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Original herunterladen ( Dokument)
World Expo Milano 2015
May 01st – October 31st
All you need
to know about
Expo 2015
World Expo Milano 2015
Index ............................................... 2
Extraordinary and unique... .............. 3
The themes of Expo.......................... 4
Description of Expo .......................... 5
Pavilions........................................ 12
Events ........................................... 18
Tickets........................................... 18
Opening hours ............................... 19
Access routes Expo ........................ 20
Parking near to Expo ...................... 23
Airports ......................................... 27
Taxis and car sharing ..................... 28
What is inside Expo ........................ 28
Guide service inside Expo ............... 29
Eataly's Regional Restaurants......... 30
Cirque du Soleil: Allavita! ............... 31
A year of big events in Milan .......... 31
Milan, the Expo city........................ 36
Highlights of Milan ......................... 37
Good food and locations ................. 38
Map of the Expo area ..................... 42
Expo Info
Extraordinary and unique...
This is how Expo Milano will introduce itself from May 1st
to October 31st of 2015.
And it will indeed be a Universal Exhibition with entirely
innovative characteristics. Not only a collection of
exhibits, but more an intense process of participation
that will actively involve the interested parties – the
organising country, participating nations, international
organisations, civil society, visitors, partners, scientific
and International economic communities – to focus on
one central theme for the fate of humanity:
"Feeding the Planet,
Energy for Life"
World Expo Milano 2015
The themes of Expo
Improving the quality and safety of our food, means
ensuring that we have enough food to live on and being
certain that we are consuming healthy food and
drinkable water.
Ensuring a good quality, healthy diet is available to
human beings, to eliminate hunger, thirst, infant
mortality and malnutrition, which today afflicts 850
million people on the plant, so eradicating famine and
Preventing new important social illnesses of our
age, from obesity to cardiovascular illnesses, from
tumors to the most widespread epidemics, promoting
practices that allow these illnesses to be cured and
Innovating the entire food chain with research,
technology and enterprise, to improve the nutritional
characteristics of the products, their storage and
Educating people about how to eat properly to
favour new lifestyles, in particular for children,
adolescents, the differently abled and the elderly.
Promote knowledge of “food traditions” as cultural and
ethnic elements.
At Expo the frontier of science
technology will be on display
Preserving biodiversity, respecting the environment
as the ecosystem of agriculture, protecting the quality
and safety of food, educating people about personal
health and wellbeing.
Identifying better tools to monitor and innovate,
starting with biotechnologies that do not pose a threat
to health and the environment, with a vision to
guarantee availability of nutritious, healthy food and
water to drink and for irrigation.
Ensuring new food sources in the areas of the globe
where agriculture is not developed or is threatened by
the desertification of lands and forests, by drought and
famine, and by the ecological fish impoverishment of
rivers and seas.
Expo Info
Description of Expo
The area chosen for the event location is in the north-eastern part of Milan, at
the crossroads between the A9 Milan-Lakes motorway and the A4 Milan-Turin. It
spans a surface area of 1.1 million m² and is adjacent to the new Fiera di Milano
exhibition centre. The layout of Expo resembles an island surrounded by a canal
of water and is structured along the perpendicular axes of the World Avenue or
Decumano and the Cardo, following on the architecture of ancient Roman
cities. All the national pavilions are similarly positioned, overlooking the large
main road, which is 1.5 km long and 35 metres wide. The Italian Regional and
Provincial pavilions are set out along the Cardo instead, which is 325 metres
long and 35 metres wide. Where the two axes meet, there is a large square,
Piazza Italia of 4,350 m².
"Palazzo Italia", the pavilion of the organising country, stands tall to the north
of the Cardo and looks out over Lake Arena, an arena resembling a lake, which
is 98 metres in diameter. The southern side hosts an Open Air Theatre of
around 10,000 m² offering a total of around 9,000 seats.
At one end of the Decumano there is a large artificial hill (82,800 cubic metres
in volume) and the Expo Center stands at the other end, composed of three
independent functional blocks: auditorium (southern block), performance area
(central block) and office building (northern block), spanning a total of around
6,300 m². The first two blocks are designed to be dismantled when the Expo
ends, while the office building will remain a permanent fixture.
The two main entrances to the site, to the south and west, feature two
passageways which respectively link the Cascina Merlata area and the suburban
district of the Fiera di Milano.
In addition to the pavilions of the various nations taking part, Expo
guests can visit the following dedicated themed areas
Future food district
Biodiversity park
Arts & foods
Clusters (pavilions supported by many nations)
Fruit and legumes
Cereals and tubers
Islands, sea and food
Arid zones
Pavilion zero
World Expo Milano 2015
Future food district
Biodiversity Park
Expo Info
Arts & Food
World Expo Milano 2015
Fruit and legumes
Expo Info
Cereals and tubers
Bio - Mittelmeerraum
Bio - Mediterraneum
World Expo Milano 2015
Islands, sea and food
Arid zones
Expo Info
Pavilion zero
World Expo Milano 2015
Italian Pavilion
It is a bright, futuristic project. The two core themes are the
Vivaio (Plant Nursery) and the Albero della Vita (Tree of
Life): the Plant Nursery is intended as the place where the next
generations grow, the symbolic place in which to develop a
green future, respecting nature and the environment. The Tree of
Life, is based on five main elements: water, energy, transparency,
nature and technology.
German Pavilion
It has sails and two itineraries, inside and outside. An open, freely
accessible and welcoming building based on the link between
nature and agriculture, between nature and food.
Expo Info
Austrian Pavilion
Technology, ecology and air are at the centre of the Austrian
pavilion. Their concept is air as a common good. The importance
of its purity, the cycle and the balance of the planet are explored
in an area that will also have woodland vegetation inside it that
can produce 62.5 kg of oxygen per hour.
Swiss Pavilion
The concept reflects the scarcity of food resources in the world
and shows the other side of abundance. It consists of four towers
filled with local produce that the visitors can obtain. However,
there are limited resources available. Going over this limit means
depriving other visitors of the same opportunities. The project
focuses on the availability and distribution of food resources in the
world and invites visitors to reflect on their consumption habits.
World Expo Milano 2015
French Pavilion
It is an architectural display of reusable wood, energy efficiency
and environmental sustainability, which combines French nature
with a rich garden, environmentally responsible architecture,
technology and a cultural study.
Chinese Pavilion
The theme is Land of hope, food for life. It is strongly oriented
towards ecological and alimentary sustainability, to the
enhancement of traditions and the need to find the right balance
between economic development and the preservation of the
planet. It is a huge structure made of wood, rice and bamboo
whose curves represent ripples on the grain, while recalling the
traditional architectural lines of the Asian nation.
Expo Info
Azerbaijani Pavilion
Largest producer and exporter of organic, wholesome and healthy
products, Azerbaijan promotes the historical and cultural traditions
in the food sector and introduce a new political vision on
sustainable development and biodiversity. The architecture is very
simple and modern and is built with traditional materials such as
wood and stone, which are combined in an innovative way with
metal and glass.
Mexican Pavilion
It is reminiscent of an ear of corn and its peel, the totomoxtle. The
structure fully expresses the link between food, tradition and
sustainability. Inside there is a rich display of typical products,
surrounded by flowing water that gives life to the gardens, to the
discovery of Mexico's culinary, ecological and cultural wealth.
World Expo Milano 2015
Malaysian Pavilion
The building is shaped like four huge seeds from the rainforest,
which are both open and closed, with exposed beams and wooden
walkways, and materials made from rice husks. A journey towards
a sustainable food ecosystem within buildings shaped like seeds
that recall the origin of life itself. The seeds represent traditional
Malaysian cuisine.
Vietnamese Pavilion
Water is the most important element in the world for feeding and
giving life to all living things, but in reality, it is threatened by the
effects of pollution, intensive fishing and waste. The lotus is a
very common flower in Vietnam. It grows in the mud, and can
purify the water in which it grows. The message is about their
commitment to actively protecting the environment and water
Expo Info
Romanian Pavilion
The theme is Living with Nature. It appears to be suspended
between the past and the future: it is presented as a fusion of
modernity and tradition, of agriculture and sustainability. It is a
contemporary reinterpretation of a typical Romanian village.
Israeli Pavilion
The main feature is the “vertical garden”: a 70-metre-long wall
that is 12 metres high and completely covered with living
plants, whose flowers and colours will change with the passing
of the seasons. The reference to vegetation symbolises the
country's cutting-edge position in the agriculture and food sector
and in the fight against desertification. Through work, research
and development, they have been able to make much of their arid
land fertile. It offers a wonderful journey through agricultural
engineering with a glimpse at humanity's future.
World Expo Milano 2015
There will be over 3000 scheduled events taking place during Expo Milano
2015 in the main areas inside the exhibition centre: the open-air theatre,
seating 9,000 people, in addition to Expo by Night, which will also host other
events. The 20 small squares dotted along the exhibition site with a capacity
of between 1,000 and 1,500 seats. The Expo Centre, located in the
western section of the Decumano, which can host up to 3,000 people.
Room for events seating up to 1,000 people are also available inside the
nine Clusters, or themed pavilions, where three or four events will be held
each week, and inside the Italian Pavilion. Another area of approximately
1,000 square metres will be exclusively set aside for conventions and B2B
Open air Theatre
Tickets can be purchased from authorised ticket agents and from subdistributors.
For each individual ticket an A4 document in pdf format will be issued. This
must be printed and presented at the turnstiles where it will be scanned by the
entrance staff.
Expo Info
Opening hours
From Monday to Sunday: from 10 am to 11 pm
The themed areas will be open from 10 am to 11 pm and
visitors will have the opportunity to participate in “Expo
by Night”, a programme of evening events focused
around the possibility of dining in the restaurants present
on the site: 2.6 million meals are expected to be served
during the six-month exhibition.
Nations and partnering companies have access to the
individual areas looking on to the communal areas, where
they can organise exhibitions and sell their products.
During the day, educational events related to nutrition
and art, as well as specially designed children's initiatives
will be held in the clusters. On the other hand, the
evening programme should have a more worldly feel,
with the arrival of many special guests.
World Expo Milano 2015
Access routes Expo
The Expo Milano 2015 Exhibition Site is located a few kilometres from the centre of
Milan and is well connected to the city's three airports and the main public transport
Map of the Expo area page 42
Expo Info
The access routes for the Expo 2015 site are:
Subway line 1 (red) Rho Fiera Station
It connects the area to the city's public transportation
system. You can reach the Expo site in 25 minutes from
the Duomo and 35 minutes from the Central Station. You
must have a suburban ticket to ride. It costs € 5.00 and
is valid for two 105-minute journeys on the Milan ATM
and Trenord urban networks and on the suburban
subway and railway to and from Rho Fiera Expo.
The ticket is valid for only person per journey on the
subway and Trenord train services. The tickets can be
bought at the vending machines in the subway stations,
at the ATM points and from authorised dealers such as
newsagents and tobacconists. You will be able to reach
Rho Fair Expo with a single ticket that is valid on both
the ATM network and the Trenord regional railways
Suburban trains and connections
Near the west entrance to the Exhibition Site, the
dedicated station will cover three regional lines, S5, S6
and S14, connected to the underground network of Milan
with stations in the city centre, and the high speed Turin
- Milan train line.
Interregional trains from the Turin-Novara-Milan line will
also stop at the Rho Fiera Milano station, departing from
Milano Centrale, Milano Porta Garibaldi, Torino Porta
Nuova and Torino Porta Susa. There is also a shuttle bus
that connects the Rho train station to the Rho-Fiera
Milano station (bus stop in the north square).
The suburban train tickets can be bought at the vending
machines in the subway stations, at the ATM points and
from authorised dealers such as newsagents and
World Expo Milano 2015
Three motorways intersect near the Expo site:
A4 Turin-Milan and Venice-Milan - exit Fiera Milano and Pero-Fiera Milano
A8 Chiasso-Como-Milan - exit Fiera Milano
A9 Varese -Milan - exit Fiera Milano
As well as the Tangenziale Ovest Ring Road that connects the southern area of
Milan, and the A7 Genoa-Milan, to the A4 motorway and consequently the Expo
Private cars will not be able to access the Expo site directly and will have
to use the car parks provided
Expo Info
Parking near to Expo
TRENNO parking lot in Via Novara (MI)
The area is located 10 km from Expo and has 1,500 parking spaces. It can be
reached along the Tangenziale Ovest Ring Road when arriving from the A4
motorway in the north or the A7 motorway in the south. There is a free shuttle
service to the EXPO site that travels along the Tangenziale Ovest Ring Road to the
motorway and to the Est Roserio entrance.
The service is available throughout the day at intervals of a minimum of 10 to a
maximum of 20 minutes.
The length of the route is 10 kilometres.
ARESE parking lot in Via Bariana (MI)
The car park is located in the Arese area, at the ex Alfa Romeo factory.
There is free shuttle service from the Arese (MI) parking area to the EXPO 2015
exhibition site (Est Roserio entrance) that follows the new Arese/A8 connecting road
and the inter-area road.
The service is available throughout the day at intervals of a minimum of 3 to a
maximum of 20 minutes from 8 am to 1 am.
The length of the route is 13.5 kilometres.
Daily rates valid for a single entrance to the two Expo parking areas for
motor vehicles:
Bus Not Available
€ 12.20
Motorbikes and mopeds
€ 12.20
Vehicles for disabled people Not available
Camper vans
€ 12.20
Following confirmation of purchase, you will be sent an email with documents
containing useful information.
Handling Fees
To book a parking space, Gadis charges a Handling Fee of € 50.00.
When booking a package (hotel + ticket and/or other services), the handling fee will
not be applied.
World Expo Milano 2015
Private coaches (max. length 14 mt) will have a dedicated parking lot at the south
entrance of the Expo site.
The car park can be reached from the A8 from the Varese-Como-Switzerland
direction and the Malpensa airport and the A4 motorway from the Turin or BresciaBergamo direction
Recommended route for the MERLATA bus parking
Arriving from Varese – Arona ( Lago Maggiore) – Como - Chiasso
Keep driving on the highway A8 and before the toll booth in Milan, follow direction
to GENOVA. You will enter in the Tangenziale of Milan. After passing the bridge of
the Milan-Turin highway A4 take the first exit after the bridge: MILANO
Keep driving on the “Strada Statale 11” towards the center of Milan and follow the
directions to MILANO GALLARATESE. Once you have passed the sign for the tube
station MOLINO DORINO, DON’T follow the indications for the bus access lane to the
Expo site but keep the right side and at the second traffic light turn right on Via
Gallarate (it is as well the Strada statale 33 of Sempione). After 600 meters on the
left you will find the entrance to the parking for busses CASCINA MERLATA.
From the highway exit the parking entrance is at 3,5 km.
Arriving from Verona – Venice - Brennero
Highway A4 Venice – Turin. Once you have passed the Expo site (you will see it on
your right), and just before the Milan toll exit station, take direction to TANGENZIALE
PER GENOVA - BOLOGNA. You will now enter in the Tangenziale of Milan. Take the
Keep driving on the “Strada Statale 11” towards the center of Milan and follow the
directions to MILANO GALLARATESE. Once you have passed the sign for the tube
station MOLINO DORINO, DON’T follow the indications for the bus access lane to the
Expo site but keep the right side and at the second traffic light turn right on Via
Gallarate (it is as well the Strada statale 33 of Sempione). After 600 meters on the
left you will find the entrance to the parking for busses CASCINA MERLATA.
From the highway exit the parking entrance is at 3,5 km.
From the parking lot you can reach the south entrance of the Expo via a 500-metre
long footbridge.
Daily rates valid for a single entrance only for private bus tours:
€ 48.80
Expo Info
Useful base information for access of groups
with coaches
The Merlata bus park is inside the Limited Traffic Zone of the City of Milan so when
you book a space over the internet you must enter the registration number of each
vehicle for which you book parking. This information can be modified up to 3 days
prior to the date of arrival.
The booking needs to be done on the website
(English and Italian). These are the information to fill in:
Date of access - Type of vehicle - Code of a valid ticket for the entry - then select the
parking on the map and fill in the form with the required information and proceed
with the payment using a credit card details
(ATTENTION: the mobile number of the driver needs to be inserted using the
alphabetic keyboard and not the numeric keyboard)
You will receive a confirmation email with useful documents and information
Those who have not booking and payment of the parking fee made via Internet will
have to register individually on the website from Comune di Milano www.gadis.it/download/ZTL_Milano_2015_EN.pdf
Buses are granted access after barcode scanning at the parking entrance. Buses
that have not reserved an area may enter by taking a ticket at the entrance gate
and later paying at the register.
The assigned space will be shown after entering the lot. We advise letting
passengers out 50 metres after the entrance gate barrier so as to avoid extra
walking distance.
The driver must wait for the group in the same point to accompany visitors to the
parking space for boarding and departure.
Vehicles stopping to load or unload risk fines by the traffic control staff.
The parking lot contains only few toilettes, we therefore recommend making all
necessary stops to the restroom before entering the parking lot.
A walkway takes visitors from the bus parking area to the entrance where tickets
will be checked and visitors scanned with a metal detector, as in airport security
controls. The first route lasts 10 minutes, followed by waiting times for checks. An
additional 10 minute route takes from the entrance of the Expo site to the south
entrance of the Expo by taking an escalator and proceeding along a walkway over
the Torino-Venezia motorway until reaching a ramp heading down (a lift is also
World Expo Milano 2015
The bus drivers may not move their vehicle when parked, or will be forced to pay a
second parking fee. They may exit the parking lot on foot. A rest area and a barrestaurant are located to the right of the exit gate barrier.
Handling Fees
To book a parking space, Gadis charges a Handling Fee of € 50.00.
Download of the parking places access
Expo Info
The largest international airport for the Expo is Malpensa at 40 km from the site. The
second airport of Milan is Linate, near the city centre and 30 Km from the Expo site.
The Bergamo-Orio al Serio airport is also easily accessible via the A4 motorway and
is at 54 Km from the Expo site.
MALPENSA connections
Malpensa Shuttle Bus: It is a direct service, for a fee, that departs from Terminal
1, exit 6, and from Terminal 2 on request on an hourly basis and arrives at Milan
Central Station. For the duration of the event it will also stop at Porta Est Fiera
Milano. For more information: www.malpensashuttle.it
Malpensabus Motorway Express S.P.A.: It connects Milan to Malpensa and Orio
al Serio. For more information: www.autostradale.it
Malpensa Express Train: These trains connect the Milano Cadorna and Milano
Centrale stations. Along this route, there is also a stop at the Garibaldi station where
you can take lines S5 and S6 directly to the Expo site. From the central station you
can take the green MM2 subway line, change at Cadorna, and take the red MM1
subway line, to Rho-Fiera Milano. For more information: www.malpensaexpress.it
LINATE connections
ATM Bus no. 73: The bus route, in the Piazza San Babila direction, comes to an end
in the centre and from there you can get on the red MM1 metro line to Rho-Fiera
Expo. You can also take the bus no. 73 Express that goes along the same route but
information: www.atm-mi.it
Air Bus is the special ATM service that connects Linate airport with the central
railway station. For more information: www.atm.it
Bergamo ORIO AL SERIO Connections
Orio Shuttle Bus: his direct transport service is not free and departs every hour
from the "Arrivals", area and, for the duration of the event, goes directly to the east
entrance of the Expo Exhibition site. For more information: www.orioshuttle.it
Malpensabus Motorway Express Bus S.P.A.: It connects Milan to Malpensa and
Orio al Serio. For more information: www.autostradale.it
World Expo Milano 2015
Taxis and car sharing
With the taxi service you can reach the east and south entrances of the Exhibition
Site. You can book a taxi by calling any of the following numbers:
Yellow Taxi
tel. +39 02 6969
Radio Taxi Freccia
tel. +39 02 4000
Taxi Blu
tel. +39 02 4040
tel. +39 02 8585
In Milan, there are on various car sharing companies including
Enjoy (only for drivers with an Italian driving license) and car2go (that can also be
used by foreign customers) covers 700 cars in the Milan area. Consult the website
for details on how to access this service:
The cost of this service is € 14.90 per hour or € 59.00 per day.
What is inside Expo
Security Checks
At the entrances of the site, safety checks will be carried out (turnstiles and metal
detectors) to the standards required of international airports
Information Points
There will be 4 information points where you can book guided tours and tickets for
all of the events in the Open Air Theatre
Luggage Storage, Rentals and Lost Property
Within the site there will be no luggage storage available while it will be possible to
rent prams for children and tablets. For the more absent-minded, there will be two
lost property offices.
Expo for Disabled People
All the entrances have disabled access. Within the site wheelchairs can be rented
and minor repairs can be made to personal devices. All the bathrooms in the site
have disabled access.
Expo Info
Bank and ATM
There is a branch of Banca Intesa in addition to various ATMs.
Picnic Area
For people who love eating outdoors, there are various equipped picnic areas.
First Aid and Law Enforcement
There are various first aid and law enforcement points. In case of an emergency,
phone 112
Expo 2015 is dedicated to nutrition, so there are boundless dining possibilities. Each
of the participating Countries has an interesting (and delicious...) itinerary within the
pavilions linked to their typical food while outside there are more than 80 options:
Michelin restaurants, restaurants serving typical food, bars and cafés, cafeterias,
kiosks, street food.
Everyone will definitely find a huge selection of dishes and recipes to enjoy!
Guide service inside Expo
Customised tours for groups (max. 30 people for each guide)
Max 3 hours Customisable itinerary
Morning hours between 10.00 am and 01.00 pm
Afternoon hours between 01.30 pm and 04.30 pm
Price per group
€ 390.00
World Expo Milano 2015
Eataly's Regional Restaurants
The Eataly pavilion is half way along the main route.
It covers an area of 8000 sqm and a garden of the same size.
It will host 20 regional restaurants, a pizza restaurant and a piadina restaurant, all
self service, and 6 coffee shop areas. There will be a total of 1000 seats available
and a display of works of art from all over Italy.
Coupon a)
1 course (starter or first course) + a glass of wine, a beer or a soft drink
+ 1/2 bottle of water
€ 16,00
Coupon b)
2 courses (starter + first course or starter + second course)
+ 1 glass of wine, a beer or a soft drink + 1/2 bottle of water
Coupon c)
2 courses + dessert + 1 glass of wine, a beer or a soft drink +
1/2 bottle of water
€ 30,00
€ 36,00
Groups of more than 20 people can book tables.
The client will receive a coupon from Gadis and, by going to the Eataly infopoint,
they will be directed to the chosen restaurant based on the menu requested.
There are no free meals provided.
Expo Info
Cirque du Soleil: Allavita!
A unique event with 48 artists and 14 attractions for a one-off breathtaking Show.
The show will take place in an open-air arena with 12,000 seats.
The seats are not numbered.
The show starts at 9:30 pm, lasts 1 hour and will be held from Wednesday to
Sunday, from May 13 until August 30, 2015
Ticket price:
Sector A 35.00 Euros
Sector B
30.00 Euros
Sector C
25.00 Euros
To access the show you will need an evening ticket for the Expo, which
from 7 pm to 11 pm costs 5 Euros, or a full day ticket
Booking of ticket only, Gadis will charges a Handling Fee of € 50.00 Euro.
A year of big events in Milan
Painting exhibitions
The Art in Lombardia from the Visconti family to the Sforza family
from 12 March to 28 June 2015
Palazzo Reale di Milano
Piazza del Duomo
Opening time: Monday: 14.30-19.30; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday: 9.30
19.30; Thursday and Saturday: 9.30-22.30
Leonardo da Vinci exhibition from 16 April to 19 July 2015
Palazzo Reale di Milano
Opening time: Monday: 14.30–19.30; Tuesday, Wednesday: 9.30-19.30; Thursday,
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 9.30-24.00.
World Expo Milano 2015
Arts & Foods exhibition from 9 April 2015 to 1 November 2015
The only Expo pavilion in the centre of Milan
Triennale di Milano
Opening time: Tuesday - Sunday 10.30 - 20.30; Thursday 10.30 - 23.00
Giotto exhibition from 2 September 2015 to 10 January 2016
Palazzo Reale di Milano
Opening time: Monday: 14.30-19.30; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday: 9.30
19.30; Thursday and Saturday: 9.30-22.30
La Grande Madre exhibition from 25 August to 15 November
The maternity in art
Palazzo Reale di Milano
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday: 9.30-19.30
Thursday and Saturday: 9.30-22.30
“Un museo ideale “ exhibition from 15 May to 13 September
Masterpieces of the Twentieth Century from the most important Italian
Museo del Novecento
Palazzo dell'Arengario
Via Marconi, 1
Photographic exhibition Italy inside out from 21 March to 21 June
Palazzo della Ragione
Piazza dei Mercanti
Museum of the cultures from 27 March
The brand new museum dedicated to the culture from all over the world
Area ex Ansaldo
via Tortona 56
Prada Foundation will open from 9 May
Largo Isarco
DON’T SHOOT THE PAINTER – Painting from the UBS Art Collection
from 17 June to 4 October
GAM Galleria d’Arte Moderna
via Palestro 16
Opening time: Tuesday-Sunday 9.00 - 19.30 Thursday 9.00 - 22.30
Expo Info
Jazz and pop concerts
Diane Schuur - 15 April
Blue note Milano
h. 21,00 – h. 23,00
Richard Galliano - 16 April
Blue note Milano
h. 21,00 – h. 23,00
John Scofield - 01 May
Blue note Milano
h. 21,00 – h. 23,30
Maceo Parker - 02 May
Blue note Milano
h. 21,00 – h. 23,30
The Manhattan Transfer - 06 May
Blue note Milano
h. 21,00 – h. 23,00
Joe Lovano - 07 May
Blue note Milano
h. 21,00 – h. 23,00
Dave Holland - 08 May
Blue note Milano
h. 21,00 – h. 23,30
Stanley Clarke - 31 October
Blue note Milano
h. 21,00 – h. 23,30
Mark Knopfler - 29 May
Mediolanum Forum Assago
Via Giuseppe di Vittorio
Maroon 5 - 12 June
Mediolanum Forum Assago
Via Giuseppe di Vittorio
Toto - 3 July
Mercati Generali
Via Cesare Lambroso, 54
U2 - 04 and 05 September
Pala Alpitour
Mika - 27 September
Mediolanum Forum Assago
Via Giuseppe di Vittorio
Crosby, Stills and Nash - 1 October
Teatro Degli Arcimboldi
Viale dell'Innovazione, 20
The original Blues Brothers Band
28 May
Blue note Milano
h. 21,00 – h. 23,00
The original Blues Brothers Band
29 May
Blue note Milano
h. 21,00 – h. 23,30
World Expo Milano 2015
Eros Ramazzotti
07 and 09 October
Mediolanum Forum Assago
Via Giuseppe di Vittorio
Blue - 11 October
Alcatraz Milano
Via Valtellina
Take That - 13 October
Mediolanum Forum Assago
Via Giuseppe di Vittorio
Deep Purple - 31 October
Mediolanum Forum Assago
Via Giuseppe di Vittorio
Simply Red - 15 November
Mediolanum Forum Assago
Via Giuseppe di Vittorio
Madonna - 21-22 November 2015
Pala Alpitour
Simple Minds - 21 November
Mediolanum Forum Assago
Via Giuseppe di Vittorio
Europe - 28 November
Alcatraz Milano
Via Valtellina
Opera, ballets and concert
1 May opening day of Expo 2015
5 - 8 - 12 - 15 - 17 - 20 - 23 May
Teatro alla Scala
Giacomo Puccini
Lucia di Lammermoor
28 - 31 May and 3 - 5- 8 -June
Teatro alla Scala
Gaetano Donizetti
Carmen - 4 -6 - 9 - 13 - 16 June
Teatro alla Scala
Georges Bizet
Cavalleria rusticana
12 - 15 - 17 - 20 - 23 June
Teatro alla Scala
Pietro Mascagnani
Expo Info
Tosca - 22 - 24 - 27 - 30 June
and 3 - 6 - 9 July
Teatro alla Scala
Giacomo Puccini
4 - 7 - 10 - 14 - 17 - 20 - 24 July
Teatro alla Scala
Gioacchino Rossini
Il Barbiere di Siviglia
27 - 29 - 31 July and
2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 August
Teatro alla Scala
Gioacchino Rossini
La bohème 19 – 22 - 25 – 26 – 28 –
29 – 31 August and 2 September
Teatro alla Scala
Giacomo Puccini
L’elisir d’amore
18 - 21 - 25 - 28 September
3 - 6 - 10 - 13 - 17 October
Teatro alla Scala
Gaetano Donizetti
La Bella Addormentata nel bosco
26 - 29 - 30 September and
5 - 7 - 20 - 22 - 23 October
Teatro alla Scala
Pëtr Il’ic Cajkovskij
Gala des Étoiles - 30 - 31 October
Closing event of Expo 2015
Maurizio Pollini - 11 May
Teatro alla Scala
Leo Nucci - James Vaughan
21 June
Teatro alla Scala
Baritone - Piano
Josè Carreras - Lorenzo Bava
30 July
Teatro alla Scala
Tenor – Piano
Thomas Hampson, Martin
Grubinger and The New Percussive
Planet Ensemble - 25 October
Teatro alla Scala
Symphonic season
London Philharmonic Orchestra
7 September
Teatro alla Scala
Direttore Vladimir Jurowski - Pianoforte
Daniil Trifonov
Orchestre de Paris - 11 September
Teatro alla Scala
Direttore Paavo Järvi - Pianoforte
Hélène Grimaud
World Expo Milano 2015
Milan, the Expo city
Culture, Fashion, Architecture, Leonardo and
the Dolce Vita...
Milan, the second largest city in Italy, is a lively, irresistible
metropolis that has become the symbol of Italy's “Dolce
Vita”. Streets and lanes brimming with history unwind
between the famous Duomo and “Teatro alla Scala”,
alongside excellent restaurants, characteristic bars and
fashionable shops.
Many famous fashion houses were founded in Milan, such as
for example Valentino, Gucci, Versace, Prada, Armani and
Dolce & Gabbana. No other city beats Milan for a city
shopping break!
And it also tops the bill in terms of important modern
architecture: entire areas have been transformed and in the
space of a few years its skyline will look completely different.
Last but decidedly not least, the dolce vita of Milan, also the
most vibrant, dynamic city when it comes to eating and
Many of the trends exported to Europe were born here, and
its many bars and restaurants vie with one another to
constantly offer residents and visitors new experiences.
Expo Info
Highlights of Milan
The Duomo of Milan (the most important
example of Gothic architecture in Italy) with
Piazza del Duomo.
The magnificent Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
II, near Piazza del Duomo, with its elegant
shops and cafes.
The Scala of Milan, one of the most famous
opera theatres in the world with the “Museum
of the Scala”.
Galleries, two of the most important
collections of paintings in Italy.
The magnificent Sforzesco Castle with the
Parco Sempione. This contains an exceptional
hall painted with frescos by Leonardo da Vinci,
and the last work of Michelangelo, the “Pietà
Rondanini” dating to 1564 but never finished.
The church named after Santa Maria delle
Grazie, which hosts the famous fresco "The
Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci.
Via Montenapoleone, the top Italian high
fashion shopping street. A must for luxury
shopaholics or even those enjoying a stroll in
leisurely pursuit of some window shopping.
The Achille Castiglioni Studio Museum. The
creative hideaway of the great Milanese
designer who won the "Compasso d'Oro" no
less than 9 times (the most prestigious
international fashion design), contains some of
the drawings, photographs, objects and books
that inspired Achille Castiglioni to create his
many designs, a collection that provides an
insight into the designer's boundless creativity
and enviable genius.
World Expo Milano 2015
Good food and locations
La Terrazza Martini
Located high up, standing proud above the spires
of the Duomo and the rooftops of the ancient city,
Terrazza Martini has been a symbol of Milan and
its vocation for all that is international since 1958.
It is based in a setting that has left its mark on
time: it has seen the most illustrious protagonists
from the cultural and celebrity worlds pass by
from the top level of Piazza Diaz; here, some of
the biggest names in international cinema were
presented to the Italian public. Renovated twice
during the course of its history, today the Terrazza
has a modern, luxurious image that combines
design and functionality.
Capacity: up to 200 people.
Outdoor area: Yes
Location: DUOMO area.
I Chiostri dell’Umanitaria
The Chiostri dell'Umanitaria di San Barnaba are
part of the many pieces of history that make up
Milan, a city full of historical dwellings and places
that are suitable for hosting a refined event of a
cultural significance.
A prestigious location in the heart of Milan, this
fifteenth century building is characterised by the
famous cloisters and the splendid hall with
frescoes which served as the ancient refectory of
the Franciscan convent.
Environment: relaxing, elegant and refined.
Capacity: up to 200 people in several rooms (halls
or cloisters).
Outdoor area: Yes
Location: central, to the east of Piazza Duomo
Expo Info
Trattoria Arlati
Trattoria Arlati was opened in the 1930s.
Type: traditional, cosy, artistic.
Strong points: traditional Milanese cuisine,
excellent ingredients, cold meats, exceptional
wine list, impeccable service.
Unique venue for business people, artists, intellectuals.
Customised menu and the possibility of a lively
evening with live music.
Capacity: up to 120 people in several rooms.
Location: BICOCCA area
Osteria di Porta Cicca
Located in the Navigli area, the Osteria di Porta
Cicca takes its guests on a journey back in time,
with an atmosphere inspired by the old
restaurants of Milan. Its decor is simple and rather
romantic but also has a touch of class. Waiting to
welcome you are Chef Giorgio Broggini and
Antonietta, ready to amaze you with a seasonal
menu composed of traditional meat and fish
dishes, at times revisited with a pinch of original
flair. The restaurant also offers various dishes for
vegetarians. In summer guests can dine outside in
the outdoor terrace next to the restaurant.
Capacity: up to 55 people.
Outdoor area: garden.
Location: Navigli area
World Expo Milano 2015
Ceresio 7
The restaurant Ceresio 7 is located on the
magnificent terrace of the historical Enel building.
The innovative project saw the involvement of
designers Dean e Dan Caten, together with the
architecture studio Storage and the interior design
specialist Dimore Studio to create the concept of
the interiors and the furniture.
The large indoor dining room, overlooking the
contemporary skyline of the new Varesine
business centre, features two swimming pools and
a panoramic terrace that enables its guests to
taste the Chef's creations “en plein air”
surrounded by nature.
The kitchen is masterfully managed by Chef Elio
Sironi, whose distinguishing mark is his “exacting
simplicity”: the rediscovery of great classics of
Italian cuisine, redeveloped to enhance the
practical goodness of the flavours.
Providing a pleasant surprise on the roof of the
building are two magnificent swimming pools with
a 360° view of the city. During the day they offer a
private area for relaxation, whereas in the evening
they provide the magnificent backdrop for an
aperitif or event at Ceresio7.
Capacity: up to 80 people.
Outdoor area: Yes
Location: centre – Porta Garibaldi – Bastions
of Porta Volta.
Osteria Casa Tua
A passion for traditional dishes prepared with
carefully selected, home-grown ingredients is the
principle behind a rustic, but beautifully designed
restaurant offering ancient Tuscan flavours in a
warm, welcoming atmosphere. An excellent wine
list allows diners to drink a toast to a charming
informal evening, during which they are attended
to by efficient staff who provide a quick service.
Capacity: up to 100 people in several rooms.
Location: Porta Romana area
Expo Info
Giacomo Arengario
The restaurant of the Museo del Novecento is a
tribute to the “Decò” period. The “period rooms”
divide the various areas of the restaurant: a Hall,
with low tables, armchairs and sofas; a Bar with
elements in black lacquered wood and mirrors,
which evoke the metaphysical architecture of those
years; a restaurant Hall, decorated with wooden
panelling and old mirrors, with a coffered ceiling. A
1930s style red lacquered panelled Gallery which
opens on to the kitchen. And, last but not least, the
Outdoor Area: the structure features a basic design
in iron and glass, which affords diners a unique
view of Piazza Duomo. A short journey to savour
the atmosphere of a lost era, which has left its
mark on the aesthetics of our own day and age.
Capacity: up to 100 people in several rooms.
Location: DUOMO area.
Built on the ashes of one of the most important
theatres in Milan, Teatro Smeraldo, Eataly Milan is a
Mecca for all those who love good, healthy food.
Five thousand square metres in which to celebrate
taste and cuisine in all its various forms.
Fine quality products from a short production chain,
organic products, niche items from productions that
are close to disappearing protected by Slow Food
standards, laid out on several floors. Ranging
upwards from the more commonplace products
such as bread, cakes and biscuits, spices, selected
cheeses and cold meats, to reach the top floor,
which is home to a selection of wine, and
restaurants offering meat and fish and the awardwinning "Alice" restaurant managed by Chef
Viviana Varese. A boutique del gusto that replicates
the success now synonymous with the Eataly brand
Location: Porta Garibaldi – Corso Como area.
World Expo Milano 2015
Map of the Expo area
Summary of how to reach the Expo site
Accesso Ovest
Accesso Sud
Accesso est
Cars (Shuttle bus from parking Area to Expo entrances)
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World Expo Milano 2015
“We are
what we eat”
To think better,
we must eat better
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