giugno seconda 15 Ing



giugno seconda 15 Ing
23 June
Convegno sulla produzione bibliografica di Enea Silvio Piccolomini
The Bibliographical Society with the City of Pienza for an exhibition
of books PIo II. Two sites, the Piccolomini Palace and the crypt of
the cathedral. Precious books of Pius coming from ... Pienza, Siena,
from Trieste
Phone:+390578749905 - [email protected]
24 June
Fondo cycling road of the Val d'Orcia-Primo Volpi Cup
The event, which commemorates the career of cyclist born in Val
d'Orcia Primo Volpi, is an event for lovers of cycling.
Phone:0578748348 - [email protected]
From 22 to 24 June
Aurora 2012: Festival of nature and spirit
Meetings of the healing traditions of the world Yoga, exhibitions,
conferences.Pienza and Monticchiello.
Phone:0578749905 m. 3292474525 - [email protected]
23 June
Market for organic and traditional products of the Val d'Orcia
From 1 June to 31 August
Giorgio Armani and the masters of the past
Art Museum - Viale della Libertà 280
Exhibition a collection of drawings by Giorgio Armani and works by
great masters such as Veronese, Guercino, Luca Giordano, Tiepolo,
Magritte, Munch, Augustus John and Guttuso - [email protected]
From 21 to 24 June
Celebrating St. John the Baptist
The feast of Saint John
Ssports, food, games and entertainment for children
Phone:0578671122 - [email protected]
From 16 June to 9 October
Cinema di..vino 2012
50 years after the death of Marilyn Monroe
Every Tuesday all the films with the most beautiful blonde in the
world, with by a glass of Vino Nobile
phone:0578 671122/3 [email protected]
24 June
Market of the "24"
Every day "24" of the month, small antiques, crafts and hobbies
Phone:Patrizia 360376421 - [email protected]
From 22 June to 1 July
Festival of Bico
In Le Piazze, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Two weekends dedicated to the traditional event.
Phone:0578244059 - 3334976123
22/ 24 June
Tria Turris: Middle Ages to the Park of Forti
Old Town In the Park rebuilt a large camp of late 1300. Battles,
tournaments, banquets, artisans of the past, challenges of terzieri,
a big parade along the streets.
Phone:0578227667 - [email protected]
24 June
Porsenna Market
Piazza Duomo and Via Porsena all day
Crafts, antiques and modern.
30 June
The Blue Night
Old Town from 21.00
music, shopping, games and entertainment
Phone:0578227667 - [email protected]
From 22 June to 1 July
Gardens Festival
Abbadia di Montepulciano Public Gardens
Music, food stalls, fast food, beer and gelateria.
photographic exhibition "The Nature Violated
Organized by: 3Millennio
Phone: 3332973559 - 3333827605 - [email protected]
From 30 June to 1 July
3^ Edizione "Un Nobile Benvenuto"
Old Town
Saturday and Sunday from 18.00 until midnight
Tasting: il Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore.
Organized by: Strada Vino Nobile
Phone: +390578717484
Until 1 July
The Contemporary in Montepulciano
Fortress from 10.00 to 19.00
Exhibition of Angles Granini
24 June
Maratona del Saracino
starting Piazza XXIV June 9.00 - 9.30
after the race to eat at the Comitato della Giostra del Saracino
Phone :0578.31561 - 3475819105 - [email protected]
From 30 June to 1 July
Summer Festival of the district of San Lorenzo
Old Town all day
Tasting products with games and musical entertainment
Phone:0578269204 - [email protected]
24 June
Fiera di Bettolle
In Bettolle all day
Phone:0577636045 - [email protected]
29/30 June
Giornata della Trebbiatura
Tenuta la Fratta
In the farm: exhibitions of tractors, wagons, carriages and antique
farm equipment, presentation of old crafts, tasting of farm
products, market .
Phone:0577679472 - [email protected]
18/30 June
Pienza and surrounding
21/23 June
Torrita Blues
Piazza Matteotti H. 21.30
21 June, Made in Italy with the winning band of the contest Effetto
22 June, Joe Luis Walker, bluesman
23 June, Mac Arnold & Plate Full o’ Blues feat, with Paul Reddick,
bass player of Muddy Waters and B.B. King.
phone:+390577687572 - [email protected]
Ufficio Turistico Comunale di Pienza
Corso Rossellino n°30
Tel. 0578 749905
E-Mail: [email protected]

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