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michele burato
Michele Burato biography – L’ISOLA – The Carlo Moretti showroom in Venice
As a glass-historian-turned-glass-artist, one might expect Michele Burato’s works to closely follow
the style and methods of the 19th and 20th century Murano masters he so diligently studied. While
regularly incorporating traditional mosaic techniques Burato’s results are entirely unconventional.
Burato first experimented with fusing glass pieces in 1988. Just ten years later he had his first
exhibition in Venice. Intent on combining many colours within one piece, Burato was forced to
contend with compatibility issues and the varying expansion rates of the different colours of glass.
The technical limitations of the Venetian glass he was using too often limited his range of colour
combinations. In 2000, Burato made the very unconventional, and likely difficult, choice to
abandon Venetian materials for a more versatile American product made by the Oregon based
Bullseye Glass Co. From that time on he was free to explore the bold and original colour
combinations for which he is now so well known. Thin layers of glass evoke a painterly character in
multihued brush strokes. His opaque color blends are reminiscent of precious stone, or in more
audacious examples, carpets and tapestries.
Attilia Dorigato, Managing Director of Museo del Vetro, Murano, has written: “(Burato) ignores the
traditional concept that glass must have some kind of function as well as a decorative role – as a
vase, a drinking vessel, a bowl – and allows the artistic creation to establish its own relationship
with the material. He treats glass almost as if it were semi-precious stones and exploits its fugitive
transparency, its sudden brilliance, its liquid effects, its specks of gold and silver, its superimposed
grids that spread out like cobwebs of labyrinthine intricacy.”
Born in Venice in 1957, Michele Burato first approached the legendary Italian Glass industry as
collector and a dealer. From 1980 to 1995 he cultivated an international reputation as an expert in
the field of nineteenth and twentieth-century Italian glass. In 1988, Burato considered this material
from a new angle, fusing slices of vintage canes he had acquired from various Murano furnaces.
Burato used a small household kiln to create flat glass panels embedded with vintage murrine and
eventually adapted these methods to three-dimensional forms. At Anfora Furnace, he found the
progressive environment he required to experiment with methods and materials outside firmly
rooted Venetian customs. While thoroughly acquainted with tradition, Michele Burato refuses to be
limited by it. His works invest new life in an ancient industry.
Burato’s works are represented in the Museo Vetrario di Murano in Venice, and the Corning
Museum of Glass in Corning, NY, USA.
Exhibitions / Catalogues:
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True Colours, Rossella Junck Gallery, Venice, Italy, 2000.
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Michele Burato biography – L’ISOLA – The Carlo Moretti showroom in Venice
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Michele Burato biography – L’ISOLA – The Carlo Moretti showroom in Venice
Florian, Vertri Dipinti di Michele Burato, Enzo Di Martino, Il Gazzettino, 10 May 2006.
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L'ISOLA srl - SHOWROOM & HEAD OFFICE - San Marco 1468 - Campo San Moisè - 30124 Venice, Italy
tel +39 041 523 1973 - fax +39 041 522 3118 - e-mail [email protected] - http: //www.lisola.com

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