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Francesco Dojmi Di Delupis
Francesco Dojmi Di Delupis
Professional Profile
A dedicated physician with over 14 years’ experience in pre-hospital emergency care, experience in adult teaching
techniques. Expertise in simulation training, leading public and independent research programs and healthcare
international innovative projects and delivering pre-hospital training. Excellent academic standing with knowledge of
teaching practices, nurturing as well as fostering student’s development to their utmost potential. A systematic,
organised, hardworking and dedicated teacher, confident in handling multiple assignments under pressure and meeting
tight deadlines. Well informed about changes, research and advances in the field of medicine and proven expertise in
handling a diverse range of emergencies. Excellent communication, administrative and presentation skills.
An M.D. from the University of Rome, a specialization in General Practice/Family Medicine, a MSc in Public Health and a
MSc in Emergency Medicine have played pivotal role in developing and operating the DiPINT-AOUC Careggi Hospital
Simulation Program - "Virtual Hospital" for multidisciplinary healthcare providers in the Tuscan regional medical
simulation network. Credited for planning the pilot study for a regional "mobile in situ" simulation program, in collaboration
with HMFP Boston.
Seeking a challenging role in education and research, in a reputed organisation, to attain personal and professional
growth and contribute to society.
Career Summary
01/2002 – Present
09/2008 – Present
Medical Doctor (ASL 10 Florence)
01/2002 – 09/2008
Medical Doctor (ASL 7 Siena)
• Responsible for providing pre-hospital emergency care and working as a medical aid in Fast Car and Ambulance for
the emergency departments
• Working as key member of the Advanced rescue Team, and assisting across various situations including accidents
and emergency medicine
• Establishing a compassionate environment by providing emotional, psychological and spiritual support to patients,
friends and families
• Liaising with patients, nurses, and physicians to address issues requiring long term/immediate solutions
• Administering appropriate drugs to patients, ensuring the availability of supplies and smooth functioning of medical
09/2013 – 09/2014
Education Manager
Responsible for coordinating the simulation training centers through FORMAS-DiPINT Tuscany
Working as the Director for the simulation program for The Master in Emergency Medicine 2014 University of
Florence and the Tuscan Mobile Simulation Project Boston. (
Leading the development of the educational programming, evaluating and certification, managing the day-to-day
operations in collaboration with Harvard Medical Faculty of Physicians - Boston (HMFP)
Working as a Lecturer at the Emergency Medicine Master and establishing a learning environment to increase the
understanding of the topic
Writing and implementing schemes of work and identifying content from various resources to create effective
Undertaking research to ensure appropriate training and development activities along with the administrative and
clinical supervision
03/2011 – 09/2013
03/2013 – 09/2013
Special Education Teaching Professional
• Working as the Program Manager of the Tuscan Emergency Medical Service Initiative (TEMSI) for higher education
of pre-hospital emergency rescuers and for the Tuscan Mobile in Situ Medical Simulation Project in Emergency
Medicine. (
• Successfully managing the responsibilities of a devoted Lecturer at the Emergency Medicine Master
• Creating the daily educational program, developing projects and writing statements of assessment within the
framework of present institute policies
• Devising lessons, which capture the students’ imaginations infusing much needed enthusiasm and out of the box
thinking and satisfying their curiosity
Incorporating various training methods based on curriculum needs and actively participating in multiple administrative
and communication tasks
Developing a learning culture and ethos, providing educational vision and direction ensuring effective teaching,
successful learning and achievement by students
03/2011 – 02/2013
Higher Education Teaching Professional
Working as the Program Director of the Tuscan Emergency Medicine Initiative (TEMI) for Tuscan Regional
Certification in Emergency Medicine and as the Program Coordinator of the Master in Emergency Medicine
• Designing and implementing all related curriculum/course materials along with organising and facilitating the delivery
of curriculum and other educational programs
• Thoroughly assessing, grading and examining documents, accomplishing overall responsibility of a devoted educator
covering professional development of students
• Identifying areas of improvement while working with students and effectively coaching them to improve their
performance consistently
08/2002 – 09/2002
Medical Doctor – GP, General Practitioner (Emergency Medical Care for Visitors)
01/2002 – 12/2002
Medical Doctor – Occupational Physician/ General Practitioner/ Community Care
01/2001 – 12/2001
Medical Doctor – GP, General Practitioner/ Primary Care/ Community Care
01/2001 – 12/2002
Medical Doctor – Emergency Medical Care Service
01/2000 – 12/2001
Special Education Teaching Professional – Occupational Physician
Education and Qualifications
Doctor of Medicine Degree MD, University of Rome School of Medicine, University of Rome "La
Sapienza", Rome, 1997
Master in Public Health, University of Rome "La Sapienza" Department of Public Health, Rome,
Italy, 1998
Master in Emergency Medicine, University of Florence, Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians,
Florence, Italy, 2006
Member of IRC Italian Resuscitation Council – European Pediatric Life Support (EPLS) Instructor
Member of SIMMED Italian Society for Simulation
Member of SIMEU Italian Society For Emergency Medicine
Intensive Course of study in Advanced Rescuer Education Methodology & Curriculum Building II,
Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians, Boston, 2013
IMS Graduate Course, Center for Medical Simulation, Boston, Massachusets, Boston, USA, 2013
Medical Simulation Course, Comprehensive Instructor Workshop, Center for Medical Simulation
Cambridge, Massachusets, Cambridge, USA, 2012
Instructor Course, Acute Cardiovascular Care ACC HF-Simulation & CRM, ANMCO – SIMEU AHA, Florence, Italy, 2012
Intensive Course of study in Advanced Rescuer Education Methodology & Curriculum Building I,
Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians, Boston, 2011
Refresher Course on the art of Debriefing in Simulation, Children’s Hospital Boston, University of
Florence, Florence, Italy, 2009
Course on the Art of Debriefing in Simulation, Children's Hospital Boston, University of Florence,
Florence, Italy, 2008
Tuscan Regional Certification in Emergency Medicine, 2006
Certificate of Specific Training/Acquired Rights in General Medical Practice, EU Directive 2005/36/EC 93/16 EEC
Italian Ministry of Health, Lazio Region Ministry of Health, Rome, Italy, 2002
• Certificate in Major Diseases in the Emergency Room, SMORRL Medical School Hospital in Rome and the Lazio
Region - S. Giacomo Hospital, Rome, Italy, 2002
• Certification in Emergencies on the Field of Play and Competition, FIMMG-FMSI-CONI - Association of
Physicians, Surgeons and Dentists Rome, Rome, Italy, 2001
• Post – University Professional Certification in Internal Medicine, Association of Physicians, Surgeons and
Dentists Rome, Rome, Italy, 1999
• Certificate of Training for Doctors directly in charge of the Prevention and Protection, FIMMG, Rome, Italy, 1999
Emergency Medicine Observational Rotation, Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center, Boston, US, 2008
• Internship in Clinical Therapy, Clinical Therapy Department - Policlinico Umberto I - University of Rome La
Sapienza, 1998
• Internship in Toxicology and Environmental Toxicology, Istituto Superiore di Sanità ISS - Ministry of Health,
Rome, Italy, 1992-1996
Key Skills
MS Office Suite (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint), Apple Environment and Applications
Extra Curricular Activities
The Tuscan Mobile Simulation Program: a description of a program for the delivery of in situ simulation training. Edward
Ulmann; Maura Kennedy; Francesco Dojmi Di Delupis et al. Internal and Emergency Medicine, Internal and Emergency Medicine,
Feb 2016.
Perceptions of emergency department triage nurses about prehospital emergency rescuers in Italy: A latent threat to clinical
handover. Francesco Dojmi Di Delupis; Niccolò Mancini et al. Published ahead of print: Journal of Patient Safety (JPS) Jan 7, 2016
Pre-Hospital/Emergency Department Handover In Italy Francesco Dojmi Di Delupis; Niccolò Mancini et al. Internal and Emergency
Medicine, 04 Oct 2014
Communication during handover in the pre-hospital/hospital interface in Italy: from evaluation to implementation of
multidisciplinary training through high-fidelity simulation Francesco Dojmi Di Delupis Paolo Pisanelli et. al Internal and
Emergency Medicine, PMID:24429589, 16 Jan 2014
Project aimed at improving the living conditions of the population currently residing in the pine forest of Ostia Procoio F.
Dojmi di Delupis, A. Maggio, et. Al. Rapporti ISTISAN 01/30 ISS, 2001
Contamination of edible mushrooms with mercury, cadmium and lead G. Dojmi di Delupis, F. Dojmi di Delupis Rapporti Istisan
96/36 ISS, 1996
Abstracts, posters and oral presentations
BARCAMP4SAFETY 2015 Meeting From prevention to understanding: understand and change the factors that shape the
performance to make human errors less probable and the systems more safe. Oral Presentation, Florence Dec 10 – 2015
• SIMEU (Italian Society for Emergency Medicine) Tuscan Regional Meeting LOW COST MEDICINE HIGH EMOTIONS, Pre-Hospital
Handover and Clinical Risk, pre congress workshop Carrara 27-28 Nov 2015
IARMM (International Association of Risk Management in Medicine) 4rd World Congress of Clinical Safety (4WCCS) Identifying
latent safety threats in the emergency departments through a mobile in situ high fidelity simulation program Francesco Dojmi Di
Delupis & Paolo Pisanelli Poster Presentation 0ct 2015
2nd UAE Clinical Simulation Conference 2015 Are the movements in the space of medical emergency teams during high fidelity
simulations correlated with their clinical performance? Poster Presentation Dubai 24-26 Feb 2015
• IARMM (International Association of Risk Management in Medicine) 3rd World Congress of Clinical Safety (3WCCS) PreHospital/Emergency Department Handover in Italy Francesco Dojmi Di Delupis; Niccolò Mancini et al: Poster Presentation Madrid, 1012 Sep 2014
SAEM (Society of Academic Emergency Medicine) Simulation Conducted in Situ Versus At A Simulation Center: A Pilot Study
Of Participant Satisfaction And Costs Francesco Dojmi Di Delupis et al. Abstract et Oral Presentation Dallas, May 13-17 2014
• IPSSW International Paediatric Simulation Symposium and Workshops Vienna. Vision of an Open Source Simulation Platform:
How to combine High Quality and Low Cost Francesco Dojmi Di Delupis et al. Abstract et Oral Presentation, 2014
• II Italian Scientific Meeting on Medical Simulation SIMMED (Italian Society of Medical Simulation) – Florence Oral Presentation:
Debriefing and Evaluation, 2013
• Italian Scientific Meeting on Medical Simulation SIMMED (Società Italiana di Simulazione in Medicina) – Florence Oral Presentation:
Simulation In Ambulance, 2012
• SAEM (Society of Academic Emergency Medicine) Chicago- development and validation of a standardized tool to evaluate
communication between Italian Prehospital And Hospital Emergency Physicians. Francesco Dojmi di Delupis, Giovanni Di Luccio,
Niccolò Parri, Maura Kennedy, Philip D.Anderson, Jonathan Fisher, Gian Franco Gensini. Abstract and Oral Presentation, 2012
IPSSW 4thInternational Paediatric Simulation Symposium and Workshops Toulouse- France. High-fidelity simulation to improve
the pediatric patient handover by the application Crisis Resource Management principles on multidisciplinary teams. Francesco
Dojmi di Delupis, Giovanni Di Luccio, Niccolò Parri, Paolo di Martino, Marco De Luca, Laura Galli, Francesco Mannelli, Gian Franco
Gensini. Poster Abstract, 2011
• The fifth Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress (MEMC V) Valencia- Spain. Designing a Novel Simulator Pediatric
training Program for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Staff in Italy. Parri Niccolò; Francesco Dojmi Di Delupis; Giovanni Di Luccio;
Letizia Conti; Robert Freitas; Kevin Ban. Abstract, 2009
IPSSW Second International Paediatric Simulation Symposium and Workshops “Designing a Simulation -Based Training Project
for Prehospital Pediatric Emergency First Responders in Italy F. Dojmi Di Delupis, G. Di Luccio, L. Conti, N. Parri. Poster e
Pubblicazione su Atti, 2009
Personal Details
English (IELTS 7 – C1), German (basic).
Autogenic training certified. Black and white photography, fine art printing. Scuba diving.
Driver; full clean licence and qualified in first aid

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