests of our conference (photo 3). Mondi
and his family stayed in the hotel where we held the conference for a total 10 days as our guests, enjoying a
well deserved vacation.
Our sister in Christ Lucy translated for Chuck during his workshop (photo 1).
Because of the heavy economic crisis that has attacked Europe, we had a decline in the number of
participants in the conference this year. During the planning committee meeting, which included
representatives from the participating churches, we discussed how best to tackle this problem next year, and
how to help our brothers and sisters in this difficult time. The Lecce Christian Mission already covers the
expenses of all our Albanian brothers, as well as all the organizing expenses for the conference (also
traveling from and to the airport, train station etc. ). The conference is one of the main times of study and
spiritual growth for the leaders of the Italian Christian churches. Every church committed to addressing at
the local level the various economic problems that the brethren are dealing with, in order to make their
participation possible in the future. Another moment, as important as the workshops, is the Question and
Answer time with the conference speakers (photo 3), during which the attendees get to analyze and deepen
the presented themes of the conference.
On the right is the photo of the majority of the
attendees, taken after our praise and worship
Sunday morning Chiara and
her father, Segar, of the
Lecce Church of Christ,
presented a hymn in Tamil.
We rejoiced in recognition
of the fact that we had
brothers and sisters present
that spoke six different
languages: Italian, English
(American), Albanian,
Tamil (Sri Lanka), Portughese (Brazilian) and Rumanian. Praise God!!!
You just might receive this newsletter after I am already in Albania (I leave June 23) for the Vacation Bible
Schools that we hold in Gostime and Elbasan. PLEASE pray for the work we do to spread the good news of
Thanking you ahead of time...
Thank you for your love which you have demonstrated for the lord’s work in
italy and albania
Pino Neglia